Yngwie Malmsteen/ Live Trilogy Tokyo 1986 / 4CDR

Yngwie Malmsteen/ Live Trilogy Tokyo 1986 / 4CDR / Non label

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Live At NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 9th November 1986 Afternoon Show.

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It is amazing · terrible · amazing! What is the best masterpiece recording of “YNGIWE IN JAPAN”, it appeared in the 4-disc set title !! Again, this is “highest · high · Jie · work”. Yngwie who has been ridiculed as “Big in Japan” for many years, has been living a lot of live, but it is unlikely to exceed this work. impossible. It is so much super masterpiece recording!
Why is this work so fierce? Before explaining in detail, let’s introduce from the overview. This work is the 3rd time in Yvvey (the second time in solo) Japan tour, accompanied by the 1986 great masterpiece “TRILOGY”. It is the 2nd day in Tokyo. On this day it was two performances “Afternoon Department” and “Night Department”, but “Afternoon Department” on Disk 1 and 2, “Night Club” on Discs 3 and 4 . Both use direct master directly handed from the recording person himself. It is a coupling of name recording which was once released as “BURNING BLIND” “NIGHT OF TRILOGY”.

Well then, what is the special fear of this work? There are various things, but here are the things I would like to mention here: ① I can listen to the super super / superstitious Yngwie who created the name board “TRILOGY” ② I’m playing a lot of its famous “TRILOGY” ③ Japanese audience who loves Yngwie in the world, ④ Awesome high sound quality, ⑤ Listen to the performances of the famous visionary warley vos … …. I think that the imagination will be attached before ①, ② and ③, but it is surprising to listen ④. Especially, the high quality sound of the “Morning Part” of Disks 1 and 2 is not an end. If you write Gudaguda all sound instruments are perfect soundboard grade so that there is nothing to wear. I have not heard of “YNGIWE IN JAPAN” of such amazing sound.
The goodness of sound is important in any band at any time, but especially in the case of Yngwie. Because it is a human who overwhelms overwhelmingly over the whole story, with dango and explosive, stress accumulates and it can not bear it. However, since the sound of this work has been recording terribly and beautifully up to each picking, the tremendous rapid fire also directly leads to pleasure. Besides, it is the great heyday Ygveyi who is hitting the rapid fire before he encounters a traffic accident (1987). What exactly is unequivocally smooth, wild, and singing overflowing fast is a kind of pleasant thing …. A lot of guitarists who played faster and more accurately than Yngwie, such as Paul Gilbert, Chris Imperitelli, John Petrucci and so on, came out, but guitarists who sing guitar as singing as in this time’s guitar did not show up one after another. Chalking echoes with glittering sound of “Icarus’ Dream Suite Op. 4”, rich beauty of vivorat … … I only have a sigh.
Just listing the supreme masterpieces of ② here, “Although” the highest masterpiece of “YNGIWE IN JAPAN” is guaranteed, it is a fact that adds to the knowledgeable people, who knows further. That is ⑤ Wally Vos. In general, I think that there is “such a tour staff member”, but he is exactly a visionary person. Never playing, it is not saying anything suitable for publicity. In the Yugui Band, there is no recording at all, Wollie who was affected by Hodgkin’s lymphoma and died of disease at the age of 34 at 1992. Therefore, although it is hardly known, the base he listened to with Joey · Tafola’s “OUT OF THE SUN” he participated is amazing. It is about enough to make it say that “it is more amazing than the Billy Scene that I played on the 1st of Macapine!” If you do not remember, please check Tafora’s “Eternity’s End” right now on Youtube and beat it in the latter base solo. Despite having abundant talent, genius bass player gathers all sickness … ….
A quiet talk book. I will return the story to this work. The high quality sound of this work is fully caught up to the base of such Wally. Of course, since it is Yunubeimono Yngwie, the bass will not surpass the guitar, and there is no drastic point of view. However, despite running guitar rushing around and down, the bass is clearly heard, playing a bass not ashamed of the name of a master. After all, there was a live performance of a masterpiece Warley who could hardly leave a work during the life (probably only 2 pieces including Tafola). Moreover, it is possible to listen with the ultra-high quality which the bass is live full of the guitar which is the apex of neocla and songs, and the base is clear. At that time, the news that Yngwie and Billy Scene form a band became a hot topic, but the same performance as that (although it would be even more prominent if Billy, Yngwie could not allow it … after all it was impossible I guess it was a story: haha) had already been spreading in Japan. This can not be the best masterpiece!

Compared to discs 1 and 2 of the awesome super high quality “afternoon” discs 3 and 4 of the “night section” are super high sound quality which falls semi-declared. Still it is not normal, both vocals and guitar are brilliant and brilliant. After all, “super” can not be excluded, it will let you fully taste the precious and superb raw neocla world. Even so, though the performance is twice a day, the singing voice of Jeff Scott Sort is powerful and wonderful. As Mark Balls did not come, the “substitute” image became stronger, but it seems that there are many people who likes Jeff who is somewhat hot and singing tough.
To be honest, this “TRILOGY” ‘s Japan tour is likely to be neglected because Mark Balls did not come. However, if you actually hear it, the better you are (such as rude!) The better the vertex world of a wonderful neocla will spread. Those who have not yet been experienced, those who can not help doing this sorrowfully exaggeration, please check with your own ears on this opportunity!

