Bob Dylan / Budokan 1994 2nd Night / 2CDR

Bob Dylan / Budokan 1994 2nd Night / 2CDR / Non Label

Translated text:
Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 9th February 1994


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The other day, was a very popular is released as a new gift-title “EAST / WEST”. The Nagoya and Urawa performances from 1994 Japan tour was recorded at the highest sound quality of the original master than phenomenal “EAST / WEST” is, years but had been released from Trial label, there of the same recording who provided 2007, 1994 the year Budokan performances the second day of live was with a main Similarly bonus title that has high-quality sound recording “Days Of ’94”. This work is something that has remastered the ’94 Tokyo performances sound source. This day is a legendary day as the date of the first of Japan “Series Of Dreams” has been unveiled. In respect of this day, but the title of the time “POSITIVELY 4TH NIGHT” had been released, in this panel I am using the audience recording that was recorded in a different dimension of superb sound quality with it at all. In sound quality that was captured by the dry sound image up here yet at this time Budokan would that everyone is surprised. Compared to the competition field therefore Nagoya and Urawa that Budokan is what you make absolutely feel a sense of distance to the performance, but still an item at the time, the sound of this work that has been recorded in great sound that was recorded in high-quality sound to scoff lightly nice, It is all of Dylan fan must listen definitely. Also newly designed collector must-have board Jacquet! It is one of the large recommendation.

★ This is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.87 (10 May 2007 issue). In case you’re wondering.

From first half of ’94 Japan tour, Budokan is being recorded second day, this day he title to say that at that time “POSITIVELY 4TH NIGHT” had been released in real time, an entirely different audience recording and it is here In it is used. In addition, the sound quality is something much more quality than the “POSITIVELY 4TH NIGHT”. At the time of ’94, yet’m amazed by this only that dry in playing on-sound image has been captured by the Budokan. Moreover, initially this day, that the mood of Bob was not Uruwashiku, show the beginning I somewhat the performance of the rough eyes, but began to rise Bob of tension from “Positively 4th Street” around, the first time you played in this Japan tour phenomenal performance of “Series Of Dreams” which became is unveiled, it was celebrated its peak. As is this song I had been playing in the US tour and only once in the previous year, playing this day is a great performance that surpasses it much, Bob you have good attention to this result is frequently played on this tour I was a moment memorable it becomes. Moreover, is also happy to listen to the tour de force in this quality. Where the live of such wonderful day, that the are using the sound source sound quality has improved, and I wanted to release the original if press.
先日、新しくギフト・タイトルとしてリリースされ大好評だった「EAST/WEST」。1994年日本ツアーから名古屋と浦和公演をオリジナルマスターより驚異の最高音質で収録した「EAST/WEST」は、2007年にTrialレーベルよりリリースされていましたが、そこには同じ録音者提供の、1994年武道館公演2日目のライヴを本編同様に高音質収録したボーナスタイトル「Days Of ’94」が付いていました。本作は、その94年東京公演音源をリマスターしたものです。この日は日本初の「Series Of Dreams」が披露された日として伝説的な一日です。この日に関しては、当時『POSITIVELY 4TH NIGHT』というタイトルがリリースされていましたが、本盤ではそれとはまったく別次元の極上音質で収録されたオーディエンス録音を使用しています。武道館でしかもこの当時でここまでドライな音像で捉えた音質には誰もが驚かれることでしょう。武道館という大会場故に名古屋と浦和に比べるとどうしても演奏に距離感を感じさせるものですが、それでも当時のアイテムを、軽く一蹴する高音質で収録した素晴らしいサウンドで収録された本作のサウンドは素晴らしく、間違いなく全てのディラン・ファン必聴です。ジャケも新たにデザインされたコレクター必携盤!大推薦の一枚です。

★beatleg誌 vol.87(2007年10月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

94年来日公演の前半戦から、武道館2日目を収録している、この日は当時「POSITIVELY 4TH NIGHT」と言うタイトルがリアルタイムでリリースされていたのだが、それとは全く別のオーディエンス録音がここでは使われている。しかも、その音質は「POSITIVELY 4TH NIGHT」よりも遥かに良質なものだ。94年の時点で、しかも武道館でこれだけドライでオンな音像で演奏が捉えられていることは驚きだ。しかも、この日は当初、ボブの機嫌がうるわしくなかったのが、ショウ開始当初はやや演奏が荒目なのだが、「Positively 4th Street」辺りからボブのテンションが上がり始め、この日本公演では初めての演奏となった「Series Of Dreams」の驚異的な演奏が披露されて、そのピークを迎えた。この曲は前年に一度だけアメリカ・ツアーで演奏されていたのだが、この日の演奏はそれをはるかに凌ぐ素晴らしい演奏で、この結果に気を良くしたボブがこのツアーで頻繁に演奏するようになった記念すべき瞬間だったのだ。しかもその名演をこの音質で聴けるのがまた嬉しい。そういった素晴らしい日のライヴが、音質が向上した音源を使用しているということで、本来ならプレスでリリースして欲しかったところ。

Disc 1
1. Jokerman 2. Lay Lady Lay 3. All Along The Watchtower 4. I Don’t Believe You
5. Tangled Up In Blue 6. Positively 4th Street 7. Tomorrow Night
8. Mr. Tambourine Man 9. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue

Disc 2
1. Series Of Dreams 2. I And I 3. Maggie’s Farm 4. Man In The Long Black Coat
5. It Ain’t Me Babe

Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Bucky Baxter (pedal steel guitar & electric slide guitar), John Jackson (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Winston Watson (drums & percussion)

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