ZZ Top / The Oldest Live Tape 1970 / 1CDR

ZZ Top / The Oldest Live Tape 1970 / 1CDR / Breakdown

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Live At Pensacola Municipal Auditorium, Pensacola,,Florida 1970. Audience

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Started the band activities from the 1960’s, gained popularity in the mid-70’s, swept the nationwide hit chart in the 1980’s, and unveiled the valuable first-ever ZZ Top’s climb up to the top band representing the United States now Appears! Local band era that was not known in the United States yet 1970 It is the oldest live sound source existing in ZZ Top as a live tone generator by valuable audience recording in Florida. Lastly it is a rare / live performance of Collector attention as incomplete recording which becomes a fadeout!


01. Thunderbird
02. Somebody Else Been Shaking Your Tree
03. Gonna Ride Away (On A Rainy Day / I Feel So Bad)
04. Neighbor Neighbor
05. Just Got Back From Baby’s
06. Goin’ Down To Mexico
07. Down Brownie
08. Rattlesnake Shake
09. Little Red Rooster (Incomplete)
◆Live At Pensacola Municipal Auditorium, Pensacola,,Florida 1970

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