Beatles / FM Radio Special 1978 Part 1 / 2CDR

Beatles / FM Radio Special 1978 Part 1 / 2CDR / Non Label
Broadcast Date: 28th August 1978 (4:10-6:00PM)

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The act of music lovers buying an album when they were adolescents was a staring contest for everyone. In the Showa era, a program that played the whole album in the evening on FM radio was a strong ally for us. The time from 16:00 on weekdays is also the time when it is easy to check the air after returning from school, and even more so, many music lovers have taken care of the broadcast of this program. At the same time, it is also a longevity program, and broadcasting continued until the early Heisei period when FM music programs declined. Therefore, not only LPs, but also many generations who couldn’t buy CDs and air-checked. Of course, the Beatles album was frequently played on this program, but this week’s gift CD-R will be released as the early Beatles album broadcast in August 1978. The first thing that makes you feel nostalgic when you play it is the very calm tone of the story. At that time, if I twisted the radio, this feeling was natural. Isn’t it so painful? Also, in Japan in the 70’s, the Beatles albums were released as domestic editions, and even the edited version unique to Japan existed. Therefore, the first broadcast of this time is the American compilation “MEET THE BEATLES”, which is reminiscent of the times. At this time, “MEET THE ~” was more popular than “WITH THE BEATLES” for the same jacket in Japan. Furthermore, it started with an elaborate editing that connects the narration of “BEATLES’STORY” at the opening, but this is also unique to the era when it was easy to obtain the capitol editing board. Still, what is interesting about this time is that it is fun to play the first album in the United States and then continue the first album “PLEASE PLEASE ME” in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it is interesting to say that I will omit the duplicated “I Saw Her Standing There”. Then, after playing some songs not recorded in these albums, “A HARD DAY’S NIGHT” was played. This air check was recorded on a reel instead of a cassette, so the sound quality is also very good. However, “Things We Said Today” was not recorded because I changed the reels, but since they are all album versions, it may be a big damage. More than that, the narration spoken between the programs makes us feel the times again. For example, the lines such as “The child born when the Beatles debuted is now 14 years old” are deeply emotional from the present, which is almost 60 years after their debut. Of course, all of them are album versions, but it is healed by this air check sound source because of the turbulent 2020 in Corona. There is no doubt that you will be able to travel back in time to your nostalgic summer vacation if you let this flow.


また70年代の日本ではビートルズ各国のアルバムが国内盤としてリリースされていて、なおかつ日本独自の編集版まで存在していたもの。そこでこの回で最初に放送されるのはアメリカ編集盤「MEET THE BEATLES」というのがまた時代を偲ばせる。この時代、日本では同じジャケなら「WITH THE BEATLES」より「MEET THE~」の方がポピュラーでした。さらにオープニングで「BEATLES’ STORY」のナレーションをつなげるという凝った編集から幕開けしていますが、これもキャピトル編集盤の入手が容易だった時代ならでは。

それでいてこの回が面白いところは、アメリカでのファーストアルバムをかけた後にイギリスでのファーストアルバム「PLEASE PLEASE ME」を続けたというのが楽しい。よってダブった「I Saw Her Standing There」を省きます、と断ってかけたのがまた面白い。そしてこれらのアルバムに未収録な曲をいくつか流した後で「A HARD DAY’S NIGHT」を流すという構成でした。
このエアチェックはカセットでなくリールで収録されたことから音質も非常に良いのです。ところがリールの掛け替えに当たってしまって「Things We Said Today」が録音されていないのですが、どれもアルバムバージョンですので大したダメージではないかと。

Disc 1 (65:06)
1. DJ Talks
2. Beatlemania
3. I Want To Hold Your Hand
4. I Saw Her Standing There
5. This Boy
6. It Won’t Be Long
7. All I Gotta Do
8. All My Loving
9. DJ
10. Don’t Bother Me
11. Little Child
12. Till There Was You
13. Hold Me Tight
14. I Wanna Be Your Man
15. Not A Second Time
16. DJ Talks
17. Misery
18. Anna
19. Chains
20. Boys
21. Ask Me Why
22. Please Please Me
23. DJ Talks
24. Love Me Do
25. PS I Love You
26. DJ Talks
27. Baby It’s You
28. Do You Want To Know A Secret
29. A Taste Of Honey
30. There’s A Place
31. Twist And Shout
32. DJ Talks

Disc 2 (40:44)
1. DJ Talks
2. She Loves You
3. Please Mr Postman
4. Rock And Roll Music
5. DJ Talks
6. A Hard Day’s Night
7. I Should Have Known Better
8. If I Fell
9. I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
10. And I Love Her
11. Tell Me Why
12. Can’t Buy Me Love
13. DJ Talks
14. Anytime At All
15. I’ll Cry Instead ★途中で欠落 テープチェンジ → Things We Said Today全曲欠落
16. When I Get Home
17. You Can’t Do That
18. I’ll Be Back
19. DJ Outro

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