Y&T / Live At San Francisco Civic + Summertime Girls & All American Boys / 1DVD

Y&T / Live At San Francisco Civic + Summertime Girls & All American Boys / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live At The San Francisco Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, California, USA 25th September 1984 PRO-SHOT


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Y & masterpiece of the video collection of T is born! This work, DVD you have reprinted one of the few official video work of Y & T as “LIVE AT THE SAN FRANCISCO CIVIC” and “SUMMERTIME GIRLS & ALL AMERICAN BOYS” in highest quality. In fact, for some time from Y & T had to reprint the list, but this band is not released at that time laser disk Unfortunately, I did not find a master worthy of permanent preservation. However, from this time collector, is I do not think so 30 years ago things like-new VHS cassette is provided, have finally I decided to go ahead to the press of!
The degree of conservation of the barrel and the VHS, really miraculous. Simply just say that it was not many years playing in and freshness unexplained. No way I think that not be closed even to vault possible to the temperature and humidity management, but of course there no physical twist of dust and tape itself, one distortion of the screen even try to play, line no one noise. As if it had me spitting out perfect visual beauty and sound like a laser disc (of course specs on the relationship, but the horizontal resolution is not Oyobi to laser disk). And because it is the only of the finest master, was asked to digitize the same overseas manufacturers and laser disc reprint series, we transferred all of the video and audio on DVD by superimposing the meticulous meticulous.
Then best video of the revived Y & T is housed two to this work. The reason for initially appeared, live matches and “San Francisco performances September 25, 1984” video “LIVE AT THE SAN FRANCISCO CIVIC”. “Y & T sound of completed forms” and also was told (counting from YESTERDAY & TODAY era) is the 6th album “IN ROCK WE TRUST” carefully and watch is a masterpiece video the stage associated with. Its image quality, camera work, sound, perfect the first time in the mix …… all there is only truly official. Music also narrowed down only to the tune of the masterpiece of renaming the first installment from the “EARTHSHAKER” to “IN ROCK WE TRUST”, we taste of precious golden age Y & T unfolds in superlative quality. To tell the true feelings, “Black Tiger” and “I Believe in You,” “Hurricane” It is a place that also wanted to watch, but so there is no song that you scraped saying. Is no different in that you can witness the shining Y & T to the fullest in the limited time was that the 9 songs. “Rock & Roll’s Gonna Save The World” in “IN ROCK WE TRUST” jacket of robot (?) Is a pat scene appeared.
Moreover, Zurari arranged set list masterpieces not only delicious, any song passion that exceeds much the studio version is burning. It was a genuine live band is that a clearly it is seen enthusiastically, but sang of Dave Meniketti is amazing among them. Horribly passionate on skillful, even as it was vocal full-time, what I not had made a name as a singer singing to put Eric Adams around and Tame of MANOWAR. Position Standing to sing while playing the guitar is likely to be limited, but the action also violently, it is a wonderful front man the first time that has attracted a line of sight in the venue in one hand.
Just as hot for is Meniketti guitar and vocals. The relieved relieved even editing carefully selected the essence without his guitar solo time is cut. Although it is a short solo time of about two and a half minutes, but enjoy the defeated play enough was called Alongside Kano Gary Moore with the video. The burning solo, also sore play consent of issued Gary that was it even said that the inquiries “play in the face”. This heat is what is still there is the video.

The other one, promo clip collection “SUMMERTIME GIRLS & ALL AMERICAN BOYS”. Here in the video, which was officially released, it was reprinted from the equivalent of best state VHS as “LIVE AT THE SAN FRANCISCO CIVIC”. As you can see the title, we have Fichua the “All American Boy”, “Summertime Girls” PV from the 7th “DOWN FOR THE COUNT” but, “Mean Streak,” “Do not Stop Runnin ‘” is also delicious. In witch Itaburu a stone statue “Mean Streak”, movie to dance, such as the “flash dance” to cheap is me tell in an instant the position of the era sense of the band, the movie “Superman” in the wind “Don ‘ t Stop Runnin ‘”is also shocking. Rather than tights is the hero is transformed, it’s a robot of “IN ROCK WE TRUST,” but this is also strangely a cheap “Robocop” wind. At the time, three years earlier than the movie “Robocop”, mere chance ……… and, Omoikiya! Wow, Michael Minor is the director of this PV has also worked screenplay / Character design of the movie “Robocop”. Is referred to as a director to make clothe the sorrow to the robot, No way, No way, this PV is what Once the prototype!?!?!? Possibly of that “Robocop”, it may be the terribly valuable historical video.
“Lipstick And Leather” is the same as the “LIVE AT THE SAN FRANCISCO CIVIC,” but, at once the world is to California in the “All American Boy”. That’s what will be the Punxsutawney Miss dance out likely atmosphere. Followed by “Summertime Girls” is also, at any moment in Picasso Brothers and Dave Lee Roth is came out likely era sense, and enjoy the California beach. However, in the end members that have been shaken to the bikini girls are saved in metal ready us, I feel the last minute of the pride of the band in the last scene you walk along with the robot.

