Yngwie Malmsteen / Guitar God In California / 1DVD

Yngwie Malmsteen / Guitar God In California / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live at Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA. USA 3rd July 2014


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Decisive item followed caused a very popular to all who revered the Yngwie Malmsteen in the “GUITAR GODS IN PENNSYLVANIA” is determined by the full release limited press DVD long-awaited! Complete recording of an ultra-high-quality-video audience of professional-grade shot, hit the end in “GUITAR GODS 2014” tour, a Beverly Hills, California performances July 3 this time. You can enjoy the best charm of Yngwie now shoots, and this one is a must-have of mania must-see!

And Bumble foot and Gary Hoy, and Uli Jon Roth, lineup serving 錚 people are aligned, led by Yngwie of this year “GUITAR GODS 2014” tour. “GUITAR GODS IN PENNSYLVANIA” appeared in the press of the CD 2-Disc The other day, I was greatly delighted the fans from the latest live. As line sources like the guitar of Yngwie, in understanding the Yngwie live that is “guitar is all” and now, realistic sound that fully caught on everywhere, was worthy of no more content. If you listen with his eyes closed, the sound image, such as if they were playing up close is Yngwie like the more you are rich in “realism raw” and “intense convincing”, it seems as “unnecessary even video” a certain sense, personality of the sound was missing jump.
But everyone of avid fans, or will not I thought this after you have finished listening to the sound source? “After all, you want to enjoy video in the figure of Yngwie,” he said.
This work it is to meet the lavish request such a mania! The complete recording in the audience shot (it what! Such as escape pro-shot) of super quality, and live in Beverly Hills, CA “Saban Theater” of July 3 took points in the second half of the tour in this work we have!

From “GUITAR GODS 2014” tour, Video Footage of some is already known. Was included as a bonus title previously described inter alia of “GUITAR GODS IN PENNSYLVANIA” and “GUITAR GODS TOUR 2014”, Wilkes-Barre on June 12, Englewood on the 17th, and St. Charles of the 20th, three performances further The (That said was not a complete recording) was enjoyed in high quality. It …… Quality of great video solely in that there is a Video Footage them, why this work is whether won the seat of the press DVD! Because it is a digital photography of the latest, sharpness of the image height and clearness is Iumademonashi. About voice does not lose to “GUITAR GODS IN PENNSYLVANIA” In addition, we’re containment brilliantly play the band and Yngwie.
If you look at this video if fan, you’ll be easy to imagine that you have an understanding that the photographer was neat to live Yngwie. Photographer who took up equipment in the sleeve near the left hand side on the stage, has enjoyed in the viewfinder tightly without leaking Saidai, the figure of Yngwie Weaving delicate tone to emotional when it is also, to throb violently at . Also members to support Yngwie, members other than “leading role” in the Yngwie live in the (recently in the stage left side that you show me a shot without missing the key point is that “I want to see here”, was holding the pot further that are devoted to supporting role will have worked plus rather in this video).

When you play a disc, video start from “Rising Force” intro. Yngwie was illuminated in red lighting, let Hotobashira into the space the phrase to dynamically literally “reign” in the center of the stage, and then, move freely the space that does not have those who thwart! When you say that the dynamic of the guitar sound anymore! Momentum and keyboard drums like push away, the sound is nothing other than his, you roar loud!
But Patrick Johansson of the drum feeding a strong attack, Nick Marino on the keyboard He is also vocals to hear the singing (which is similar to the unexpectedly Joe Lynn Turner) hard, and Kuraitsuku to Yngwie to dashes. You will be glued to the screen and, most of all viewers can not be seen in any band or other musicians, is a fierce live performance only because of Yngwie! Installation energetic from “Spellbound”, a heavy “Razor Eater” is a speedy barrage. Yngwie will overwhelm the venue in one hand of the “push” until here! But subsequent or “Evil Eye” and “Overture / From A Thousand Cuts / Arpeggios from Hell”, aspects of emotional Yngwie has also Ajiwawaseru plenty. Some do not have only “real” and “dignity” and “dignity” to examine the guitar of his produce. It seems there are people that “emotion is not like a scale exercise” and to criticize (still) the so-called “neo-classical” of this kind, but watching this video, if Sessure to the musical tone, for Yngwie at least The Te, you will notice protest against the decision that such does not apply!
The climax of the mid-live classic “Seventh Sign”! Nick Marino to hear a voice that reminds me of Joe Lynn Turner Again, makes me even pseudo experience of “…? Jaw when I sing this song Moshimo”. Yngwie guitar in top condition all the time of course, phrasing, such as flowing play is crisp is as if rob the ear of those who listen.
And is derived “Far Beyond The Sun” as a prelude to the “Badinerie” and “Adagio” In addition, the excitement of the venue will celebrate the peak of the first! This song is designed to be played in live, ’30 really in this year. But guitar Yngwie is gaining threatening him with sharp each time you go through it a year (! Far decline). Space of sound drilled liking enough to produce the depth of the “bosom” in play, this Enjukumi also has given the novelty and unexpectedness to more songs.
Once you have attracted the audience with “The Star-Spangled Banner”, it was Kikikoma carefully acoustic play deep in the “Acoustic Paraphrase”, and flows “Dreaming (Tell Me)” to masterpieces. Of this strange scene composition, skillful deployment of a word of truly. Play ghastly Yngwie is also tremendous: “5 Trilogy Suite Op” was full of dignity and “Into Valhalla” speedy “Baroque & Roll”, of promise. These are likely to say even that there is meaning to be seen in the video.
After you closing the set main taste emotion bluesy Yngwie flow as “Magic City”, and catchy “Heaven Tonight”, masterpieces, which celebrated its milestone 30 years from the announcement of the album also has “Black Star”, appeared in one-shot eyes of Angkor. When you before the guitar tone, a crowd of bustling Beverly Hills even, would seem at Kikikon with propriety. And guitar crash from “I’ll See The Light Tonight” explodes the last! The outright captured up close and the sense of stability, such as the parties shooting up to this scene, this video concludes the live of about 95 minutes while had most of the audience!

