ZZ Top / Spectrum Night / 1CDR

ZZ Top / Spectrum Night / 1CDR / Gypy Eye Project

Translated Text:
Live At Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA march 29th 1980. Soundboard


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March 29 from ZZ Top ’80 American tour Philadelphia Spectrum performances attention title new appearance was recorded in the sound board sound source!

From “Thank You” from the album “Deguero” of ’79 announcement to “Jailhouse Rock” in the encore, popular in the United States along with the 80s of dawn also relapse was ZZ Top.

It must listen sound board live new appearance that American rock of the real thrill is transmitted from the rock ‘n’ roll boogie to the blues!



01. I Thank You/02. Waitin For The Bus/03. Jesus Just Left Chicago/04. Precious And Grace/05. I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide/06. Manic Mechanic/07. Heard It On The X/08. El Diablo (instrumental)/09. Fool For Your Stockings/10. Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings/11. El Diablo/12. Cheap Sunglasses/13. Arrested For Driving While Blind/14. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers/15. La Grange/16. She Loves My Automobile/17. Hi Hi Mama/18. Dust My Broom/19. Jailhouse Rock

Live At Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA march 29th 1980


Gypy Eye Project. GEP-303

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