Jeff Beck / Sendai 2017 / 2CD

Jeff Beck / Sendai 2017 / 2CD / Wardour
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Live at Sendai Sunplaza Hall, Sendai, Japan 26th January 2017

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Jeff Beck whirlwind blew through the archipelago. I can not actually realize that that excitement has gone away, do not some people have any regrets? However, even though Jeff left, the sound source is now. In our shop, we have been pushing forward a live report early on live albums, but further finest items are appearing in press 2CD.
This week we will release three of the finest works, but the gem in the gem you want to recommend in particular. It is an audience album of ‘Sendai Sun Plaza’ on January 26, 2017. In the latest visit to Japan, many guests will be asked for their own experiences. Therefore, local performance is hard to become a topic, but this is a truly powerful one. The wonderfulness is the best in the sound no matter what. Last week I introduced “YOKOHAMA 2017 (Wardour – 217)” of anomalous sound, it is a tremendous sound comparable to that super masterpiece. Let’s check the position on a schedule before introducing the contents that matter.

· January 25: Pacifico Yokohama “Yokohama 2017”
· January 26: Sendai Sun Plaza 【this work】
· January 28: Iwate Prefectural Civic Center
· January 30: Tokyo International Forum “TOKYO 2017 1ST NIGHT”
· January 31: Tokyo International Forum “LIVE IN TOKYO 2017”
· February 2: Grand Cube Osaka “OSAKA 2017”
· February 3rd: Fukuoka Sun Palace
· February 4: Hiroshima Ueno Gakuen Hall
· February 6: Nagoya City Auditorium “NAGOYA 2017 THE VIDEO” ※ Gift
· February 7: Amakashi Archaic Hall
※ Note: For each performance only the masterpiece only.

Over all, 10 performances. The other day “Yokohama 2017” was the first day of the tour, but this work corresponds to the second performance that follows it. Such a work was recorded in the knowledgeable person who knows. To tell the truth, the distribution of Japanese recordingists is pretty concentrated in the Kanto and Kansai regions, and Tohoku is cheering for the lack of recordingists. However, it is the person who has repeatedly shining the only shining sound among them. Outer Sauce Although there are not many works on land with few visits to Japan, one work enters solely. It is a series of furiously clear Sendai recordings such as Cindy Roper and DEF LEPPARD in 2015, CHICAGO in 2016 and so on. This work is a stuff that has fallen out of such a famous collection. Jeff Beck has a higher average than other bands / artists because of its popularity in the early layers, but even if you have that standard, you have to call it “super masterpiece”.
Quality using “Schoeps MK 4” is a dimension that can be insulted even by the word “sound board” as it is. Bone-sized musical sounds pass straight through in a clear transparent space, glossy “ringing” boasts beauty that blows off line recording etc. Yet, the delicacy of picking catches the light nuances that seem to be erasable without leaking, and can also tell the vivid details of vivraat. On the contrary, it is a super clear sound that you can listen to the fine electric noise called “sea” leaked at the time of silence from the field amplifier. It may be that there are personnel in the environment that such a beautiful sound has been realized. “Sendai Sun Plaza” which became the site is a venue with a synonym for “Mini Budokan” at a distant view hall of 2,000 seats. It seems that the master was recorded slightly to the left, about 10th row of the first floor seats, which is just in front of Jeff. While there is a sense of close contact with the sound of the guitar in front of you, the sense of scale not too wide, unique to the “Mini Budokan” is exquisite.
And the “2017 type JEFF BECK GROUP” drawn with this shining sound sounds more vivid. To be honest, it caused a new album “LOUD HAILER”, but when I actually did a live show, the fresh charm that has never been transmitted directly got me feeling that I was heading for “praise”. And its charm will come out of this work as well. A coquettish Rosie vocal is expressive like this, and that the enthusiasm with Beck will tickle … …. Even with overseas recordings so far, there must have been a good recording, but even the attractiveness that has not yet been transmitted is pulled out. It is a recording that is noticed even by the magical powers of “good sound” itself.

Indeed, a treasure from the local performance. It is still a situation where we have not got the final performance until now, but it is a name recording that took the Kanto · Kansai nobleman over and over and did not draw a half step, celebrating himself proudly as the best masterpiece candidate. A world of beautiful sounds that sounds say “leave forever”. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.

★ It is terrible high sound quality.

