Yngwie J Malmsteens Rising Force / First Rising Night / 2CDR

Yngwie J Malmsteens Rising Force / First Rising Night / 2CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan 22nd January 1985


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Among all official work group of Yngwie, super masterpiece all of music, performance and sound quality are met “CHASING YNGWIE”. Press DVD, which it was digitized at world’s best quality is one of the supreme. However, two If you’re going to put a dare quibble in the super masterpiece. ① has been reworked in the studio, it is not a full recording of ② show, only. Therefore, we decided to to attach the full recording audience album that at once resolve the two points as a bonus.
What is enclosed in this work, Yngwie second Japan tour of the first day of the (first time in a solo), “January 22, 1985 Osaka Welfare Pension Hall performances.” It is exactly live in Japan the first run of the solo. A cassette which is received directly from the recording in person digitized directly, it is live album of completely original master. Its sound, freshness only because of Master Direct is a vivid, full of vivid of the audience recording unique. Force also perfect score in also worked Big Sound bass. Too much of the force, it or there is also chatter of input excessive attack of drum is a strong part (sound output of the site also seems to be related), but the guitar is, of course, Jeff Scott sort of high note elongation clean, perfect is also separation of each instrument.
Shaw Unlike “CHASING YNGWIE”, start from “Carmina Burana” familiar with Ozzy. The other, we find high-quality first time in firmly from here. And, powerful start without putting Kanpatsu from the roar of one code “I’ll See The Light Tonight” is a goose bumps mono.
It remains of the powerful, and the quotient is rip until the end of the last. “CHASING YNGWIE” In did not watch “Caught In The Middle,” “Little Savage” “Keyboards Solo”, “Kojo No Tsuki” “Now Your Ships Are Burned” also is full inclusion. In particular, “Caught In The Middle” and “Now Your Ships Are Burned” likely to dizziness in the rarity of!
In addition, “CHASING YNGWIE” and different from, the what of the documentary because the audience recording. “CHASING YNGWIE” also was a vivid preeminent, scene that backing rang Even though the video that does not even picking (of playing tremendous as you do not know if there is no video, but also great to place such of But of Yngwie) In “there? Although I have become “, this film this production 100%. “As Above, So Below” In what technical problem occurs, or gone vacant between immediately without being able to start, or I sing as Jeff even went to “Anguish And Fear” in drum solo. Even in such trouble, it is fully holding to perfect.
And, even in this production 100% Note that, it will again surprise to the overwhelming live. The greatness of Yngwie to feel the passion burning while accurate matchless have been exhausted speak, but Jeff’s vocal amazing in much the same. The 1st album “RISING FORCE”, used the audition of the trial take as it is, was 2nd “MARCHING OUT” In hard to be transmitted is his real sound that you have basket Jeff. However, he heard from this work, in spite of a live, and resound high note extending to growth, Komu singing hot hot in a husky voice. Especially singing in the “Now Your Ships Are Burned” is a rich look beyond the studio album was only audition take to much. In Japan to determine the “formal beauty” is to Yngwie, what Mark Bowles successor is “Yngwie ever number one singer” and famous It is a place, but express his real masterpieces group finished the style beauty phrase in metallic “MARCHING OUT” It can do, again Jeff. Now if you had even one ballades soulful background shine “Yngwie singer is mechanical and there is no taste,” and I think that was not also a misconception that such but ….

Anyway, this after Japan solo 1 shot eyes memorable of many years reigning Yngwie as “Big in Japan”. This work was fully achieved it in the best sound, is truly monument of Yngwie sound source history. More than you’ve all in official revived the image of the highest peak in the world’s best quality, also the bonus, if there is no significance of so much heavy history. Conversely, the more it is not balanced as far as it is not even under the weight of this work, “CHASING YNGWIE” is amazing. main press DVD and bonus 2CDR set of each other with each other asked each other. Come this weekend, please plenty Experience the storm of guitar revolution that swept the archipelago.

