Yngwie J Malmsteen / Swedish Young God / 1CDR

Yngwie J Malmsteen / Swedish Young God / 1 CDR / Non Label

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Live In Sweden 16th November 1981.

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Yngwie is recorded live sound source in the home country of Sweden around the time of 18-year-old before Tobei. It is the audience recording, but the sound quality is good enough to listen level. Past the “Birth of The Rising Force” and say that it is the same content as those that had been around in the title, recently, because not seen in the market, perhaps the one happy in the non-listening fan. Whole has been subjected to a re-master processing, you Yes finish to a more easy-to-hear version. POWERHOUSE, initial BURN, is the original live sound source of RISING FORCE the band was formed through the POWER, etc., after Marcel Jacob is “Birth of the Sun”, Yngwie person in question was the official release under the title “The Genesis” Merlin’s Castle, which has been recorded in RISING FORCE demo collection, Dying Man, Birth of the Sun, has initial representative songs such as Voodoo Nights is played as the main set of live. This time, but we also like Marcel Jacob and John Levin (Europe) not participate, because the band out of the members was intense, vocalist, including the members of this live details are unknown have now. Finesse-play style of Yngwie and in this stage is already perfection, familiar riffs that becomes the original source of the high-speed play and a number of masterpieces, such as eyes and dazzling, code deployment, piecemeal music a little phrase, etc. – here and there of solo appeared one after another. Merlin’s Castle middle in the solo is the emergence of Rising Force, which will see the completion in the Joe Lynn Turner, Voodoo Nights will listen to as it is of the Rising Force riff. Rashiku Yngwie of tremendous Naru Richie freak, Smoke On The Water in the intro of Voodoo Nights is, Woman From Tokyo In Rongusoro between songs, All Night Long and until the Blues solo, it comes into play. The last time as a bonus track, “Heavy Load” and adding recorded We’ll Burn The Sky of the Scorpions that are recorded. Although I hear even in its outstanding boards, Yes it corrected to match even that part because the pitch was high semitone. The song over the second half of the 2 minutes, classical fast playing solo, such as breathtaking is a must listen part. The jacket me for a photo of Yngwie in 1981.

イングヴェイが渡米前の18歳の頃の母国スウェーデンにおけるライブ音源を収録。オーディエンス録音ですが、音質は良好で十分に聴けるレベルです。過去に「Birth of The Rising Force」と言うタイトルで出回っていたものと同内容ですが、最近、市場で見かけないので、未聴のファンには嬉しい一枚と言えるでしょう。全体にリマスター処理を施しており、より聴きやすいヴァージョンに仕上げてあります。POWERHOUSE, BURN, POWER等のバンドを経て結成されたオリジナルのRISING FORCEのライブ音源であり、後にマルセル・ヤコブが「Birth of the Sun」で、イングヴェイ本人は「The Genesis」というタイトルで公式リリースした初期RISING FORCEデモ集に収録されているMerlin’s Castle、Dying Man、Birth Of The Sun、Voodoo Nightsといった初期代表曲がライブのメインセットとして演奏されています。この時期、マルセル・ヤコブやジョン・レヴィン(Europe)等も参加していましたが、メンバーの出入りが激しかったバンドゆえ、ボーカリストも含め、このライブのメンバー詳細は今もって不明です。この段階にしてイングヴェイの技巧・プレイスタイルは既に完成の域にあり、目も眩むような高速プレイや数々の名曲の大元となるお馴染みのリフ、コード展開、ちょっとしたフレーズ等が断片的に楽曲・ソロのあちらこちらで次々と登場します。Merlin’s Castle中盤ではジョー・リン・ターナーで完成をみることになるRising Forceのソロが登場、Voodoo NightsはそのままRising Forceのリフが聴けます。絶大なるリッチー・フリークのイングヴェイらしく、Voodoo Nights のイントロではSmoke On The Waterが、曲間のロングソロではWoman From Tokyo、All Night Long、そしてBluesのソロまでが登場します。ラストにはボーナストラックとして当時、「Heavy Load」と録音したとされるスコーピオンズの We’ll Burn The Skyを追加収録。既発盤でも聴けましたが、ピッチが半音高かったのでその部分も合わせて補正してあります。曲後半の2分間に渡る、息を呑むようなクラシカルな速弾きソロは必聴パートです。ジャケットには1981年のイングヴェイの写真を掲載。

1. Merlin’s Castle 2. Now Your Ships Are Burned 3. Dying Man 4. Suite Opus.3/Guitar Solo
5. I Want Be Free Again 6. Birth Of The Sun 7. Drums Solo 8. Smoke On The Water/Voodoo Nights
9. Woman From Tokyo/All Night Long/Guitar Solo 10. Blues 11. Voodoo Nights

Bonus Track
12. We’ll Burn The Sky (Early Demo with Heavy Load)

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