Asia / Phoenix In London /1DVDR

Asia / Phoenix In London /1DVDR /Non Label

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Live At Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK 16th March 2008.


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about 2 hours high quality audience-shot video, the concert of March 16 at the London Shepherds Bush reunion Asia first of his “PHOENIX” at the time of release, was performed for the first time in two years following the 2006 complete recording of over six minutes. With a little from the right side of the first floor rear, shooting position, which records the show’s make a tripod, camera work in a stable. The precise zoom operation, up scene of members also included beautifully indeed. It is an image of 2008, but those recent years, it has emerged through eBay, it is enough is said to be whether it is “house camera” video from the height of the quality of the remainder. However, noise that there is a problem with the voice, is modulated digitally will hear about the right channel. In addition, there is the problem that the screen stall at one minutes level of Daylight of the first track (Audio will continue to be output as it is, there is also a cut.) “I wonder if I do not need if there is a problem?” To be doing this I feel that it seems to be, but it is a mistake, such as the outflow of official video though, the screen overwhelmingly beautiful, it will be that everybody who watched overwhelmed. , Cover performance of Classic Roundabout, Fanfare For The Common Man, and In The Court Of The Crimson King, which became a hot topic in 2006 reorganization live have also been recorded, was taken aback quite in those days, but fresh and quite now, looking at , I will stare unintentionally. Wetton scene which had a megaphone to sing while watching the flickering lyrics paper (is the best high spirits, Rongusoro Howe in the second half) in a must-see Video Killed The Radio Star. Other, where Ride Easy, such as Without You and Voice Of America that do not do these days, and Daylight, the opening has been played even in recent years, it will still staring. An Extraordinary Life and Never Again has been select New from the “PHOENIX”. There are as described above, the problem of voice, but enough to blow it, video and high-quality, performance full of charm is the best word. Kettei video thing, the absolute must-see fan as it seems the perfect image of Omoto After emergence, press DVD is appropriate. It is the appearance of large recommendation video title captured by the video and clear and realistic figure of the restructuring of Asia four years ago. Original menu with.

再結成エイジア第一作目「PHOENIX」リリース時、2006年に続いて2年振りに行われたロンドン・シェパーズ・ブッシュでの3月16日のコンサートを、高画質オーディエンス・ショット映像で約2時間6分に渡って完全収録。撮影ポジションは、一階後方のやや右側からで、三脚を立てての、安定したカメラワークでショウを記録しています。的確なズームイン操作により、メンバーのアップシーンも実に見事に収録。2008年の映像ですが、近年、イーベイを通じて出現したもので、あまりの質の高さから「ハウスカメラ」映像ではないかと言われている程です。ただし、音声に問題があり、デジタル的に変調したノイズが右チャンネルを中心に聴こえます。また、一曲目のDaylightの一分台で画面が停止してしまう問題もあります(音声はそのまま出力され続けますが、カットもあります。)こうやって説明すると「問題があるなら要らないかな?」と思われると感じますが、それは間違いで、まるでオフィシャル映像の流出のような、圧倒的に美しい画面には、観た誰しもが圧倒されることでしょう。、2006年再編ライブで話題となったRoundabout、Fanfare For The Common Man、In The Court Of The Crimson Kingといったクラシックのカバー演奏も収録されており、当時はかなり面食らったものの、今、観るとなかなか新鮮で、思わず見入ってしまいます。Video Killed The Radio Starではメガホンを持ったウェットンが歌詞ペーパーをちらちら見ながら熱唱するシーンは必見(後半のハウのノリノリ・ロングソロも最高です)。他にも、最近はやらないVoice Of Americaや、オープニングのDaylight、そしてRide Easy、Without Youといったところは、近年でもプレイされていますが、やはり見入ってしまいます。新作「PHOENIX」からはNever AgainとAn Extraordinary Life がセレクトされています。前述の通り、音声の問題はありますが、それを吹っ飛ばすほどの、クオリティの高い映像と、魅力溢れる演奏は最高の一言。大元のパーフェクトな映像が出現したら、プレスDVDが相応しいと思えるほどもの、ファン絶対必見の決定盤映像。4年前の再編エイジアの姿をリアルかつクリアーな映像で捉えた大推薦映像タイトルの登場です。オリジナル・メニュー付。

1. Intro. 2. Daylight 3. Only Time Will Tell 4. Wildest Dreams 5. Never Again 6. Roundabout 
7. Time Again 8. Bolero 9. Clap 10. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 11. Ride Easy 
12. Voice Of America 13. Open Your Eyes 14. Fanfare For The Common Man 15. Without You 
16. An Extraordinary Life 17. In The Court Of The Crimson King 18. Video Killed The Radio Star 
19. The Heat Goes On 20. Heat Of The Moment 21. Don’t Cry 22. Sole Survivor 

John Wetton – Bass, Lead Vocal Steve Howe – Guitar, Vocal Carl Palmer – Drums, Percussion 
Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal

COLOUR NTSC Approx. 126min.

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