Black Sabbath / Cleveland 1989 The Video / 1 DVDR

Black Sabbath / Cleveland 1989 The Video / 1 DVDR / Non Label

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Live at Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio, USA 14th June 1989 with 2 Different Audio Sources

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The Cleveland performance familiar as “HEADLESS IN AGORA” was suitable for the final day of the ’89 American tour, and the band made a remarkable performance and a singing voice. You can listen carefully to the pattern on the press CD, but if it is such a fulfilling live, you can enjoy it even with the picture as well.
This work is a nice piece that meets the fans’ needs. The main video provided by overseas collectors holds the band’s play at the stage with a certain sense of stability and quality while recording for about 60 minutes to “Iron Man” in the latter half of the show. Fans can see the details of the movements of the members and the show as they could not be known by sound sources alone.

Although it is a shot that is slightly lacking in sharpness due to the influence of lighting, smoke, etc., stable camera work is a big feature of this video. While capturing the whole stage of the stage from the second floor seating to the right of the stage, Martin and Iomi at the main points, Cozy and Neil Murray, also capture the movement of the player with precise zooming. The photographer seems to have a firm understanding of Sabbath’s songs, and from the beginning of the live “Headless Cross” and “Neon Knights”, Ironi in solo, Koji in a scene where drum spots a spot I am sure to entertain you exactly where you want.
Fans can enjoy more live from the visual point of view, such as “Neon Knights” with colorful lighting impressive, and “Children Of The Sea” with effective lighting reminiscent of the dark deep ocean. Martin who highlights with the spectators in the front row and Neil Murray who is surprisingly moving severely, the attractions unique to the image are repeated. Especially Neil ‘s bass intro at the beginning of “When Death Calls” is a must – see. Koji’s drums were powerful only with sound sources, but “War Pigs” and “Devil And Daughter” watching in the video are even more wonderful, and the fans should unexpectedly become nailed to the screen. Iomi spinning the guitar in appearance emerging from the darkness is also impressive. At the opening of “Die Young”, you will have plenty of majesty, “Black Sabbath” makes you eerily and quietly listen to great play.

As mentioned above, the picture is unfortunately ended in the middle of “Iron Man”. Still it can be said that this work which can enjoy the state of the first half of the ’89 tour with stable quality has great value. Furthermore, in addition to the original menu in this work, it is also possible to select a remaster sound source using the original version and sound source of “HEADLESS IN AGORA”. In the remaster sound source, the highest-ranking sound source is synergistic with the image, making you overwhelming live! In conjunction with the decided version of the sound source “HEADLESS IN AGORA”, I would like to enjoy a book that will entertain deeply the Cleveland performance in ’99!

HEADLESS IN AGORA」としてお馴染みのクリーヴランド公演は、’89年アメリカツアーの最終日にふさわしく、バンドが卓越した演奏と気迫の歌唱を聴かせてくれました。その模様はプレスCDでじっくりと聴き込めますが、これだけ充実したライヴならば、やはり映像でも楽しみたいものです。
本作はそのファンの希望を満たす嬉しい一本。海外のコレクターから提供された本映像は、ショウ後半の「Iron Man」まで約60分間の収録ながら、ステージにおけるバンドのプレイを、確かな安定感とクオリティで収めています。音源だけでは知りえなかったメンバーの動きやショウの模様を、ファンは細部まで見届けられます。

照明やスモークなどの影響もあり、やや鮮明さには欠けるショットではありますが、安定したカメラワークは本映像の大きな特徴です。ステージ右寄りの2階席からステージの全景を収めつつも、要所ではマーティンそしてアイオミ、さらにはコージーやニール・マーレイと、プレイヤーの動きを的確なズームで捉えています。撮影者がサバスの曲をしっかりと理解しているようで、ライヴの序盤「Headless Cross」や「Neon Knights」から、ソロではアイオミを、ドラムがスポットを浴びる場面ではコージをと、それぞれファンが観たいと思う個所をきっちりと楽しませます。
カラフルなライティングが印象的な「Neon Knights」、暗く深い海を思わせる照明が効果的な「Children Of The Sea」など、ファンは視覚面からさらにライヴを味わえます。前列の観客とハイタッチするマーティンや、意外にも激しく動いているニール・マーレイなど、映像ならではの見所が連発します。特に「When Death Calls」冒頭におけるニールのベース・イントロは必見でしょう。コージーのドラムは音源だけでも迫力充分でしたが、映像で観る「War Pigs」や「Devil And Daughter」はさらに素晴らしく、ファンは思わず画面に釘付けとなってしまうはずです。闇の中から浮かび上がるような姿でギターを紡ぐアイオミも印象的。「Die Young」のオープニングでは威厳たっぷりに、「Black Sabbath」では不気味に、黙々と素晴らしいプレイを聴かせます。

前述したとおり、映像は残念ながら「Iron Man」中盤で終了していまいます。それでも’89年ツアー前半の様子を安定したクオリティで楽しめる本作は、大きな価値があるといえます。さらに本作ではオリジナル・メニューに加えて、音声もオリジナル・バージョンと「HEADLESS IN AGORA」のソースを用いたリマスター音源の選択も可能。リマスター音源では、最上級の音源が映像との相乗効果で、圧倒的なライヴを満喫させます! 音源の決定版「HEADLESS IN AGORA」と併せ、’89年クリーヴランド公演を深く楽しませる一本を、是非お楽しみ頂きたいと思います!

1. The Gates Of Hell 2. Headless Cross 3. Neon Knights 4. Children Of The Sea 5. The Mob Rules
6. When Death Calls 7. War Pigs 8. Guitar Solo 9. Die Young 10. Black Sabbath
11. Devil And Daughter 12. Iron Man

Tony Iommi – Guitar Tony Martin – Vocal Cozy Powell – Drums Neil Murray – Bass
Geoff Nicholls – Keyboards

COLOUR NTSC Approx.60min.


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