Eric Clapton / Budokan 2003 Final / 2CDR

Eric Clapton / Budokan 2003 Final / 2CDR /Non Label

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 13th December 2003

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On the final day of the 2003 Japan tour where the 18 concerts were organized, the live performance of Tokyo Budokan 8th day was recorded for 2 hours 22 minutes, complete recording with super high quality stereo and audience recording. Including remarkable sound sources that have not been circulated until now, not to mention the release. The clearness of the sound, the closeness, the punch, the thickness, neither of them are so perfect as to think that there is no more recording any more. At that time Kamikaze, E & C World Star Record (Sylph type), press board “In The East 2” (last day is only the first half), EC Is Here “Just For You” etc. which recorded all the performances in a set of 36 Was released, each was recorded with excellent sound quality, but of course, this board is a separate master. The interesting thing is that there are parts where the surrounding cheers that can be heard in the final performance of “Just For You” recorded with very high sound quality are quite similar, so that the two recorders I found that it was recorded at a position that is as close as possible. However, each one contains its own audience noise, for example, but on the main board you can hear a crown (cheering?) Called “I Shot The Sheriff” after the performance “Do you play Janka Janka?” , And “Just ~” I can not hear it at all. The Kamikaze board ‘It’s Mighty Strange’ sounds distant at the beginning, E & CWS ‘Got The Time’ has picked up crowds’ cheers in high quality. Like the “Just ~”, the main board seems to have been recorded just before the stage, there are moderate realistic feelings centered on the songs, but there are no cases where musical tones are disturbed by annoying cheers. And above all, the take is attractive with the sound with the highest sound quality outstanding freshness that is not natural that makes almost no sense of equalization. Clapton ‘s visit to Japan comes with a number of titles, and it is recorded with the highest quality among our related items that have been released so far. Originally it is a high-grade sound source suitable for release on press CD, but please forgive me that it was decided to appear as a gift title this time. It is not exaggeration to say that it has reached the area of ​​the miracle, it is an exception master and it is also the attraction of this sound source that I can not feel equalization feeling that would change the essence of sound I heard Everyone is convinced. Although it seems to be just before, in fact, please enjoy the exceptional 2003 visit to Japan, which has already passed 12 years already, together with YOKOHAMA 2003 2ND NIGHT tonight. The very best sound quality of the shock. While listening, there is no doubt that it will groan that “I was good to get it.” You can fully enjoy the time when there is nothing more.

★ “Hidden original name sound source” used only once in gift title in early 2011, reappears as a bonus disc for the first time in five years. Fans watch list recorded with super high sound quality everyone surprised! It is! Following “YOKOHAMA 2003 2ND NIGHT”, high-grade sound source with no doubt will be promoted to the press board in the near future. Please enjoy this surprising quality.

18公演が組まれた2003年日本ツアーの最終日、東京武道館8日目のライブを2時間22分、超高音質ステレオ・オーディエンス録音で完全収録。リリースはおろか、これまで出回っていなかった注目の音源を収録。音のクリアーさ、近さ、パンチ、太さ、そのどれもとってもこれ以上の録音は無いのではと思えるほどに完璧。当時はKamikaze, E&C World Star Record(Sylph系)、プレス盤としては「In The East 2」(最終日は前半のみ)、全公演を36枚のセットで収録したEC Is Here「Just For You」等がリリースされ、それぞれが素晴らしい音質で収録されていましたが、勿論、本盤は別マスター。面白いのは、こちらも非常に高音質で収録された「Just For You」の最終公演(Disc 35/36)で聞ける周囲の歓声がかなり似ている部分があるとうことで、2人の録音者がそれなりに近いポジションで録音されたことが判ります。ただし、それぞれに独自のオーディエンスノイズは含んでおり、例えばですが、本盤では「I Shot The Sheriff」終演後に「じゃんじゃかじゃんじゃか弾いてくれ!」という野次(声援?)が聞こえますが、「Just~」では全く聞こえなかったりします。Kamikaze盤「It’s Mighty Strange」は冒頭2曲が音が遠く、E&CWS「Got The Time」は高音質ながら観客の歓声を大きめに拾ってしまっています。本盤は「Just~」同様にステージのかなり前で録音されたようで、曲間を中心に適度な臨場感はあるものの、煩い歓声に楽音が邪魔されるケースは皆無。そしてなにより、本テイクは、イコライズ感を殆ど感じさせない自然なでぶっとい鮮度抜群の最高音質で収録されたサウンドが魅力です。クラプトンの来日公演タイトルは数あれど、これまでリリースされてきた当店関連アイテムの中でも群を抜く最高クオリティで収録されています。本来ならばプレスCDでのリリースが相応しいハイエスト・グレード音源ですが、このたびギフトタイトルとして登場することになりましたことをご容赦ください。ミラクルの域に達していると言っても過言ではない程の絶品マスターであり、音の本質を変えてしまうようなイコライズ感が一切感じられないのも本音源の魅力であることは、聴いた誰もが納得することでしょう。ついこの前のようでありながら、実際は既に12年もの時が経過した、絶品の2003年来日公演を、今宵、「YOKOHAMA 2003 2ND NIGHT」と一緒に久々にご堪能下さい。まさに衝撃の最高音質。聴きながら「入手して良かった」と唸ること間違いなし。これ以上は無いほどの時を存分に堪能できます。

★2011年初頭にただ一度だけギフトタイトルで使用された「隠れたオリジナル名音源」が、このたび5年ぶりにボーナスディスクとして再登場。誰もが驚く超高音質で収録されたファン必聴盤!!「YOKOHAMA 2003 2ND NIGHT」に続いて、近い将来プレス盤昇格は間違いなしのハイグレード音源。この驚きのクオリティをどうぞ、お楽しみ下さい。

Disc 1 (72:11)
1. Opening 2. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out 3. When You’ve Got A Good Friend
4. Crossroads 5. I Shot The Sheriff 6. Bell Bottom Blues 7. Reconsider Baby
8. Can’t Find My Way Home 9. White Room 10. I Want A Little Girl 11. Got My Mojo Working
12. Hoochie Coochie Man 13. Change The World 14. Bright Lights, Big City
15. Kind Hearted Woman Blues

Disc 2 (59:39)
1. Badge 2. Holy Mother 3. Lay Down Sally 4. Wonderful Tonight 5. Cocaine 6. Layla
7. Sunshine Of Your Love 8. Member Introduction 9. Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals Andy Fairweather Low – Guitar, Vocals
Nathan East – Bass, Vocals  Steve Gadd – Drums  Chris Stainton – Keyboards

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