Avril Lavigne / Budokan 2003 / 1CDR

Avril Lavigne / Budokan 2003 / 1CDR / Non Label

Translated text:
Original In Ear Monitor Recording, Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 29th May 2003.


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Fan must-have title hear was recorded from ear monitor sound source member was using on stage, the Budokan concert of 29 May 2003 from “Try To Shut Me Up Tour”, is very valuable sound source, new attire it is a gift appeared in the title. 5 songs at the beginning of the concert is accrued, but has recorded 11 songs for up to Things I’ll Never Say encore last from Naked of Track 6. Noise of the radio intercept specific suffer in Naked, there is also a part is hard to hear, but will be stable almost completely later. I can enjoy the valuable live until the end of the overall sound balance is an excellent, high quality of the sound board recording par easy listening. Of course, the set including cover of Basket Case GREEN DAY, the cover Knockin ‘On Heaven’s Door Bob Dylan is enough to meet Kiki representative song Complicated. Level, except for the radio noise at the beginning, enjoy well in boot beginner. Here’s to listen in vivid sound live in a large venue 11 years ago, Avril said in Japan for the first time anyway, it would be to not collect in the fan. Vocal Avril has been recorded on plethora of different things on the PA out, it is about the sound in sing, breathe in until you hear. Singing ability, including the control of pitch is wonderfully great, and to such a degree that I do not think a woman of 18 years old, and everyone who came to the venue I was surprised greatly to the height of its quality is the quality of its performance or would not be. It is a piece of fan must-have, must listen first class without content and value in company mistake.

★ original release at the time, it is a review of the summary (August 2003 issue) beatleg magazine vol.37. Your convenience.

Live recordings memorable that played a Budokan debut with the first visit to Japan of Avril Lavigne appeared as early. In take of May 29, 2003, and I think based sound board sound source, but it is to disappoint with a slash noise of suddenly beginning. Anyway, recording mistakes were clearly such unexplained only the first track, there are songs that noise of some rides, but the impression that it was a balanced whole. Mid-range of the guitar is a certain feeling in the retracted somewhat, but neat mix laid centered on vocals, would say the pick of the litter among Collectors sound of her decent why take does not exist.
It’s far from listening to the important, but first can calm the original three songs beginning even more than, a cover of Green Day 4th track and wonder “Basket Case”. If you are finished to take that seems example here until the retaining clips snap to put the vocals of women, whether not unusual to only example example, to take my hat off. Also, in live outside sauce-artist of recent years, is a reaction that has not been seen Tsuizo, the size of the chorus of the audience Track 6 of the “I’m With You”, and the like, something world-wide power of her you can feel it ‘s. Really bad, I wonder not a oasis since (laughs). Are drawn also in the title of this panel is 10 tracks, cover of Bob Dylan let alone. No big game really is no exaggeration. It is a sound source Collector’s her charm has been demonstrated does not go, the best long-awaited. Not even a fan, I piece that can be recommended to listen to one proudly. This prejudice is a serious loss for the rock listener.



2003年「Try To Shut Me Up Tour」から5月29日の武道館公演を、メンバーがステージ上で使用していたイヤーモニター音源より収録した、大変貴重な音源が聴けるファン必携タイトルが、装いを新たにギフト・タイトルで登場です。コンサートの冒頭5曲が未収ですが、6曲目のNakedからアンコールラストのThings I’ll Never Sayまでの11曲を収録しています。Nakedでは電波傍受特有のノイズが被り、聴きづらい部分もありますが、以降はほぼ完全に安定します。全体の音バランスも優秀な、聴きやすいサウンドボード録音並みの高音質で最後まで貴重なライヴを堪能できます。代表曲Complicatedは勿論、GREEN DAYのカバーBasket Case、ボブ・ディランのカバーKnockin’ On Heaven’s Doorを含めたセットは聴き応え十分です。冒頭の電波ノイズを除けば、ブート初心者でも十分に楽しめるレベル。とにかく11年前、アヴリルが初めて日本で行った大規模会場でのライヴを、ここまで生々しいサウンドで聴けるのはファンにたまらないことでしょう。アヴリルのボーカルはPAアウトとは別物のオン過ぎるほどオンに録音されており、歌いだしで、息を吸い込む音まで聞こえるほどです。音程のコントロールも含めた歌唱力は大変素晴らしく、そのパフォーマンスの質の高さは18歳の女性とは思えない程で、ライヴ会場に来た誰しもがそのクオリティの高さに大いに驚いたのではないでしょうか。内容・価値ともども間違いなく第一級のファン必携・必聴の一枚です。

★オリジナル・リリース時、beatleg誌 vol.37(2003年8月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

肝心の聴きどころだが、まずは冒頭3曲のオリジナルの落ち着いた出来もさることながら、4曲目のグリーン・デイのカヴァー「Basket Case」だろうか。女性のヴォーカルを乗せてここまでハマる例も、例が例だけに珍しいのではないかと思えるテイクに仕上がっていて、脱帽する。また、6曲目「I’m With You」等でのオーディエンスのコーラスの大きさは、ここ最近の外タレ・アーチストのライヴでは、ついぞ観られなかったリアクションであり、彼女の実力がワールドワイドなものだと実感できる。いやほんと、オアシス以来じゃないだろうか(笑)。10曲目は本盤のタイトルにも引かれている、言わずもがなのボブ・ディランのカバー。いや本当に掛け値なしで大物。彼女の魅力がいかんなく発揮されている、待望の最高のコレクターズ音源である。ファンならずとも、筆者は胸を張って一聴をお薦めすることのできる一枚。これ食わず嫌いは、ロック・リスナーにとっては重大な損失。

1. Naked 2. Too Much To Ask 3. I Don’t Give A Damn 4. Basket Case(Green Day Cover)
5. My World 6. I’m With You 7. Complicated 8. Unwanted 9. Tomorrow 10. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
11. Things I’ll Never Say

Original In Ear Monitor Recording

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