今週はいずれも極上の3作品をリリースいたしますが、特にお薦めしたい逸品中の逸品。「2017年1月26日:仙台サンプラザ」公演のオーディエンス・アルバムです。最新来日公演の場合、多くのお客様はご自身の体験されたコンサートをお求めになられます。そのため、地方公演はなかなか話題になりにくいのですが、これは真に強力な1本。その素晴らしさは、何をおいてもサウンドの極上ぶりです。先週は異常サウンドの『YOKOHAMA 2017(Wardour-217)』をご紹介しましたが、あの超傑作にさえ匹敵する凄まじいサウンドなのです。その気になる中身をご紹介する前に、日程でポジションを確認してみましょう。

・1月25日:パシフィコ横浜 『YOKOHAMA 2017』
・1月26日:仙台サンプラザ 【本作】
・1月30日:東京国際フォーラム『TOKYO 2017 1ST NIGHT』
・1月31日:東京国際フォーラム『LIVE IN TOKYO 2017』
・2月2日:グランキューブ大阪『OSAKA 2017』
・2月6日:名古屋市公会堂 『NAGOYA 2017 THE VIDEO』※ギフト

以上、全10公演。先日の『YOKOHAMA 2017』はツアー初日だったわけですが、本作はそれに続く2公演目にあたりなす。そんな本作を記録したのは、知る人ぞ知る名手。実のところ、日本の録音家分布はかなり関東・関西に集中していまして、東北は録音家不足にあえいでいる。しかし、その中にあって唯一光り輝く録音を繰り返してきた人物なのです。外タレ来日の少ない土地だけに作品数は多くないものの、1作品1作品が入魂。2015年のシンディ・ローパーやDEF LEPPARD、2016年のCHICAGOなど、猛烈にクリアな仙台録音を連発しているのです。本作は、そんな名手コレクションの中でもズバ抜けた銘品。ジェフ・ベックは、耳の肥えた層に人気が高いために、他バンド/アーティストよりもアベレージが高いのですが、その基準を持ってしても「超傑作」と呼ぶしかないのです。
「Schoeps MK4」を使用したクオリティは「まるでサウンドボード」の言葉さえ侮辱になりかねない次元。透明に透き通った空間に骨太な楽音が真っ直ぐ通り、艶やかな“鳴り”はライン録音など吹っ飛ばす美しさを誇る。それでいてピッキングの繊細さは消え入りそうな軽いニュアンスも漏らさず捉え、ヴィヴラートの機微までも伝えきる。それどころか、現場アンプから無音時に漏れる「シー」という微細な電気ノイズまで聴き取れる超明瞭サウンドなのです。それほどの美音が実現したのは、環境にも要員があるのかも知れません。現場となった“仙台サンプラザ”は、2,000席規模の遠景ホールで「ミニ武道館」の異名を持つ会場。名手は1階席約10列目くらいのやや左寄りで録音されたそうですが、これは即ちジェフの真ん前。ギターの音が目の前に迫る密着感がありつつ、「ミニ武道館」ならではの広すぎないスケール感も絶妙なのです。
そして、この輝くサウンドで描かれた“2017年型JEFF BECK GROUP”は、より一層鮮やかさを増して聞こえる。正直なところ、新作アルバム『LOUD HAILER』を巻き起こしましたが、実際にライヴが行われてみるとかつてないフレッシュな魅力がダイレクトに伝わり、グッと“賛”に方向いた感があります。そして、その魅力が本作からも溢れ出してくるのです。コケティッシュなロージーのヴォーカルが、これほどに表情豊かで、ベックとの絡みが心くすぐるとは……。これまでの海外録音でも良い録音はあったはずなのに、それでも伝わってこなかった魅力まで引き出される。「良い音」そのものが持つ不思議な力にまで気づかされる録音なのです。


Disc 1 (47:18)
1. Introduction 2. The Revolution Will Be Televised 3. Freeway Jam 4. Lonnie On The Move
5. Live In The Dark 6. The Ballad Of The Jersey Wives 7. You Know You Know
8. Morning Dew 9. A Change Is Gonna Come 10. Big Block

Disc 2 (58:42)
1. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers 2. O.I.L.(Can’t Get Enough Of That Sticky) 3. Thugs Club
4. Scared For The Children 5. Beck’s Bolero 6. Little Brown Bird 7. Superstition
8. Right Now 9. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat 10. Brush With The Blues 11. Going Down
12. A Day In The Life 13. Band Introductions

Jeff Beck – Guitar Rosie Bones – Vocal Carmen Vandenberg – Guitar Rhonda Smith – Bass
Jonathan Joseph – Drums Jimmy Hall – Vocal


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