Yngwie recent has clearly discern “the guitar playing and you are the center” and in their own activities. “Ness band so-called” none, preference is split on that point also it would be fact. However, as can be seen if you look at this work, up to the stage setting of the stage from the sound-making, it is not felt at all those called “shake” to Yngwie now. Would be the likelihood of “go my way,” he also this.
I will be Mitodoke plenty, the Yngwie of progressive form currently in this work. Please enjoy this work, the splendor and threatening him of Yngwie live that do not fit transmitted only sound source. Definitive record of 2014 latest live that Narabitatsu as “GUITAR GODS IN PENNSYLVANIA” is the appearance here at the fully qualified press DVD!

イングヴェイ・マルムスティーンを敬愛する者全てに大好評を巻き起こした『GUITAR GODS IN PENNSYLVANIA』に続く決定的アイテムが、待望の完全限定プレスDVDでリリース決定! 今回は”GUITAR GODS 2014″ツアーでも終盤に当たる、7月3日のカリフォルニア州ビバリーヒルズ公演を、プロショット級の超ハイクオリティ・オーディエンス映像で完全収録。今のイングヴェイが放つ魅力を最高に楽しめる、マニア必見必携の一本です!

イングヴェイを筆頭にウリ・ジョン・ロートやゲイリー・ホーイ、そしてバンブルフットと、錚々たる顔ぶれが揃った今年の”GUITAR GODS 2014″ツアー。その最新ライヴからは先日『GUITAR GODS IN PENNSYLVANIA』が2枚組のプレスCDで登場し、ファンを大いに喜ばせました。イングヴェイのギターをまるでライン音源のように、どこまでもオンに捉え切ったリアルなサウンドは、いまや「ギターが全て」となっているイングヴェイ・ライヴを知るうえで、これ以上なく相応しい内容でした。目を閉じて聴けば、まるでイングヴェイが間近でプレイしているかのような音像は「強烈な説得力」と「生の臨場感」に富んでいて、ある意味「映像すら不要」と思えるほど、音の個性が飛びぬけていました。
しかし熱心なファンの皆さんは、音源を聴き終えた後にこう思ったのではないでしょうか? 「やっぱり、イングヴェイの姿を映像で楽しみたい」と。
そんなマニアの贅沢なリクエストにお応えするのが本作! 本作ではツアーも後半にさし掛かった7月3日のカリフォルニア州ビバリーヒルズ”サバン・シアター”でのライヴを、(それこそプロショットも逃げ出すような!)スーパー・クオリティのオーディエンス・ショットで完全収録しています!

“GUITAR GODS 2014″ツアーからは、すでに幾つかの映像素材が知られています。中でも前述した『GUITAR GODS IN PENNSYLVANIA』のボーナス・タイトルとして付属した『GUITAR GODS TOUR 2014』では、6月12日のウィルクスバリ、17日のイングルウッド、さらに20日のセイント・チャールズと、3公演が(完全収録ではなかったとは言え)高いクオリティで楽しめました。それら映像素材がある中で、何故本作がプレスDVDの座を勝ち得たのか・・・・・・それはひとえに素晴らしい映像のクオリティ! 最新のデジタル撮影であるため、クリアネスの高さや映像のシャープさは言うまでもなし。さらに音声も『GUITAR GODS IN PENNSYLVANIA』に負けないほど、イングヴェイそしてバンドのプレイを見事に封じ込めているのです。

