Eagles / Hell Freezes Over Missouri / 3CDR

Eagles / Hell Freezes Over Missouri / 3CDR / Project Zip

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Live At Riverport Amphitheater, Maryland Heights, MO july 5th 1994. Soundboard


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Concert complete recording of sound board sound source comes up for the first time in three pieces from ’94 Hell Furizesu Over tour, which is attracting attention from around the world eagles that had been dormant since the 1980s is restarted!

Eagles representative number of yesteryear and he showed off his hit number, each had solo career in the 80’s of course. Set list of the best, including to new song would be fan must listen further. The title of the recommendation among large live this time Don Felder was also participating!



Live At Riverport Amphitheater, Maryland Heights, MO july 5th 1994

01. Hotel California
02. Victim Of Love
03. The New Kid In Town
04. Wasted Time
05. Pretty Maids All In a Row
06. The Girl From Yesterday
07. I Can’t Tell You Why
08. Ordinary Average Guy
09. Lyin’ Eyes
10. One Of These Nights
11. Silent Spring, Tequila Sunrise
12. Help Me Through The Night
13. Love Will Keep Us Alive
14. The Heart Of The Matter

01. You Belong To The City
02. The Boys Of Summer
03. Funk #49
04. Dirty Laundary
05. Smuggler’s Blues
06. Life’s Been Good
07. All She Want’s To Do Is Dance
08. Heartache Tonight
09. Life In The Fast Lane

01. Get Over It
02. Rocky Mountain Way
03. Already Gone
04. Desperado
05. Take It Easy

Project Zip. PJZ-487A/B/C


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