Yes / The Years Of Delirium 2nd Press / 4CD

Yes / The Years Of Delirium 2nd Press / 4CD / Virtuoso
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Boston Garden, Boston, MA. USA 11th December 1974 & Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ. USA 17th June 1976 STEREO SBD.


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YES history, the Patrick Morat era, which had a special sparkle that was not two and was also the peak of the 70’s progressive rock. The ultimate board which set the best stereo sound board recording is re-arrived in second press.
The work included in this work is “Boston Performance on December 11, 1974” and “Jersey City Show on June 17, 1976. Both are shows in the US, but for a year and a half, Tour will also be different.This is a good opportunity so let’s summarize the activities of the Moraz era here on a schedule.

“RELAYER TOUR 1974-1975”
· November 8 – December 17, 1974: North America # 1 (31 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· April 15 – 1975 – May 17: UK (24 performances) * Official video
· June 17, 1975 – July 25: North America # 2 (32 performances)
· August 23, 1975: Reading Festival (1 performance)

· May 28 – 1976 – 22 August: North America # 3 (51 performances) ← ★ Coco ★

This is the whole view of the Morat era. As a studio work, Moraz finished with “Relayer”, but I did two tours and I did 139 performances with YES. The official film “LIVE 1975 AT QPR” during this period was the home country “UK” leg, but the Boston performance of this work is the 24th show of the earliest “North America # 1”, the Jersey City show last “North America # 3” It is a concert which is the 17th performances of.
Such a performance is the finest sound board known from the past. It is a big staple boasting one of the most popular even in YES history. The secret of popularity, of course, is Moraz. Anyway, what kind of sounds are being made in the band that produced that intense “RELAYER” …… Such interest is what anyone holds. However, what is officially released is “LIVE 1975 AT Q.P.R.” in which the sound is disarrayed outstandingly, and “THE WORD IS LIVE” of snacks only. This work is the highest ever in the history of a large standard stereo sound board that has healed “dryness” all over the world. Let’s see each one in detail.

【Disc 1-2: Boston Performed in 1974】
Masu appeared, it is a large staple that produced dozens of kinds of boot legs. “ELECTRIC FREEDOM” which totally recorded to DJ several years ago wiped out the episode, but remastered the same master as that masterpiece again. The powerful sound just before the excessive input conveyed the true value of “Relayer YES” brilliantly, but this time careful treatment of the treble which is instantaneously overpeaked one by one. I kept my impressive power and added ease of listening.
Even so, I really love and fall as much as I listen to like this. A live where harmony beats down from the sky with a sharp nuance of Morat’s closer to Keith Emerson than Rick Wakeman to a sound like falling. “RELAYER TOUR” has also been around for about a month, warming the band moderately, still not a good tired timing. Truly, it is a masterpiece undertaken in the performance which was called “the best performance of the seventies” from a professional magazine. The composition of the show combines “Relayer” and “crisis” well, but the three songs of the remarkable “Relayer” have become more aggressive, “Close To The Edge” “And You And I” also has a splendid Rick Unlike, it has been dyed to “Relayer” color. If you say YES, it is an image to play with kitchenware, but this era is full of rock-like dynamism pushing with the power itself of the performance itself. Both Steve Howe and Chris Squire are big momentum, not to be pulled by Moraz.
Moraz told “When I joined, all the songs of” Relayer “were written up, but still” Relayer “was different from the conventional one. In other words, the YES in the 70’s was a band where things were done by each person’s arrangements and performances given last. Yes, there is no “Siberian Khatru”, but you can listen on Disk 1 is the “RELAYER version” crisis “filled with Moraz and the passion of YES inspired by him.

【Disk 3-4: Jersey City Performance in 1976】
The “Siberian Khatru” curtain is the “Jersey City Performance” on Disc 3-4. At the “SOLO ALBUM TOUR” in 1976, with each solo release released, it is about 1 month from the start of the tour as well. It also includes DJ’s complete recording, and the sound is even better than Disk 1. Official release is also possible level.
Even if the sound is neat, play is still exploding. Two blows of intense “Siberian Khatru” “Sound Chaser” from the beginning! Even just high tension music is folded in a few seconds between songs, it seems like a suite of 20 minutes 19 seconds. It is the best opening. Even then, there is no need for a favorite phrase to do whatever you like and want to do. It is terrible because it does not go to the failure of the ensemble and it is linked to dynamism. Moreover, it is not the power of hard rock tone that is the source of it, it is unbearable that the jazzy impro sense feeling. After that, snow falls to the great music of “Heart Of The Sunrise” “Ritual” while connecting “I’ve Seen All Good People”, “Long Distance Runaround” and solo time that are not in “Boston Performance”. “Moraz version Heart Of The Sunrise” is the point of this work which can not be heard even at “LIVE 1975 AT Q.P.R.”.