凄い・凄い・凄いっ! “YNGIWE IN JAPAN”の最高傑作録音がなんと、4枚組タイトルで登場です!! もう一度言います、これが「最・高・傑・作」です。長年「ビッグ・イン・ジャパン」と揶揄され、幾多のライヴを繰り広げてきたイングヴェイですが、本作を超えることはまずない。あり得ない。それほどまでの超傑作録音なのです!
なぜ、本作はそれほどに凄まじいのか。詳しくご説明する前に、概要からご紹介しましょう。本作は、1986年の大代表作「TRILOGY」に伴う、イングヴェイ3回目(ソロでは2回目)の日本ツアー。その東京2日目です。この日は「午後の部」と「夜の部」の2回公演だったのですが、ディスク1・2に「午後の部」、ディスク3・4に「夜の部」を収録しています。どちらも録音者本人から直接手渡されたオリジナル・マスターをダイレクトに使用。かつて「BURNING BLIND」「NIGHT OF TRILOGY」として単独リリースされたこともある名録音のカップリングなのです。

さて、それでは本作のスペシャルな凄みとは何なのか。いろいろとあるのですが、ここで申し上げたいのは、①名盤「TRILOGY」を創り上げた超・超・絶好調のイングヴェイが聴ける、②その名盤「TRILOGY」を大量に演奏している、③世界一イングヴェイを愛している日本のオーディエンス、④もの凄い高音質、⑤幻の名手ウォーリー・ヴォスの演奏が聴ける……の5つです。①②③は、聴く前から想像が付くと思いますが、聴いて驚くのは④。特に、ディスク1・2の「午前の部」の高音質ぶりは半端ではありません。グダグダ書いていったらキリがないほど総ての楽器が完璧なサウンドボード級。こんなに凄い音の“YNGIWE IN JAPAN”は、聴いたことがありません。
音の良さはいつでも、どんなバンドでも大切ですが、イングヴェイの場合は特に重要。なにしろ全編に渡って圧倒的に弾き倒すヒトですから、ダンゴや爆音では、ストレスが溜まって耐えきれなくなってしまう。ところが、本作のサウンドは、ピッキングの1つひとつまで恐ろしく綺麗に録音されているので、凄まじい速射も快感に直結するのです。しかも、その速射をぶちかましているのが交通事故(1987年)に遭う前の大全盛期イングヴェイ。正確無比ながら滑らかでワイルド、そして歌心溢れた速射のなんと気持ち良いことか……。ポール・ギルバートやクリス・インペリテリ、ジョン・ペトルーシなど、イングヴェイよりも速く、正確に弾くギタリストはいくらも出てきましたが、この頃のイングヴェイほどギターを歌わせながら弾き抜くギタリストはついぞ現れませんでした。「Icarus’ Dream Suite Op. 4」の艶々としたサウンドで響くチョーキング、ヴィヴラートの豊かな美しさ……もう、ため息しか出ません。
ここに②の超名曲群が並ぶだけで、「“YNGIWE IN JAPAN”の最高傑作」は保証されたようなものですが、さらに知る人ぞ知る、凄まじい事実が加わるのです。それが⑤のウォーリー・ヴォス。一般には「そんなツアー要員もいたねぇ」くらいだと思うのですが、彼はまさに幻の名手なのです。決してふざけたり、宣伝のために適当な事を言っているのではありません。イングヴェイ・バンドでは何ひとつ録音を残さず、ホジキンリンパ腫に冒されて1992年に34歳の若さで病死してしまったウォーリー。それゆえ、ほとんど知られていませんが、彼が参加したジョーイ・タフォーラの「OUT OF THE SUN」で聴かせたベースは驚異的。マニア筋に「マカパインの1stで弾いたビリー・シーンより凄い!」と言わせるほどなのです。もし、覚えのない方は、今すぐタフォーラの「Eternity’s End」をYoutubeでチェックして、後半のベースソロにぶっ飛ばされてください。有り余る才能がありながら、天才ベーシストが病ごときに総てを……。


Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 9th November 1986 Afternoon Show

Disc 1
1. Intro. 2. Liar 3. Queen In Love 4. Fury 5. Far Beyond The Sun 6. Kojo No Tsuki 7. Fire
8. Keyboards Solo 9. Soldier Without Faith 10. Icarus’ Dream Suite Op.4 11. I Am A Viking
12. Guitar Solo

Disc 2
1. Member Introduction 2. You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget 3. Trilogy Suite Op.5
4. I’ll See The Light, Tonight 5. Black Star 6. Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live

Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 9th November 1986 Evening Show

Disc 3
1. Intro. 2. Liar 3. Queen In Love 4. Fury 5. Far Beyond The Sun 6. Kojo No Tsuki 7. Fire
8. Keyboards Solo 9. Soldier Without Faith 10. Icarus’ Dream Suite Op.4
11. I Am A Viking 12. Guitar Solo

Disc 4
1. Member Introductions 2. You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget 3. Trilogy Suite Op.5
4. I’ll See The Light, Tonight 5. Black Star 6. Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live

Yngwie Malmsteen – Guitar Jeff Scott Soto – Vocals Jens Johansson – Keyboards
Wally Voss – Bass Anders Johansson – Drums


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