イングヴェイの全オフィシャル作品群の中でも、楽曲・演奏・音質の総てがそろった超傑作「CHASING YNGWIE」。それを世界最高峰クオリティでデジタル化したプレスDVDは、至高の1本です。しかし、その超傑作にあえて難癖を付けるとしたら2つ。①スタジオで手直ししている、②ショウのフル収録ではない、だけです。そこで、その2点を一気に解決するフル収録オーディエンス・アルバムをボーナスとして付属させることにしました。
ショウは「CHASING YNGWIE」と違い、オジーでお馴染みの「Carmina Burana」からスタート。ここからもう、高音質ぶりがしっかりと分かります。そして、ワンコードの轟音から間髪入れずスタートする「I’ll See The Light Tonight」の迫力は鳥肌モノです。
その迫力のまま、ショウは最後の最後まで突っ走る。「CHASING YNGWIE」では観られなかった「Caught In The Middle」「Little Savage」「Keyboards Solo」「Kojo No Tsuki」「Now Your Ships Are Burned」も完全収録です。特に「Caught In The Middle」や「Now Your Ships Are Burned」のレア度には目眩がしそう!
さらに「CHASING YNGWIE」と違うのは、客席録音だからこそのドキュメンタリー。「CHASING YNGWIE」も生々しさ抜群でしたが、ピッキングもしてない映像なのにバッキングが鳴っているシーン(映像がなければ分からないほど凄まじい演奏なのが、またイングヴェイの凄いところなのですが)では「あれ?」となってしまいましたが、本作は本生100%。「As Above, So Below」ではテクニカルな問題が発生したのか、すぐにスタートできずに間が空いてしまったり、「Anguish And Fear」ではドラムソロに入ってもジェフがそのまま歌ってしまったり。そんなトラブルでさえ、パーフェクトに押さえきっています。
そして、本生100%であってもなお、圧倒的なライヴに改めて驚きます。正確無比ながら燃え上がる情熱を感じさせるイングヴェイの凄さは語り尽くされていますが、ジェフのヴォーカルも同じくらいに凄い。1stアルバム「RISING FORCE」では、オーディションの試しテイクをそのまま使われ、2nd「MARCHING OUT」では籠もったサウンドで本領が伝わりづらかったジェフ。しかし、本作から聞こえる彼は、ライヴであるにも関わらず、伸びに伸びるハイノートを轟かせ、ハスキーな声質で熱く熱く歌い込む。特に「Now Your Ships Are Burned」での歌唱は、オーディション・テイクでしかなかったスタジオ・アルバムを遙かに超えて表情豊かです。イングヴェイに「様式美」を求める日本では、後任のマーク・ボールズこそが「イングヴェイ史上ナンバー1シンガー」と名高いところですが、様式美フレーズをメタリックに仕上げた「MARCHING OUT」の名曲群の本領を表現できるのは、やはりジェフ。これでソウルフルなバックグラウンドが映えるバラードの1曲でもあったら「イングヴェイのシンガーは機械的で味がない」などという誤解もされなかったと思うのですが……。

何はともあれ、この後”ビッグ・イン・ジャパン”として長年君臨するイングヴェイの記念すべき日本ソロ1発目。それをベスト・サウンドで収めきった本作は、まさにイングヴェイ音源史上の記念碑です。全オフィシャルでも最高峰の映像を世界最高クオリティで蘇らせてしまった以上、ボーナスにも、これくらい重い歴史の意義がなければ。逆に言えば、本作の重みでもない限り釣り合わないほど、「CHASING YNGWIE」は凄い。互いが互いを求め合う本編プレスDVDとボーナス2CDRのセット。今週末はぜひ、列島に吹き荒れたギター革命の嵐をたっぷりとご体験ください。

Disc 1
1. Carl Orff “Carmina Burana” 2. I’ll See The Light Tonight 3. Caught In The Middle
4. As Above, So Below 5. Don’t Let It End 6. Far Beyond The Sun 7. On The Run Again 8. Black Star
9. Icarus’ Dream Suite Opus 4 10. I Am A Viking

Disc 2
1. Anguish And Fear 2. Drums Solo 3. Little Savage 4. Keyboards Solo 5. Kree Nakoorie
6. Guitar Solo 7. Disciples Of Hell 8. Kojo No Tsuki 9. Now Your Ships Are Burned 10. Jet To Jet

Yngwie Malmsteen – Guitar Jeff Scott Soto – Vocal Jens Johansson – Keyboards
Marcel Jacob – Bass Anders Johansson – Drums

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