Gary Moore / Fukuoka 1983 / 2CDR

Gary Moore / Fukuoka 1983 / 2CDR /Shades

Translated Text:

Live at Fukuoka Sunpalace Hall, Fukuoka, Japan 28th January 1983 Audience Shades

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Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall performance on January 28, which had not been released since the legendary first visit to Japan in 1983, appears for the first time with a high-quality sound complete recording!

This first-come-live Japan tour where Iran Pace, Neil Murray, Don Eile was a crowd of luxurious members is still special. Moreover, it is an indispensable item which is definitely a long-awaited fun thing that the first Fukuoka performance will appear!


イアン・ペース、ニール・マレー、ドン・エイルが豪華なメンバーの群衆であったこの初めての日本ツアーは、まだ特別です。 また、福岡第1回公演が待望の楽しいものに欠かせないアイテムです!

1. Majestuso E ‘Virtouso
2. End Of The World
3. Wishing Well
4. Rockin’ Every Night
5. Cold Hearted
6. Nuclear Attack
7. I Can not Wait Until Tomorrow
8. Always Gonna Love You
1. Hurricane
2. Ian Paice Drums Solo
3. Member Intro
4. White Knuckles
5. Rockin ‘And Rollin’
6. Back On The Streets
7. Parisienne Walkways
8. Do not Take Me For A Loser
9. Majestuso E ‘Virtouso
10. Gonna’ Break My Heart Again
11. Sunset

Live at Fukuoka Sunpalace Hall, Fukuoka, Japan 28th January 1983

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