Yngwie Malmsteen / Columbus On Fire / 2CDR

Yngwie Malmsteen / Columbus On Fire / 2CDR / Lost And Found
Translated Text:
Live at Newport Music Hall, Columbus, Ohio, USA on May 7, 2017. Audience

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Yngwie Malmsteen’s latest solo show, which had been popular in Japan with Generation Ax performance, appeared as a complete recording of high quality sound!

“SOLDIER”, “WORLD ON FIRE”, which was featured in this year as a set list, which was featured in the Columbus Ohio performance on May 7th this year, “NOW YOUR SHIPS ARE BURNED” after a long absence Set list of etc etc is necessary check.
Generation Ax, this year’s latest solo tour different from last year’s solo tour can not be overlooked!

今年5月7日のオハイオ州コロンバス公演を収録したものでが、注目なのがセット・リストで今年に入り初披露された「SOLDIER」、「WORLD ON FIRE」、久々の「NOW YOUR SHIPS ARE BURNED」等のセット・リストは要チェックです。
1. Pre-Show/2. Rising Force/3. Spellbound/Into Valhalla/Baroque & Roll/4. Soldier/5. Like an Angel/6. Violin Concerto No. 4 in D minor/7. Adagio/8. Far Beyond the Sun/9. The Star-Spangled Banner/10. Seventh Sign/11. World on Fire/12. Now Your Ships Are Burned/13. Evil Eye
1. Trilogy Suite Op: 5/2. Blue/3. Fugue/4. Drum Solo/5. Heaven Tonight/6. Acoustic Guitar Solo/7. Black Star/8. I’ll See the Light Tonight

Live at Newport Music Hall, Columbus, Ohio, USA on May 7, 2017

Lost And Found. LAF 2462/2463

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