Yngwie J Malmsteen / Philadelphia 1987 / 1CD

Yngwie J Malmsteen / Philadelphia 1987 / 1CD  / Zodiac
Live at Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA 13th January 1987

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Yngwie Malmsteen of 1987, who created the masterpiece “TRILOGY” and reached the peak of both creativity and performance. Introducing the world’s first public recording that tells the scene.
“This performance was recorded in the“ Philadelphia performance on January 13, 1987 ”. It is the best audience recording of this work only recorded by a Japanese master recording artist who was traveling to the United States at that time. This date, place name, Japanese recording … Someone may have come with a pinch. Yes, this work is a sister work of the new name board “PHILADELPHIA 1987 ORIGINAL MASTER (Zodiac 387)” of IRON MAIDEN which will be released at the same time this week. It is a full recording of Yngwie’s stage that appeared as Maiden’s opening act.
Despite being Maiden’s undercard, it is only a part of the performance from the perspective of the whole tour. First, let’s look back at the schedule on the Yngwie side in order to understand the circumstances.

● 1986
・ January 3-12: North America # 1 (6 performances)
・ July 4th-September 21st (?): North America # 2a (15 performances)
《September: Mark Balls leaving → Jeff Scott Sort return》
・ September 25 (?)-November 2: North America # 2b (30 performances)
<< November 4 “TRILOGY” release >>
・ November 7-14: Japan (5 performances)
・ November 25-December 20: North America # 3 (19 performances)
● 1987
・ January 7-20: North America # 4 (10 performances) ← ★ here ★
<< June 22: Traffic accident with a car Jaguar >>
・ August 1: Irvine performance

This is Yngwie in 1986/1987. Speaking of “TRILOGY TOUR”, Mark Balls was replaced by Jeff Scott Thort on the way, and before and after that is also important. It is said that it was “September 1986” when it was replaced by maniacs, but the details are subtle. The schedule is overcrowded, and Jeff is singing at the beginning of September when there are still marks. Anyway, this work is 1987 when the year has changed. The 6th concert of “North America # 4” fixed by Jeff. This year I had a car accident with a car Jaguar plunging into a tree, but just before that.
This work recorded at such a show is just the finest audience recording. When I replay it, the vocals are so small that I feel a little uneasy for a moment, but this is due to the PA at the scene. That was also improved about 1 minute from the beginning of the first song, “Liar”, and the overall sound also improved. From there, the sound with a direct feeling and full-bodied sound is fully open. Anyway, there is no sense of distance and the Strat is bombed in front of me, and I feel the rapid fire of the whole body. Each grain comes down clearly like a machine gun.
Moreover, the loud cheers are far away. When it comes to the space between songs, the sensibilities that have risen tremendously spread like a sea roar, but it doesn’t enter the stage. I’m not sure, but maybe it was recorded near the front row. The close contact and three-dimensional effect that can only be considered. Actually, I’m not the type to immerse myself in the beauty of luster and sound, but I can’t think of a recording where I can enjoy the climax Yngwie with a sense of straightness up to this point.
The show drawn with such a sound is a show that concentrates and reduces early masterpieces with terrible passion. It’s only about 47 minutes for the undercard performance, but all of his talents are packed into that time. First, let’s organize the set here.

・ RISING FORCE: Far Beyond the Sun / Icarus’ Dream Suite Op.4
・ MARCHING OUT: I Am a Viking
・ TRILOGY: Liar (★) / Queen in Love (★) / Fire (★) / You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget (★)
* Note: The “★” marks are songs that cannot be heard even in “CHASING YNGWIE: LIVE IN TOKYO ’85”.

… And this is how it looks. Speaking of the early Yngwie sung by Jeff, the official video of the first visit to Japan “CHASING YNGWIE: LIVE IN TOKYO ’85” is a symbol, but this work (as a matter of course) is a “TRILOGY” number that can not be heard there. There are plenty. Especially, “Fire” is a super rare song that is only played on the Ono Tour.
Beyond that, there was plenty of playing. Regardless of the composer, Yngwie as a demonstrator is said to have lost accuracy due to a traffic accident, but this work is just before that. The performance that adds skill to sharp picking and sprinkling is truly godly. Of course, not only the speed and accuracy, but also the overflowing phrase is a rich and inspiring mass. “There are only great phrases” rather than “great phrases pop out.” What’s more, it’s a terrible thing that constantly flows when you play it. As mentioned above, this work is a stage of about 47 minutes, but that’s why I will run through with a full sprint that does not loosen for a moment. It’s a special guitar album that doesn’t have a momentary love.

5 more performances until a traffic accident occurs. It’s a live album that vacuum-packed the final version of such a climax. In 2020, I’m going to meet such a superb recording. The world’s first publicly unveiled new excavation master that cannot be done with the bonus of IRON MAIDEN. Please enjoy yourself with the permanent preservation press CD!

★ The masterpiece of Yngwie title! ! This is amazing. I’ve never heard such a great song. Moreover, the world’s first sound source provided by the recorder! ! A great masterpiece every 10 years! ! !

そんな本作が記録されたのは「1987年1月13日フィラデルフィア公演」。当時、渡米していた日本の達人録音家が記録した本作だけの極上オーディエンス録音です。この日付、地名、日本人録音……もうピンと来られた方もいらっしゃるでしょう。そう、本作は今週同時リリースされるIRON MAIDENの新名盤『PHILADELPHIA 1987 ORIGINAL MASTER(Zodiac 387)』の姉妹作。メイデンのオープニング・アクトとして出演したイングヴェイのステージをフル収録した1本なのです。


これが1986年/1987年のイングヴェイ。“TRILOGY TOUR”と言えば、途中でマーク・ボールズからジェフ・スコット・ソートに交代しており、その前後が重要でもあります。マニアの検証で交代した時期は「1986年9月」と言われていますが、その詳細は微妙。日程が過密に詰まっており、まだマークがいる9月頭にジェフが歌っていたり……と確実ではありません。ともあれ、本作は年の改まった1987年。ジェフで固定した「北米#4」の6公演目にあたるコンサート。この年は愛車のジャガーで木に突っ込む交通事故を起こしてしまいましたが、その直前でもあったわけです。

・RISING FORCE:Far Beyond the Sun/Icarus’ Dream Suite Op.4
・TRILOGY:Liar(★)/Queen in Love(★)/Fire(★)/You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget(★)
※注:「★」印は『CHASING YNGWIE: LIVE IN TOKYO ’85』でも聴けない曲。

……と、このようになっています。ジェフが歌う初期イングヴェイと言えば、初来日の公式映像『CHASING YNGWIE: LIVE IN TOKYO ’85』が象徴となっていますが、本作は(当然のことながら)そこでは聴けない『TRILOGY』ナンバーも盛りだくさん。特に「Fire」はオノツアーでしか演奏していない激レア曲です。

交通事故を起こすまで、あと5公演。そんな絶頂ギリギリの最終盤を真空パックしたライヴアルバムです。2020年にもなって、こんな極上録音にふっと出逢えてしまうとは。IRON MAIDEN編のオマケでは済まされない全世界初公開の新発掘マスター。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDで存分にお楽しみください!



1. Introduction
2. Liar
3. Queen in Love
4. Far Beyond the Sun
5. Fire
6. Keyboard Solo
7. Icarus’ Dream Suite Op.4
8. I Am a Viking
9. Guitar Solo
10. Band Introductions
11. You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget

Yngwie Malmsteen – Guitar
Jeff Scott Soto – Vocals
Jens Johansson – Keyboards
Wally Voss – Bass
Anders Johansson – Drums


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