Yngwie Malmsteens Rising Force / Tokyo 1985 2nd Night / 2CDR

Yngwie Malmsteens Rising Force / Tokyo 1985 2nd Night / 2CDR / Shades

Translated text:
Live at Yubin Chokin Hall, Tokyo, Japan 26th January 1985

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I visited Japan for the first time in 1985 which sprinkled “Ingvei · Shock” in guitar · kids nationwide. A new treasure hoisting this legendary scene is introduced.
The secret treasure album was recorded “January 26, 1985: Tokyo Postal Savings Hall” performance. This tour is familiar to the official work “LIVE ’85” and “CHASING YNGWIE”, and we have archived it with many live albums in our store just for the legend of guitar history. First let’s organize the collection on a schedule.

· January 22: Osaka Health Pension Center “FIRST RISING NIGHT”
· January 23: Nagoya City Auditorium
· January 24: Nakano Sanguraza * Official Pro Shot
· January 26: Tokyo Postal Savings Hall 【this work】
· January 27: Tokyo Postal Savings Hall “ENSLAVING TONIGHT”

In this way, the performance of the Tokyo Postal Savings Hall in this work was a concert next to the official Pro Shot. This work which recorded such a show is a powerful special class audience recording in the world first appearance. It is an original master who was handed down directly from the recordingist, but its sound is a direct feeling until terrible! Though it is not a type of neat and striking, extremely detailed performance and singing voice are struck in front of the eyes, and detail is also detailed. Although enthusiasm is also sucked in between songs, when Yngwie plays a string, it restrains everything like a radio broadcast. It is a powerful recording that forgets to be an audience recording until the song ends again.
Of course, it is natural that guitar pushes everything away because it is Ygwevey. That guitar sound is transcendental, but the band sound is also wonderful enough for Sonjiya’s line recording to run barefoot. And even as strong as it is, it does not become a roar or explosion. As a matter of fact, “hijimisai” can be said to be the cause of the hiss noise of the site PA. Although it is not a trouble separately, there is a slight noise from the Yngwie’s guitar amp, and as soon as the guitar stops it becomes a superb superb sound. That means that it is picking up precisely up to that small sound. Truly, Great Sound which is powerful and unrivaled enough to think that it is air check of FM broadcasting. As the sound changes from the end of “Kree Nakoorie”, it did not reach the permanent preservation press, but it was said that such a famous recording was sleeping for 33 years.
In such sounds, young Virtu Ors who emanates from the whole body the glow of the genius. Also listen to ‘Caught In The Middle’ and ‘Little Savage’ which were not seen in the official video … … No, Yameyame. You can say that. The real value of this work is not such a thing. The most amazing thing is phrase. Anyway kire and grain of sound abnormally beautiful rapid fire is continuously being spun. Of course, it was enough for the official footage and the masterpiece live album so far, but the real value of Yngwie is in an inexhaustible improvisionation. The promised phrase is also crisping but changing the nuance, but during that moment there is a moments of instant flashing. Already thinking … oh, no matter how you think, beautiful and beautiful phrases spring up, continue to burst, continue to burst. Even now, although it is focused on improving, “Brilliance of 1985” is quite different in density and luminosity. I’d like you to replace it with a solo that is not good for a later song … Rain of beauty melodies that pass over my head until I am rude. 1 Performance 1 Performance Although there are many different guitarists, it is so fast, beautiful and vivid. And then it will be the only one in the world that we can innovate forever. A jewel box of such a phrase appeared again in this world.

It is a superb recording with the audience away at all, but the reality which reminds me that “it is audience seems to be an audience” is also excellent. As we go to the end of the game, we are heating up as we enthusiasm, but the most intense thing is after the performance. A dramatic announcement flows in a tremendous thunderousness, and intensely tells the mood of the scene that the vivid voice such as “It’s not short anything”, “I do not have a song, enough” is still “missing!” The conversation goes on even further, “Are you giving a base!?” “Is not it about Aria’s about 80,000?” “I can not stop laughing when I receive the base” “I did not get anything.” ” Hey, this day, if it is just after, it scatters the smell of this kind. I’ve been dealing with lots of live recordings, but it is raw so far, I do not remember a bit of a strong site feeling so far.
A brilliant solo first visit to Japan that even exceeded the shock of ALCATRAZZ. It is a superb live album where one performance can be held again on the legendary scene. Awesome guitar, beautiful guitar, crazy guitar. And the impact of Japan that I saw it. Please taste this work.

