ZZ Top / Marquee 1983 master / 1CDR

ZZ Top / Marquee 1983 master / 1CDR / Shades

Live at the Marquee Club , London , UK 16th October 1983

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ZZ TOP in 1983, which climbed to the darling of the times with the astronomical hit of “ELIMINATOR”. Introducing a superb original recording that conveys the scene.
It is “October 16, 1983 London performance” that is imbued with such a work. It is a transcendental audience recording recorded in the legendary “Marquee Club”. Although it was in the midst of great success at that time, the site of this work is a “marquee” that can be filled with 200 people. Let’s start with the schedule at that time to explain the situation in that area.

● 1983
・ January 1-9: North America # 1 (6 performances)
“March 23,” ELIMINATOR “released”
・ May 6th-August 13th: North America # 2 (61 performances)
・ August 18 + 20: UK (2 performances)
・ September 1st-October 9th: North America # 3 (26 performances)
・ October 16th-November 30th: Europe (31 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
● 1984
・ January 12-February 12: North America # 4 (23 performances)

This is ZZ TOP in 1983/1984. After the release of “ELIMINATOR”, he completed three trainings in North America, which is the main battlefield, but in the meantime, he performed MONSTERS OF ROCK (August 20th) and also conducted a large-scale European tour. The marquee performance of this work is a warm-up gig that preceded such a “Europe” tour, and it is a stage that is not even on the official tour date.
You can taste the world’s super big names in a small club … This work recorded in such a dreamy scene is a superb item with “super”. It’s so much that I want to line up like “super super …”. That should be it, it is a super famous taper that it is said that there is no unknown collector in the UK who recorded this work. He was also talked about in Tom Petty’s masterpiece “BRIGHTON 1982 MASTER (Uxbridge 1395)” released the other day, but it is the ultimate Gene brand that was made into a CD directly from the original cassette.
Actually, what is spit out from the speaker is the tremendous reality unique to audience recording and the close-knit feeling unique to the club. There shouldn’t be a sense of distance, and right in front of me … it’s as if there are three people in the speaker. Of course, if you make a loud noise, the whole room becomes a “Marquee Club” itself, and if you listen with headphones, there is a legendary club in your brain. You can call it “sound board” or “completely official class”, but if you say so easily, it’s rude to the sound source. Rather, it is a legendary live album that I would like to call “an audience beyond the official” with the greatest respect.
Of course, it’s not just the sound that’s awesome. The full show where the band potential that captured the world explodes is overwhelming. Let’s organize the set here.

● 70’s (9 songs)
Rio Grande Mud: Francine
Tres Hombres: Waitin’for the Bus / Jesus Just Left Chicago / Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers / La Grange
・ Fandango! : Thunderbird / Heard It on the X / Tush
・ Tehas: Arrested for Driving While Blind
・ Others: I Love the Woman (Freddie King) / Jailhouse Rock (Elvis Presley)
● Warner era (6 songs)
・ El Loco: Pearl Necklace / Party on the Patio / Tube Snake Boogie
・ Eliminator: Got Me Under Pressure / I Got the Six / Sharp Dressed Man

… And it looks like this. While keeping the number of new songs to three, the repertoire of the 70’s LONDON RECORDS era is also a large-scale behavior. Not to mention the deadly classics, they will also perform delicious songs such as “Francine”, “Thunderbird” and “I Got the Six” at key points.
And above all, the performance itself is extremely hot. Concentrate in a narrow club space where the energy of the heyday with the whole world in hand is narrow. Blood and flesh dance to the dense rock feeling, the spine is shaken by the groove of each shakubetsu, and the skin is agitated by the reality of being in a secret space. It’s a terrific music album where the real thrill of being able to enjoy it on a live board is at the highest level (and constantly).
It is a fascinating live album that reproduces a miracle space with “the splendor of being a guest recording” instead of “even though it is an audience recording”. Rather, it seems that a strange culture of audience recording has grown up in order to create this work … One of the cultural heritage that even such an overwhelming idea goes through my head. It is the “extreme of rock” that I would like you to confront with all your spirits.

★ A transcendental audience recording of “October 16, 1983 Marquee Club Performance”. Recorded in a warm-up gig that isn’t even on a tour date, this is a superb sound with “super”. The original cassette sound provided by the recorder himself has a tremendous sense of close contact and a closed room unique to the club, as if there were three people in the speakers. With the reality that the whole room becomes a “Marquee Club” itself if it is loud, the band potential of the heyday with the whole world in hand is concentrated in a narrow club space. It is a legendary live album that I would like to call “Audience beyond the official” with the greatest respect.

★★ A miracle ultra-high-quality audience recording that would normally be suitable for a press CD. Provided by the recorder.

『ELIMINATOR』の天文学的ヒットによって時代の寵児へと登り詰めた1983年のZZ TOP。その現場を伝える超極上のオリジナル録音が登場です。


これが1983年/1984年のZZ TOP。『ELIMINATOR』発売後には主戦場となる北米を3修しましたが、その合間にMONSTERS OF ROCK出演(8月20日)や大規模なヨーロッパ・ツアーも実施。本作のマーキー公演はそんな「欧州」ツアーに先駆けて行われたウォームアップ・ギグであり、正式なツアー・デートにも載っていないステージなのです。
世界の超大物を狭いクラブで味わえる……そんな夢のような現場で記録された本作は、「超」の付く極上の銘品。それも「超々々……」とズラズラ並べたいほどの。それもそのはず、本作を記録したのは英国で知らぬコレクターはいないと言われるほどの超有名テーパー。先日リリースされたトム・ペティの傑作『BRIGHTON 1982 MASTER(Uxbridge 1395)』でも話題になった人物ですが、その大元カセットからダイレクトにCD化された究極ジェネの銘品なのです。

・トレス・オンブレス:Waitin’ for the Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago/Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers/La Grange
・ファンダンゴ!:Thunderbird/Heard It on the X/Tush
・テハス:Arrested for Driving While Blind
・その他:I Love the Woman(フレディ・キング)/Jailhouse Rock(エルヴィス・プレスリー)
・エル・ロコ:Pearl Necklace/Party on the Patio/Tube Snake Boogie
・イリミネイター:Got Me Under Pressure/I Got the Six/Sharp Dressed Man

……と、このようになっています。新曲は3つに押さえつつ、70年代LONDON RECORDS時代のレパートリーもたっぷり大盤振る舞い。必殺の大定番はもちろんこと、要所要所で「Francine」「Thunderbird」「I Got the Six」といった美味しい曲も披露してくれます。



1. Intro
2. Thunderbird
3. Got Me Under Pressure
4. I Got the Six
5. Waitin’ for the Bus
6. Jesus Just Left Chicago
7. Francine
8. Sharp Dressed Man
9. Heard It on the X
10. I Love the Woman (Freddie King cover)
11. Pearl Necklace
12. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
13. Arrested for Driving While Blind
14. Party on the Patio
15. Tube Snake Boogie
16. Jailhouse Rock
17. La Grange (with Sloppy Drunk Jam)
18. Tush

Billy Gibbons – Guitar & Vocal
Dusty Hill – Bass & Vocal
Frank Beard – Drums

Shades 1276

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