Beatles / Recovered Archives Vol 1 / 1DVD

Beatles / Recovered Archives Vol 1 / 1DVD / Misterclaudel

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The Beatles Unseen & Rare Film Collection


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Than mania must-have M Claudel label, a new series of video comes into play. This series named RECOVERED ARCHIVES is, as its name suggests, those that discovered archive, nobody debut video never seen, in only such as high-quality upgrade the video to surpass the image quality of up to now is configured, it is excavated video series.

This project, LIVE CHRONICLE Series M claw Dell label is currently release has become a beginning. Although it is a popular series that has recorded the valuable live recordings and video of the Beatles in a systematic manner, its history has also become a thing more than 10 years, those that have been released at that time, by the subsequent excavation, currently necessarily best not the case intended it came out. In addition, even in the first appearance video that has been newly excavated, but are stocked in the library of a variety of reasons in M Claudel such as time constraints, there are many timing of release is difficult material. This time, the image of those treasured, for that whether is released by series of itself is, is this RECOVERED ARCHIVES.

Furthermore first appearance of the Beatles material has increased dramatically in the past 10 years. Rather, there is only this sound source time came out precisely because was passed, also the video, also various movements over the Beatles, I can say was promote such excavation. From a video archive Beatles were buried in such worldwide and of a number of newly excavated ultra precious images in recent years, here launched a new series, we have them sequentially release but, I can say that the concept of RECOVERED ARCHIVES.

VOL.1 of the contents of the details are I would like you to look at the chapter list, but none debut video, is occupied by the first appearance upgrade the video, what you could not be viewed until now, I saw things This is footage of did not quality. For example, was recorded in Cavan Club August 22, 1962 “Some Other Guy” is now in it but quite familiar of video, for the first time recorded in no version of the cut. “BIG NIGHT OUT” is only one song, but the anthology grade of high-quality. Video of the Dublin performances November 7, 1963 is a high-quality version of the time code does not turn, also have been perfect synchronization voice. Bournemouth video November 16, 1963, the voice and the first appearance of the video angle that has not been known until now. Morecambe & Wise show and clear Kinerekososu with no time code, recording a smooth another Kinekososu of movement also with no time code. Here is the smoothness of about seemingly or video footage. Widescreen source that has been unearthed in specifications, such as such as squeeze included as a separate track.

Anyway better the mania, is supposed who understands that the value of this footage. Also, Even if you are not familiar with the video, the future, I think sure whether the splendor of this video can be day comes understanding. New series M claw Dell label is turning over the prestige. Since I am also planning to release this time, whether Please stay tuned. Permanent preservation is Athletic press disk.

マニア必携Mクローデル・レーベルより、新たに映像のシリーズが登場します。RECOVERED ARCHIVESと名付けられた本シリーズは、その名の通り、発見されたアーカイブというもので、誰も見たことのない初登場映像、今までの画質を凌駕するハイ・クオリティのアップグレード映像などのみで構成された、発掘映像シリーズです。 

このプロジェクトは、Mクローデルレーベルが現在リリースしているLIVE CHRONICLEシリーズが発端となっています。ビートルズの貴重なライヴ音源と映像を体系的に収録している人気のシリーズですが、その歴史も10年を超えるものとなっており、当時リリースされたものが、その後の発掘により、現在必ずしもベストのものではないケースが出てきました。また、新たに発掘された初登場映像であっても、時間の制約など様々な理由でMクローデルのライブラリーにストックされているものの、リリースのタイミングが難しいマテリアルも数多くあります。今回、それら秘蔵の映像を、それ自体をシリーズ化してリリースしてはどうかというのが、このRECOVERED ARCHIVESなのです。 

さらにビートルズの初登場マテリアルは、ここ10年で飛躍的に増加しています。むしろ、これだけ時間が経ったからこそ出てきた音源、映像もあり、またビートルズを巡る様々な動きが、このような発掘を促進したとも言えます。そんな世界中に埋もれていたビートルズの映像アーカイブの中から、近年になって新たに発掘された超貴重な映像の数々を、ここに新たなシリーズを立ち上げて、それらを順次リリースしていくのが、RECOVERED ARCHIVESのコンセプトといえます。 

VOL.1の内容の詳細はチャプター・リストを見て頂きたいのですが、どれも初登場映像、初登場アップグレード映像で占められており、今まで見る事の出来なかった内容、見た事のなかったクオリティの映像集です。例えば1962年8月22日キャバンクラブで収録された「Some Other Guy」は、今ではお馴染みの映像と思いきや、初めてカットのないバージョンで収録。「BIG NIGHT OUT」は1曲のみですが、アンソロジー級の高画質。1963年11月7日ダブリン公演の映像は、タイムコードが入らない高画質版で、音声もバッチリ同期しています。1963年11月16日ボーンマスの映像は、これまで知られていなかった音声とアングルの初登場映像。モーカム&ワイズ・ショーはタイムコード無しでクリアーなキネレコソースと、同じくタイムコード無しで動きのスムーズな別キネコソースを収録。こちらはビデオ映像かと思えるほどの滑らかさです。ワイドスクリーン仕様で発掘されたソースは、別トラックとしてスクイーズ収録などなど。 


August 22, 1962 Cavern Club Liverpool, U.K. “Some Other Guy” ver.1 uncut
August 22, 1962 Cavern Club Liverpool, U.K. “Some Other Guy” ver.2 uncut
April 04, 1963 BBC Paris Studio London U.K. upgrade
June 30, 1963 ABC Cinema, Great Yarmouth, U.K. upgrade
Summer, 1963 Dezo Hoffman’s color home movie upgrade
August 14, 1963 “Scene at 6.30.” Granada TV Centre, Manchester, U.K. upgrade
August 25, 1963 ABC Theatre, Blackpool, U.K. color home movie
August 27, 1963 “The Mersy Sound” Theatre Southport U.K. upgrade
September 01, 1963 TV Show “Big Night Out” upgrade
October 20, 1963 TV Show “Thank Your Lucky Stars” upgrade
a : All My Loving
b : Money
October 26, 1963 Kungliga Hallen Stockholm, Sweden previously unreleased
October 27, 1963 Cirkus Gothenburg, Sweden upgrade and previously unreleased
a : Unknown Artist
b : The Beatles
November 01, 1963 Odeon Cinema Cheltenham, U.K. upgrade and audio syncronaised
November 04, 1963 Prins of Wales Theatre London, U.K. “Royal Variety Show” NO TCR, upgrade
November 07, 1963 Adelphi Dublin, U.K. news film previously unreleased
November 13, 1963 ABC Plymouth, U.K. news film previously unreleased
November 16, 1963 Winter Gardens Bournmouthe, U.K. previously unreleased NBC source
November 20, 1963 A.B.C. Theatre Manchester, U.K. outtake reel upgrade
a : She Loves You
b : Twist And Shout
December 02, 1963 TV SHOW “Morecambe And Wise Show” 
VERSION 1 Clear upgrade
a : This Boy
b : All My Loving
c : I Want To Hold Your Hand
d : Moonlight Bay

VERSION 2 Smooth
a : This Boy
b : All My Loving
c : I Want To Hold Your Hand
d : Moonlight Bay

August 22, 1962 Cavern Club Liverpool, U.K. “Some Other Guy”
November 02, 1963 ABC Cinema Theatre Maschester, U.K.
a : She Loves You
b : Twist And Shout

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