Yngwie J Malmsteens Rising Force / Definitive Yokohama 1988 / 2CD

Yngwie J Malmsteens Rising Force / Definitive Yokohama 1988 / 2CD / Zodiac
Live at Bunka Taiikukan, Yokohama, Japan 23rd August 1988

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In the career of the genius Yngwie Malmsteen, the great name “ODYSSEY” shines too specially. A prestigious Kinney’s Daimyo board was recorded. Introducing the permanent preservation press 2CD!
”There may not be a name board that is more appropriate to call“ magic ”than“ ODYSSEY ”. A collaboration between Yongwei, the founder of neo-classical, and Joe Lynn Turner, a pop sensation and bluesy singing voice. Even though there was an underlay called RAINBOW, a pop singing voice that was not originally suitable for Neokura and a Neokura guitar that was not intended for Pop were intertwined, creating an aggressive, strict, catchy and hard-feeling hard rock. Its exquisite taste was a miracle compatibility comparable to WHITESNAKE in the John Sykes era. It was here in Japan that enthusiastically received such a sound and loved it the most in the world. This work is a live album that will be the best masterpiece of such a performance in Japan. The best audience recording of “August 23, 1988: Yokohama Culture Gymnasium” performance. Anyway, it was Kanie who recorded this work. It is a new name board that has been directly converted into a CD from an original cassette by a prestigious name that can be said to be the history of the Japanese bootleg itself.
[Before the sound you are interested in, first show position. After all, once in a miracle Japan tour, we have archives with numerous masterpieces. Let’s organize the collection according to the schedule.

・ August 16: Nagoya City Public Hall “FIRST ODYSSEY”
・ August 17: Osaka Festival Hall “SPEED AT NIGHT”
・ August 18: Osaka Festival Hall “LOST ODYSSEY”
・ August 20: Kyoto Kaikan “KYOTO 1988”
・ August 23: Yokohama Culture Gymnasium ← ★ This work ★
・ August 25: Nippon Budokan “LIVE THE LEGEND”

Above, all 6 performances. Ingvay stood at Nippon Budokan four years after ALCATRAZZ’s first visit to Japan, but this year’s Yokohama Park was a concert just before that. This show has been reported in our original recording “LOST IN A DREAM (Power Gate-184)”, but the quality is a difference of muddy. “LOST IN A DREAM” was also a powerful recording, but the details were cloudy due to the sound of the hall, and it was somewhat unstable. Although this work is also a recording of the stand seat (unusual for Kinney), it is not a sound board feeling, but the air feeling is crystal clear and the guitar is played or the synth is played quickly. Clear to the sound. Even if Yngwie breaks into the synth phrase, both lines emerge beautifully without intermingling. Of course, even if it is another main character Joe. The singing voice can be heard up to one word of the lyrics, and the vivrat and voice can be used clearly. The beauty of recording with modern recording equipment. As expected, it is Kinney’s amazing recording called “magic”.
Moreover, this work is the longest ever. Kinney recording alone recorded all of the performance, but there was a tape change cut after the end of “ Far Beyond The Sun ” and “ Dreaming (Tell Me) ”, and the in-house BGM “ Memories ” after the performance was recorded There wasn’t. In this work, such parts were complemented with “LOST IN A DREAM” to achieve seamless full recording.
The sound shows a full show of a miracle tour that did not come true in the official work “TRIAL BY FIRE”. Let’s organize the set by comparing them.

● RISING FORCE (2 songs)
・ Far Beyond The Sun / Black Star
● TRILOGY (4 songs)
・ Liar / Queen In Love / You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget / Trilogy Suite Opus 5
● ODYSSEY (8 songs)
・ Rising Force / Deja Vu / Crystal Ball / Heaven Tonight / Dreaming (Tell Me) / Riot In The Dungeons
・ Songs you can’t listen to in TRIAL BY FIRE: Now Is The Time / Faster Than The Speed ​​Of Light
● Other
・ Songs you can’t listen to in TRIAL BY FIRE: I’ll See The Light, Tonight “MARCHING OUT” / Adagio / Smoke On The Water

… and it looks like this. “TRIAL BY FIRE” differs between the live album and the video, but even if both are combined, it is not a full show. On the other hand, this work is a full recording consistent throughout. You can enjoy plenty of famous songs that you couldn’t listen to. The “ODYSSEY” number will be played by both Yngwie and Joe, so be sure to check the situation.

● Performance at Yngwie / Joe show (3 songs)
・ Rising Force / Deja Vu / Dreaming (Tell Me)
● Yngwie continues to perform (2 songs)
・ Crystal Ball / Heaven Tonight
● Both only this tour (3 songs)
・ Now Is The Time / Riot In The Dungeons / Faster Than The Speed ​​Of Light

… and it looks like this. Yngwie and Joe are both active and will not be the same in the future, but will probably not change as more than 30 years have passed. In other words, “Now Is The Time” and “Faster Than The Speed ​​Of Light” can not only be heard by “TRIAL BY FIRE”, but also by collecting both solo shows. In addition, Joe sings “I’ll See The Light, Tonight” and enjoys many of the precious live performances of this tour with Kinney’s miracle sound.
A miracle. Later Yngwie could only be treated as a high-tone singer by Joran Edman, who was supposedly a lyrical, while Joe did not meet a guitarist who was as passionate and flashing as Yngwie. Perhaps the best masterpieces of both might be “TRILOGY” and “BENT OUT OF SHAPE”, but “ODYSSEY” was a new world that was born because of the combination of the two. This work is a masterpiece of the live album that can enjoy the special magical full show with the best kinney sound. Press 2CD that will shine at the top of the miracle Japan tour. Please enjoy to your heart’s content.

