Gary Moore / Victims At Hammersmith / 2CDR

Gary Moore / Victims At Hammersmith / 2CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 11th February 1984


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Than World Tour due to the 1984 “VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE” release, “VICTIMS AT HAMMERSMITH” was recorded at the highest quality audio ance recording of approaching the London Hammersmith Odeon concert of February 11 in line sound source, 2003 Call of “best source of 1984 Tour” is also high immediately after it is released, after becoming sold out, out of print also, voice who wish to re-release from between the fan until now has been actively been submitted. This time, combined the Hammersmith performance to the release of “MONUMENT FOR VICTIMS” was recorded in the past superlative of line sources, large masterpiece sound source also said this milestone is also a decision revival on the full-length remastered!

From the sound source Kyuban time, amazed the spread-splendor all the fans of the separation of sound, yet audience recording that “this about leaving any is not inferior even released as a regular board clear sound” professional magazine But it had been rave. This time is subjected to further enhance remastered its quality, while maintaining the wide of the clear of and sound, with the aim to improve the force of goodness-bass of omission of further sound. The track split also review, hits the introduction of “Majestuso E ‘Virtouso” and “Empty Rooms” in the opening intro, etc. “So Far Away”, based on the recognition of the current fan, it was treated as independent music.
Starting with the venue announcement of opening that you did not listen in line sources, patterns of live has been recorded perfectly. Tell the quotient of dawn in the “Majestuso E ‘Virtouso” from “Rockin’ performance, such as the angry waves that flows into the Every Night” is just goose bumps think, listen hand MUST everyone is knocked out. This vivid and soil powerful and exquisite texture enveloping all, you can not enjoy a line is a privilege of high-quality audience recording only!
“Murder In The Skies” and “Do not Take Me For A Looser” such as, Gary of tremendous play has been recorded in realistic sound rich in three-dimensional feeling, “Blinder” and other solo, and through the live full-length drumming like roar Tatamikakeru of Ian Paice Te has also been recorded in the beginning to end clear and dynamic. High-level members each person playing is clearly recorded so far sound source is not much little Omoiatara to another, is everything a different dimension of audience recording!
“MONUMENT FOR VICTIMS” even to listen live middle of a pattern, the completed as a document depicting the day of truth by comparing listen to both. Audience of excess and deficiency without housed air feeling the excitement, the excitement of the excitement of “Empty Rooms” also “End Of The World” also, you’ll feel is more patronage. “Victims Of The Future” and “Rockin ‘And Rollin'” line unreleased is not this work a maximum of listening stations to say!

One that everyone awaited the fans, revives in superb sound quality over its outstanding. Although there is a single revival is appropriate in the press CD if originally, and I would like to listen to this unprecedented sound source to everyone of many fans even one person, it was decided to release in Gift title! Please to do not miss Get Leave a once-in-a-lifetime this opportunity!

1984年「VICTIMS OF THE FUTURE」リリースに伴うワールドツアーより、2月11日のロンドン・ハマースミス・オデオン公演をライン音源に迫る最高音質のオーディオンス録音で収録した「VICTIMS AT HAMMERSMITH」は、2003年にリリースされた直後から「1984年ツアーのベスト音源」の呼び声も高く、完売・廃盤となった後も、現在に至るまでファンの間から再リリースを希望する声がさかんに寄せられています。今回、そのハマースミス公演を過去最上級のライン音源で収録した「MONUMENT FOR VICTIMS」のリリースに合わせ、この金字塔とも言える大傑作音源も、全編リマスターの上で復活が決定です!

本音源は旧盤当時から、音の広がり・分離の素晴らしさが全てのファンを驚嘆させ、オーディエンス録音でありながら「このまま正規盤としてリリースしても何ら遜色が無いほどクリアーな音源」と専門誌上でも激賞されていました。今回はその品質をさらに高めるリマスターを施して、クリアさや音のワイドさを維持したまま、さらなる音の抜けの良さ・低音の迫力の向上を図っています。またトラック割りも見直し、オープニングイントロの「Majestuso E’ Virtouso」や「Empty Rooms」の導入に当たる「So Far Away」などを、現在のファンに認識に基づき、それぞれ独立した楽曲として扱いました。
ライン音源では聴けなかったオープニングの会場アナウンスを皮切りに、ライヴの模様は完璧に収録されています。ショウの幕開けを告げる「Majestuso E’ Virtouso」から「Rockin’ Every Night」へと流れ込む怒涛のような演奏はまさに鳥肌が立つ思いで、聴き手は誰もがノックアウトされるに違いありません。ラインでは楽しめないこの生々しさとド迫力、そして全てを包み込む極上の質感は、高品位オーディエンス録音のみの特権です!
「Murder In The Skies」や「Don’t Take Me For A Looser」など、ゲイリーの凄まじいプレイは立体感に富んだリアルなサウンドで収録されており、「Blinder」及びソロのほか、ライヴ全編を貫いて轟くイアン・ペイスの畳み掛けるようなドラミングも、終始クリアかつダイナミックに記録されています。ハイレベルなメンバー各人の演奏がここまで明瞭に記録された音源は他にちょっと思い当たらないくらい、何もかも別次元のオーディエンス録音です!
「MONUMENT FOR VICTIMS」でも聴けるライヴ中盤の模様は、双方を聴き比べる事で当日の真実を描いたドキュメントとして完成します。客席の盛り上がりを過不足無く収めた空気感は、「Empty Rooms」の感動も「End Of The World」の興奮も、より引き立てて感じさせるでしょう。ライン未収録の「Victims Of The Future」や「Rockin’ And Rollin’」は、言うまでも無く本作最大の聴き所です!

Disc 1
1. Introduction 2. Majestuso E’ Virtouso 3. Rockin’ Every Night 4. Wishing Well
5. Murder In The Skies 6. Shapes Of Things 7. Cold Hearted 8. Don’t Take Me For A Loser
9. Victims Of The Future

Disc 2
1. So Far Away 2. Empty Rooms 3. Band Introduction 4. Blinder incl. Drums Solo
5. Majestuso E’ Virtouso(reprise) 6. Guiatr Solo 7. End Of The World 8. Back On The Streets
9. Nuclear Attack 10. Rockin’ And Rollin’

Gary Moore – Guitar, Vocal Craig Gruber – Bass Neil Carter – Keyboards, Guitar, Vocal
Ian Paice – Drums

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