YES / Wembley 1978 Final Night / 2CD+ 1Bonus DVDR

YES / Wembley 1978 Final Night / 2CD+ 1Bonus DVDR / Virtuoso 379/380

Translated Text:
Live at Wembley Arena, London, UK 28th October 1978 Evening Show & Broadcast on the BBC Friday Rock Show plus Bonus DVDR “TOURMATO 1978-1979”. Stereo SBD

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The ultimate sound board album that summarizes the golden ’70s is reprinted. It is a permanent preservation press appeared in 2CD.
Engraved in this work is “London Performance (night part) on October 28, 1978”. “TORMATO TOUR” who celebrated its 10th anniversary with five golden people is an official-class stereo sound board that explores the highest peak ever. Official works such as “YESSHOWS” “LIVE IN PHILADELPHIA” are left from this tour, but clearly this work is more than that. It is the ultimate live album which will also be “YESSONGS 2”. Let’s start with the position of the show first before coming close to that content.

· August 28 – October 8: North America # 1 (37 shows)
“September 26” TORMATO “Release”
· October 24 – 28: UK (6 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· April 9 – May 8: North America # 2 (27 performances)
· May 24 – June 30: North America # 3 (32 performances)

This is the whole picture of “TORMATO TOUR 1978 – 1979”. It is almost occupied by the North American performance, except for “UK” tour exceptions. Wembley Arena Continuous 6 shows were held. Among them, the last day is included in this work. There are 2 performances on this day, it is the last night night performance.
This show was also broadcast on the radio, and its air check sound source has become a standard for a long time. This work is the highest peak board of such traditional sound board. It is a famous program “FRIDAY ROCK SHOW” which the late Tommy Vance hosts and was digitized from the superb broadcasting master. It’s a perfect official-class sound that disappears from every version of the traditional soundboard, with glossy sound boards that do not have any pitch deviations, distortion or noise. Indeed, when it first appeared as “DEFINITIVE TOURMATO”, I wished that it was recorded from a professional magazine as “a work of astonishing quality”, “Originally recorded as” Yes Shoes “or” Live · Years “something” Although the boot work has been released like a mountain, this work is the master quality, “a great praise was received. This work is a reprint of its highest peak master. Again, I am going to perform the latest mastering, but honestly I can hardly feel the difference. Although I tried to pierce the corner of the box, there is no way to add hands …… It is a perfect stereo sound board so much.
It is wonderful to see the show drawn with that quality. Tommy Vance ‘s DJ of old memories from the beginning is a mood full mark, but from the beginning there has been a revolutionary movement of the famous group of music that has been driving the progressive scene for over 10 years. Although “TORMATO” numbers such as “Circus Of Heaven” and “On The Silent Wings Of Freedom” which can not be heard even “YESSHOWS” and the big work “Awaken” are also delicious, the 10th anniversary special medley . Starting from “Time And A Word”, we connect the classical songs “Long Distance Runaround” “The Fish” “Survival” “Perpetual Change” “The Gates Of Delirium” “Soon” and over the course of 27 minutes “YES It is a finish like a great suite drawing the decade of “.
And it is better to run through the full show with such a masterpiece. Unlike “YESSHOWS” which was a compilation of various shows, it differs from “LIVE IN PHILADELPHIA” which is less than an hour. The feeling of being able to soak in the show for about 2 hours is wonderful. Besides, the essential performance is also great. To be honest, there were also unhappy show in six consecutive Wembley Arena performances, but because this work is the final performance of the home country, because the broadcast has entered, there is plenty of cheer and tension.

After this show, the following year also tours North America, John Anderson leaves. YES advances to “DRAMA”. In other words, this work was also the last concert in the UK in his home country of the 1970s. It is a super masterpiece sound board which contained the greatest number of its culmination with the ultra superb quality of the official quality. Beyond the official / informal, it is a super masterpiece that will enter into five fingers even in the wandering YES whole history, the extremely live album to call “YESSONGS 2”. Its highest record in history. Please, enjoy plenty with the permanent preservation press 2CD.

本作に刻まれているのは「1978年10月28日ロンドン公演(夜の部)」。黄金の5人で結成10周年を祝った“TORMATO TOUR”でも、史上最高峰を究めるオフィシャル級ステレオ・サウンドボードです。このツアーからは『YESSHOWS』『LIVE IN PHILADELPHIA』といった公式作品も残されていますが、ハッキリ言って本作はそれ以上。『YESSONGS 2』ともなる究極のライヴアルバムなのです。その内容に迫る前に、まずはショウのポジションから始めましょう。