ディスクを再生すると、映像は「Rising Force」イントロからスタート。赤いライティングに照らし出されたイングヴェイは、ステージの中央に文字どおり”君臨”し、阻む者がいない空間を自由に動き、そしてダイナミックにフレーズを空間へと迸らせます! そのギター・サウンドのダイナミックな事といったらもう! ドラムやキーボードも押しのけるような勢いで、彼以外の何者でもないサウンドが、大音量で轟きます!
しかしドラムのパトリック・ヨハンソンは力強いアタックを繰り出し、ヴォーカルも務めるキーボードのニック・マリノも懸命に(思いのほかジョー・リン・ターナーと似ている)歌唱を聴かせ、突っ走るイングヴェイに食らいつく。他のどのミュージシャンやバンドでも観られない、イングヴェイだからこその壮絶なライヴ・パフォーマンスは観る者全てを圧倒し、かつ画面へと釘付けにするでしょう! スピーディでエネルギッシュなインスト「Spellbound」からは、ヘヴィな「Razor Eater」が連発。ここまではイングヴェイが「押し」の一手で会場を制圧します! しかし続く「Evil Eye」や「Overture/From A Thousand Cuts/Arpeggios from Hell」では、イングヴェイが持つエモーショナルな側面もたっぷりと味わわせる。彼のギターが生み出す調べには「本物」しか持てない「品格」と「威厳」がある。この種のいわゆる”ネオ・クラシカル”は「スケール練習のようで情感が無い」と(今なお)批判する人がいるようですが、この映像を観て、その楽音に接すれば、少なくともイングヴェイに対しては、そのような物言いは当てはまらないと気づくはずです!
ライヴ中盤の山場は名曲「Seventh Sign」! ここでもニック・マリノはジョー・リン・ターナーを思い出させる声を聴かせ、「もしもジョーがこの曲を歌っていたら・・・?」という疑似体験もさせてくれます。もちろんイングヴェイのギターは終始絶好調で、メリハリの効いたプレイと流れるようなフレージングは、聴く者の耳を奪うかのようです。
さらに「Badinerie」と「Adagio」を前奏曲として「Far Beyond The Sun」が導かれると、場内の興奮は最初のピークを迎えます! ライヴでこの曲が演奏されるようになって、今年で実に30年。しかしイングヴェイのギターは(衰えるどころか!)年を経るごとにキレと凄みを増している。さらに程好く開けられた音の空間は演奏に「懐」の深さを生み出し、この円熟味も曲に意外性と新味を与えています。
「The Star-Spangled Banner」で観客を惹き付けた後は、「Acoustic Paraphrase」で深みのあるアコースティック・プレイをじっくりと聴き込ませ、名曲「Dreaming (Tell Me)」へと流れ込む。この場面構成の妙、展開の巧みさはさすがの一言。威厳に満ちた「Into Valhalla」そしてスピーディな「Baroque & Roll」、お約束の「Trilogy Suite Op: 5」もイングヴェイの鬼気迫るプレイが凄まじい。これらは映像で観る事に意味があるとすら言えそうです。
イングヴェイ流のブルージーな情感を味わえる「Magic City」と、キャッチーな「Heaven Tonight」でセット本編をクロージングした後は、これもアルバムでの発表から30年の節目を迎えた名曲「Black Star」が、アンコールの一発目に登場。そのギター・トーンを前にすると、賑やかなビバリーヒルズの観客ですら、襟を正して聴き込んでしまうようです。そしてラストには「I’ll See The Light Tonight」からのギタークラッシュが炸裂! 本映像はこの場面まで関係者撮影のような安定感と間近さで捉え切り、観客を圧倒したまま約95分のライヴを締めくくります!

本作では現在進行形のイングヴェイを、たっぷりと見届けられます。音源だけでは伝わりきらないイングヴェイ・ライヴの凄みと素晴らしさを、本作でどうぞお楽しみください。『GUITAR GODS IN PENNSYLVANIA』と並び立つ2014年最新ライヴの決定的記録が、完全限定プレスDVDでここに登場です!
1. Rising Force 2. Spellbound 3. Razor Eater 4. Evil Eye
5. Overture/From A Thousand Cuts/Arpeggios From Hell 6. Seventh Sign 7. Badinerie
8. Adagio 9. Far Beyond The Sun 10. The Star-Spangled Banner 11. Acoustic Paraphrase
12. Dreaming (Tell Me) 13. Into Valhalla 14. Baroque & Roll 15. Repent
16. Trilogy Suite Op: 5 17. Guitar Solo 18. Magic City 19. Fugue 20. Drum Solo
21. Heaven Tonight 22. Black Star 23. I’ll See The Light Tonight 24. Guitar Solo & Crash

Yngwie Malmsteen – Guitars, Vocals Nick Marino – Keyboards, Vocals Ralph Ciavolino – Bass
Patrick Johansson – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.94min.

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