★ This is a terrific name recording name record. Recommended! !

その秘宝アルバムが収録されたのは「1985年1月26日:東京郵便貯金会館」公演。このツアーはオフィシャル作品『LIVE ’85』や『CHASING YNGWIE』でもお馴染みですし、ギター史の伝説だけに当店でも数々のライヴアルバムでアーカイヴしてきました。まずは、日程でコレクションを整理してみましょう。

・1月22日:大阪厚生年金会館『FIRST RISING NIGHT』
・1月24日:中野サンプラザ ※公式プロショット
・1月26日:東京郵便貯金会館 【本作】
・1月27日:東京郵便貯金会館『ENSLAVING TONIGHT』

このように、本作の東京郵便貯金会館公演は公式プロショットの次にあたるコンサートでした。そんなショウを収録した本作は、世界初登場にして強力な特級オーディエンス録音。録音家から直接譲られたオリジナル・マスターなのですが、そのサウンドは凄まじいまでのダイレクト感! 端正・端麗というタイプではないものの、極太の演奏音と歌声が目の前に突きつけられ、しかもディテールも超詳細。曲間には熱狂も吸い込まれているのですが、いざイングヴェイが弦を弾くやラジオ放送のようにすべてを制圧。再び曲が終わるまでオーディエンス録音なのを忘れる強力録音なのです。
もちろん、ギターがすべてを押しのけるのはイングヴェイですから当たり前。そのギター・サウンドこそが超絶なのですが、バンド・サウンドもそんじょそこらのライン録音が裸足で逃げ出すほどに素晴らしい。そして、それだけ強力であっても轟音・爆音にはならない。実のところ、「端麗とは言えない」というのは、現場PAのヒスノイズが要因でもある。別にトラブルではないものの、イングヴェイのギターアンプからシーッというノイズがわずかに出ており、ギターが止むと超極上サウンドになるのです。これはつまり、そこまでささやかな音まで精緻に拾っているという事。本当に、FM放送のエアチェックじゃないかと思うほどに強力無比なグレイト・サウンド。終盤「Kree Nakoorie」あたりからサウンドが変化するので永久保存プレスには至りませんでしたが、これほどの名録音が33年間も人知れず眠っていたとは……。
そんなサウンドで描かれるのは、天才の輝きを全身から発する若きヴィルトゥオーソ。公式映像では観られなかった「Caught In The Middle」「Little Savage」も聴けて……いや、ヤメヤメ。そんなこたどーだっていい。本作の真価はそんな事じゃないのです。何よりも凄まじいのは、フレーズ。とにかくキレも音の粒も異常に美しい速射が絶え間なく紡がれていく。もちろん、公式映像やこれまでの傑作ライヴアルバムでも十二分に味わえたわけですが、イングヴェイの真価は無尽蔵のインプロヴィゼーションにある。お約束フレーズもキレッキレながらニュアンスを変えていますが、その合間は瞬間刹那の閃きだらけ。もう思いつくまま……いえ、考えるまでもなく美麗にして流麗なフレーズが湧き出し、吹き出し、炸裂し続ける。現在でもインプロ重視ではあるものの、“1985年の輝き”は密度も光度もまるで違う。そのまま後年曲の手グセなソロと差し替えてほしい……と。思わず失礼なことまで頭をよぎってしまう美旋律の雨あられ。1公演1公演違うギタリストは数多くいますが、これほど速く、美しく、鮮やかに。そして永遠にインプロヴァイズできるのは当時のイングヴェイだけでしょう。そんなフレーズの宝石箱がまた1つ、この世に姿を現したのです。



Disc 1(52:40)
1. Carl Orff “Carmina Burana” 2. I’ll See The Light Tonight 3. Caught In The Middle
4. As Above, So Below 5. Don’t Let It End 6. Far Beyond The Sun 7. On The Run Again
8. Black Star 9. Anguish And Fear incl. Drum Solo 10. Icarus’ Dream Suite Opus 4
11. I Am A Viking

Disc 2(47:13)
1. Little Savage 2. Keyboards Solo 3. Kree Nakoorie 4. Guitar Solo 5. Disciples Of Hell
6. Hiroshima Mon Amour 7. Jet To Jet

Yngwie Malmsteen – Guitar Jeff Scott Soto – Vocal Jens Johansson – Keyboards
Marcel Jacob – Bass Anders Johansson – Drums

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