Y & T official video is very limited, there is no video works more than this work was met with two 80s golden among them. To view of the band position of, I do not get to say and now also the official DVD of the difficult, but are lost if you do not save what in the highest quality now. Y & T who left the shining footprints in the 80s HR / HM. It was confined to the press DVD to remain such their most dazzling masterpiece video forever. In your shelf, please also leave this shine forever!

Y&Tの最高傑作の映像集が誕生です! 本作は、Y&Tの数少ないオフィシャル映像作品である「LIVE AT THE SAN FRANCISCO CIVIC」と「SUMMERTIME GIRLS & ALL AMERICAN BOYS」を最高峰クオリティで復刻したDVD。実のところ、かねてよりY&Tは復刻リストにあったのですが、残念ながらこのバンドは当時レーザーディスクをリリースしておらず、永久保存にふさわしいマスターが見つからなかったのです。ところが、この度コレクターから、とても30年前の物とは思えない新品同様のVHSカセットが提供され、ついにプレス化に踏み切ることにいたしました!
そうして蘇ったY&Tの極上映像は、本作に2本収められています。最初に登場するのは、「1984年9月25日サンフランシスコ公演」を収めたライヴビデオ「LIVE AT THE SAN FRANCISCO CIVIC」。“Y&Tサウンドの完成形”とも言われた(YESTERDAY & TODAY時代から数えて)6thアルバム「IN ROCK WE TRUST」に伴うステージをじっくり観られる傑作映像です。その画質、カメラワーク、サウンド、ミックス……総てがさすが公式だけはある完璧ぶり。曲目も、改名第1作の代表作「EARTHSHAKER」から「IN ROCK WE TRUST」までの曲だけに絞り込まれ、貴重な黄金期Y&Tの旨みが最上級クオリティで繰り広げられるのです。本心を言えば、「Black Tiger」や「I Believe in You」「Hurricane」も観たかったところですが、だからと言って削れる曲もない。9曲という限られた時間の中で最大限に輝くY&Tを目撃できることには変わりありません。「Rock & Roll’s Gonna Save The World」で「IN ROCK WE TRUST」ジャケットのロボット(?)が登場するシーンもばっちりです。

もう1本は、プロモクリップ集「SUMMERTIME GIRLS & ALL AMERICAN BOYS」。こちらも公式リリースされた映像で、「LIVE AT THE SAN FRANCISCO CIVIC」と同等の極上状態VHSから復刻しました。タイトルをご覧の通り、7th「DOWN FOR THE COUNT」からの「All American Boy」「Summertime Girls」PVをフィーチュアしていますが、「Mean Streak」「Don’t Stop Runnin’」も美味しい。魔女が石像をいたぶる「Mean Streak」では、映画「フラッシュダンス」をチープにしたようなダンスが時代感覚とバンドのポジションを一瞬にして伝えてくれますし、映画「スーパーマン」風の「Don’t Stop Runnin’」も衝撃的。主人公が変身するのはタイツ姿ではなく、「IN ROCK WE TRUST」のロボットなのですが、これがまた妙にチープな「ロボコップ」風。当時は映画「ロボコップ」よりも3年早く、単なる偶然………と、思いきや! なんと、このPVの監督であるマイケル・マイナーは、映画「ロボコップ」の脚本/キャラクター・デザインも手がけている。ロボットに悲哀をまとわせる演出といい、まさか、まさか、このPVこそがあの「ロボコップ」の原型!?!?!? もしかしたら、恐ろしく貴重な歴史的映像なのかも知れません。
「Lipstick And Leather」は「LIVE AT THE SAN FRANCISCO CIVIC」と同じですが、「All American Boy」で一気に世界がはカリフォルニアへ。それこそタウニー嬢が踊り出しそうな雰囲気になります。続く「Summertime Girls」も、今にもピカソブラザーズやデイヴ・リー・ロスが出てきそうな時代感覚で、カリフォルニア・ビーチを満喫。しかし、最後にはビキニギャルに振られたメンバーがメタルレディ達に救われ、ロボットと共に歩いて行くラストシーンにバンドのギリギリの矜持を感じさせます。



1. Intro 2. Hang ‘Em High 3. Dirty Girl 4. Lipstick And Leather 5. Don’t Stop Runnin’
6. Rescue Me 7. Mean Streak 8. Rock & Roll’s Gonna Save The World 9. Guitar Solo
10. Hell Or High Water 11. Forever


1. Interview 2. Mean Streak 3. Don’t Stop Runnin’ 4. Lipstick And Leather (Live)
5. All American Boy 6. Summertime Girls


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