★ Kinney tape original. The best sound quality!


・8月16日:名古屋市公会堂 『FIRST ODYSSEY』
・8月17日:大阪フェスティバルホール 『SPEED AT NIGHT』
・8月18日:大阪フェスティバルホール 『LOST ODYSSEY』
・8月20日:京都会館 『KYOTO 1988』
・8月23日:横浜文化体育館 ←★本作★
・8月25日:日本武道館 『LIVE THE LEGEND』

以上、全6公演。インググヴェイはALCATRAZZの初来日から4年で日本武道館にも立ったわけですが、本作の横浜公園はその直前となるコンサートでした。このショウは当店のオリジナル録音『LOST IN A DREAM(Power Gate-184)』でレポートしたことがありますが、クオリティは雲泥の差。『LOST IN A DREAM』もパワフルな名録音ではありましたが、ホール鳴りで細部が曇り、やや不安定でもありました。本作も(キニーしては珍しく)スタンド席の録音なためにサウンドボード的なド密着感ではありませんが、その空気感はクリスタル・クリアに透き通り、ギターはおろかシンセの速弾きも1音1音までクッキリ。シンセのフレーズにイングヴェイが割り込んでも混じり合うことなく双方のラインが美しく浮かび上がるのです。もちろん、もう1人の主役ジョーにしても然り。その歌声は歌詞の1語1語まで聞き取れ、ヴィヴラートや声色の使い分けも鮮明に感じ取れる。まるで現代の録音機材で録音したような美しさ。さすがは“マジック”と呼ばれるキニーのスゴワザ録音です。
しかも、本作は史上最長。キニー録音だけでも演奏のすべてを記録していましたが、「Far Beyond The Sun」「Dreaming(Tell Me)」の終了後にテープチェンジのカットがあり、終演後の場内BGM「Memories」は収録されていなかった。本作では、そうしたパートを『LOST IN A DREAM』で補完し、シームレスな完全フル録音を実現したのです。
そのサウンドで描かれるのは、公式作『TRIAL BY FIRE』でも叶わなかった奇跡ツアーのフルショウ。ここで、そのセットを比較しながら整理してみましょう。

・Far Beyond The Sun/Black Star
・Liar/Queen In Love/You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget/Trilogy Suite Opus 5
・Rising Force/Deja Vu/Crystal Ball/Heaven Tonight/Dreaming(Tell Me)/Riot In The Dungeons
・TRIAL BY FIREで聴けない曲:Now Is The Time/Faster Than The Speed Of Light
・TRIAL BY FIREで聴けない曲:I’ll See The Light, Tonight『MARCHING OUT』/Adagio/Smoke On The Water

……と、このようになっています。『TRIAL BY FIRE』はライヴアルバムと映像で内容が異なっていますが、双方を併せてもフルショウではない。それに対して本作は、終始一貫のフル録音。そこでは聴けなかった名曲もたっぷりと楽しめる。また『ODYSSEY』ナンバーはその後のイングヴェイ/ジョーの双方で演奏してもいますので、その状況も確認しておきましょう。

・Rising Force/Deja Vu/Dreaming(Tell Me)
・Crystal Ball/Heaven Tonight
・Now Is The Time/Riot In The Dungeons/Faster Than The Speed Of Light

……と、このようになっています。イングヴェイもジョーも現役ですので今後も同じとは限りませんが、30年以上が経っているので恐らく変わらないでしょう。つまり、「Now Is The Time」「Faster Than The Speed Of Light」は『TRIAL BY FIRE』で聴けないだけでなく、両者のソロショウをかき集めても望めないわけです。さらにジョーが歌う「I’ll See The Light, Tonight」も合わせ、このツアーだけの貴重な生演奏の数々をキニーのミラクル・サウンドで楽しめるのです。
まさに奇跡。その後のイングヴェイは本来叙情派であるはずのヨラン・エドマンでさえハイトーン・シンガーとして扱うことしかできず、一方のジョーはイングヴェイほどパッションと閃き溢れる様式派ギタリストとは出逢わなかった。もしかしたら両者の最高傑作は『TRILOGY』『BENT OUT OF SHAPE』かも知れませんが、『ODYSSEY』は2人が組んだからこそ生まれた新世界だった。本作は、その特別なマジカルなフルショウを極上キニー・サウンドで味わえるライヴアルバムの大傑作なのです。奇跡のジャパンツアーでも頂点に輝くであろうプレス2CD。どうぞ、心ゆくまでご堪能ください。



Disc 1 (52:23)
1. Intro
2. Rising Force
3. Liar
4. Queen In Love
5. Deja Vu
6. You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget incl. Street Of Dreams
7. Keyboard Solo
8. Crystal Ball
9. Adagio
10. Far Beyond The Sun
11. Bass Solo
12. Heaven Tonight

Disc 2 (58:54)
1. Now Is The Time
2. Drum Solo
3. I’ll See The Light, Tonight
4. Trilogy Suite Opus 5
5. Guitar Solo
6. Dreaming(Tell Me)
7. Riot In The Dungeons
8. Faster Than The Speed Of Light
9. Black Star
10. Smoke On The Water

Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Guitars
Joe Lynn Turner – Lead Vocals
Jens Johansson – Keyboards
Barry Dunaway – Bass, Vocals
Anders Johansson – Drums


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