Although each show is an outstanding historical live album, this work is more brilliant by setting it. Not only the facts of “early” and “late” of the Morat era, but also the contents of the show are contrasting. While Boston Performance (Disc 1-2) is an amazing composition such as “Crisis” + “Relayer”, the Jersey City Performance (Disc 3-4) is, as it were, a flow of “fragile” wind. These two performances are not only the coupling of the highest sound quality but also a set that complement each other and taste the taste of “Relayer YES” to every corner.
A vertex title that can enjoy Taupli and “Relayer YES” over 3 hours and 23 minutes. The basic foundation is also the goal to reach at the end. Four episode episode that cut out one era of YES at the vertex record. It is reappearing with second press that responds to popularity.
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《RELAYER TOUR 1974-1975》
・1975年4月15日-5月17日:英国(24公演) ※公式映像


これがモラーツ時代の全景。スタジオ作品としては『リレイヤー』1枚に終わったモラーツですが、2回のツアーをこなし、139公演をYESと共にしました。この時期の公式映像『LIVE 1975 AT Q.P.R.』は本国「英国」レッグでしたが、本作のボストン公演は一番初期「北米#1」の24公演目、ジャージーシティ公演は最後「北米#3」の17公演目にあたるコンサートです。
そんな両公演は、従来から知られる極上サウンドボード。YES史でも屈指の人気を誇る大定番です。人気の秘訣は、もちろんモラーツ。何しろ、あの強烈な『RELAYER』を生み出したバンドが、ステージではどんな音を轟かせているのか……そんな興味は誰しもが抱くもの。ところが、公式リリースされるのは豪快に音が乱れる『LIVE 1975 AT Q.P.R.』や、つまみ食いの『THE WORD IS LIVE』ばかり。本作は、そんな世界中の“乾き”を癒してきた大定番ステレオ・サウンドボードの史上最高峰なのです。それでは、それぞれ詳しく見ていきましょう。

マズ登場するのは、何十種ものブートレッグを生んだ大定番。数年前にDJまで完全収録した『ELECTRIC FREEDOM』が既発を一掃しましたが、あの名作と同じマスターを再度リマスターしました。過剰入力寸前のド迫力サウンドが“リレイヤー YES”の真価を見事に伝えていましたが、今回は瞬間的にオーバーピークになっている高音を1音ずつ丁寧にトリートメント。迫力はそのままに、さらに聴きやすさを加味しました。
それにしても、こうして聴き直すほどに本当に惚れ惚れ。天からハーモニーが降り注ぐようなYESサウンドに、リック・ウェイクマンよりもキース・エマーソンに近いモラーツの切っ先鋭いニュアンスが加わったライヴ。“RELAYER TOUR”も1ヶ月ほど経ち、バンドもほどよく暖まりつつ、まだまだ疲れは見せない丁度いいタイミング。さすが、専門誌から「70年代最高の演奏」と称された名演中の名演です。ショウの構成は『リレイヤー』と『危機』を流れよく組み合わせていますが、凄まじかった『リレイヤー』の3曲はさらにアグレッシヴさを増し、「Close To The Edge」「And You And I」も華麗なリックとは異なり、『リレイヤー』色に染め変わっている。YESというと、キッチリと弾きこなすイメージですが、この時代は演奏の迫力そのもので押しまくるロックらしいダイナミズムが溢れている。スティーヴ・ハウ/クリス・スクワイアの両巨頭も、モラーツに引っぱられるどころか、凌駕する勢いです。
モラーツは「加入した時には『リレイヤー』の曲はすべて書き上がっていた」と語っていますが、それでも『リレイヤー』は従来とは違っていた。つまり、70年代のYESは最後に施される各人のアレンジメントや演奏がモノを言うバンドだったわけです。そう、「Siberian Khatru」こそありませんが、ディスク1で聴けるのはモラーツと彼に触発されたYESの情熱が溢れかえった“RELAYERバージョンの「危機」”でもあるのです。

その「Siberian Khatru」で幕を開けるのがディスク3-4の「ジャージーシティ公演」。各人のソロ作リリースを挟んだ1976年の“SOLO ALBUM TOUR”で、やはりツアー開始から約1ヶ月のステージ。こちらもDJまで完全収録しており、サウンドはディスク1よりさらに端正。公式リリースも可能なレベルです。
サウンドは端正でも、演奏はやはり爆裂。出だしから強烈な「Siberian Khatru」「Sound Chaser」の2連発! ただでさえハイテンションな両曲を数秒の曲間で畳み掛け、まるで20分19秒の組曲のよう。最高のオープニングです。その後も、いつになく好き勝手・やりたい放題なフレーズの応酬。それがアンサンブルの破綻に向かわず、ダイナミズムに繋がっているのだから凄い。しかも、その源泉になっているのがハードロック調のパワーではなく、ジャジーなインプロ感覚というのがたまらない。その後も「ボストン公演」にはない「I’ve Seen All Good People」「Long Distance Runaround」やソロタイムを繋ぎつつ、「Heart Of The Sunrise」「Ritual」の大曲へと雪崩れ込む。“モラーツ版Heart Of The Sunrise”は『LIVE 1975 AT Q.P.R.』でも聴けない本作のポイントです。

Live at Boston Garden, Boston, MA. USA 11th December 1974

Disc 1 (41:24)
1. DJ Intro 2. Firebird Suite 3. Sound Chaser 4. Close To The Edge 5. To Be Over

Disc 2 (41:13)
1. The Gates Of Delirium 2. And You And I 3. Roundabout 4. DJ Outro

Live at Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ. USA 17th June 1976

Disc 3 (52:35)
1. DJ Intro 2. Apocalypse Intro 3. Siberian Khatru 4. Sound Chaser 5. I’ve Seen All Good People
6. The Gates Of Delirium

Disc 4 (68:40)
1. Long Distance Runaround 2. Patrick Moraz Solo 3. Clap 4. Excerpt From Olias
5. Heart Of The Sunrise 6. Ritual (Nous Sommes Du Soleil) 7. DJ chatter
8. Roundabout 9. DJ chatter 10. I’m Down 11. DJ Outro

Jon Anderson – Vocals  Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocals  Chris Squire – Bass, Vocals
Patrick Moraz – Keyboards  Alan White – Drums


Virtuoso 218/219/220/221

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