これが“TORMATO TOUR 1978-1979”の全体像。ほぼ北米公演で占められていますが、その中で「英国」ツアーだけは例外。ウェンブリー・アリーナ連続6公演が行われました。そのうち、本作に収められているのは最終日。この日は2公演あり、最後の最後となる夜の部公演です。
このショウはラジオでも放送され、古くからそのエアチェック音源が定番となってきました。本作は、そんな伝統サウンドボードの最高峰盤。故トミー・ヴァンス氏が司会を務める名物番組“FRIDAY ROCK SHOW”バージョンで、極上の放送原盤からデジタル化されたもの。ピッチの狂いやヨレ、ノイズも一切ない艶やかなサウンドボードが全編を貫き、従来のあらゆるバージョンを一蹴する完全オフィシャル級サウンドなのです。実際、『DEFINITIVE TOURMATO』として初登場した際には専門誌から「驚異的なクオリティの作品」「本来はそのまま『イエスショウズ』や『ライヴ・イヤーズ』なんかに収録して欲しかった」「この日のブート作品は山のようにリリースされているが、本作こそマスター・クオリティ」と大絶賛が寄せられました。本作は、その最高峰マスターを復刻したもの。再度、最新マスタリングも行ってはおりますが、正直なところ違いはほとんど感じられないかも知れません。重箱の隅を突いてはみたものの、手の加えようがない……それほどまでに完璧なステレオ・サウンドボードなのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウも究めて素晴らしい。冒頭から懐かしのトミー・ヴァンスのDJがムード満点ですが、そこから10年に渡ってプログレ・シーンを牽引してきた名曲群の一気呵成。『YESSHOWS』でも聴けない「Circus Of Heaven」「On The Silent Wings Of Freedom」といった『TORMATO』ナンバーや大作「Awaken」も美味しいですが、圧巻なのは“THE BIG MEDLEY”と言われた10周年の特別メドレー。「Time And A Word」からスタートし、「Long Distance Runaround」「The Fish」「Survival」「Perpetual Change」「The Gates Of Delirium」「Soon」と名曲を繋ぎに繋ぎ、約27分に渡って“YESの10年”を描く一大組曲のような仕上りです。
そして、そんな超大作を交えながらフルショウを駆け抜けるのが良い。さまざまなショウのコンピレーションだった『YESSHOWS』とは違い、1時間にも満たない『LIVE IN PHILADELPHIA』とも異なる。約2時間にわたってショウに浸りきれる感覚が素晴らしい。しかも、肝心要のパフォーマンスも絶好調。正直なところ、ウェンブリー・アリーナ連続6公演の中にはアンアンブルが今ひとつなショウもありましたが、本作は本国の最終公演だからか、放送が入ったためか、気合いもテンションも十分なのです。

このショウの後、翌年も北米をツアーし、ジョン・アンダーソンが離脱。YESは『DRAMA』へと歩みを進めます。つまり、本作は本国イギリスでの70年代最後のコンサートでもありました。その集大成の大一番を超極上のオフィシャル級クオリティで封じ込めた超傑作サウンドボードです。公式/非公式の別を超え、波乱のYES全史でも五指に入るであろう超傑作であり、『YESSONGS 2』と呼ぶべき極めつけのライヴアルバム。その史上最高峰盤。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでたっぷりとご堪能ください。


Disc 1(55:51)
1. Introduction by Tommy Vance 2. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 3. Siberian Khatru
4. Heart Of The Sunrise 5. The Circus Of Heaven 6. Time And A Word 7. Long Distance Runaround
8. The Fish incl. Survival 9. Perpetual Change 10. The Gates Of Delirium incl. Soon

Disc 2(62:39)
1. Don’t Kill The Whale 2. Clap 3. Starship Trooper 4. On The Silent Wings Of Freedom
5. Awaken 6. I’ve Seen All Good People 7. Roundabout


Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe Guitar & Vocal Rick Wakeman – Keyboards
Chris Squire – Bass & Vocal Alan White – Drums

Virtuoso 379/380



YES / Tourmato 1978-1979 / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text :

A compilation of originally-silent 8mm audience-shot footage of Yes live and “In the Round” during the Tormato tour

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The main press 2CD is a Daimyo board sound board that shines in YES history beyond official / informal. That bonus is a standard classic “LIVE IN PHILADELPHIA 1979” of the same tour, but I’d like to say that … … but I prepared more amazing video works than that.
Such work is a video work of shock created by Coremania. In this work is not one show, but using the theme of “TORMATO TOUR 1978 – 1979” to reproduce the show making full use of countless images and recordings. It is one piece whose passion for tremendous has become a crystal.
First and foremost, it is great from material quality and quantity. The most basic is the audience image shot by 8 millimeters. Speaking of “TORMATO TOUR”, it is also known to the core collector because there are several shredded 8 mm images, but they are gathered and reconstructed according to the show order of the show. Indeed, I am fixing it to over 65 minutes of video. Besides, this is not one performance. Let’s list the concerts where the video was used.

· September 1978 Chicago performance
· London performance in October 1978
· November 1978 Philadelphia Concert
· April 1979 Winnipeg performance
· June 1979 New York performance

More than 5 shows. Either of them is a silent film, it is a demon-like work just to distinguish which part of which song, but since it’s 5 performances with different angles and different qualities, at the stage of thinking “I’ll do it!” Head screws are flying.
Of course, even though it was original silent film, this work is different. A precious 8 mm film (and very fine quality!), Superb sound is superimposed. “Wembley performance on 28th October 1978” which was also the main press 2CD was used, but that is not the only thing. We used innumerable recordings for what sounds best for images. When I say the fineness, I can hardly think of it as human labor. For example, using the official “PHILADELPHIA ’79” guitar / keyboard heavy scenes and drum solos at “Starship Trooper”, “Arriving UFO” and the keyboard’s solo time are “Boston Performance in June 1979”, “Roundabout 3) “was” Chicago performance in June 1979 “. It is called “Future Times / Rejoice”, and it is said that the audience recording of “October 1978 London Show” was superimposed on “Soundboard of Quebec in April 1979” by ………… already, Work that makes you feel distant just by imagining comes through from the screen. Moreover, it is perfectly till the mouth of John Anderson, the fingertip that plays the string when it comes to its degree of synchronization. It is a maniac’s business that you want to say “Do you not have anything else to do” with respect to the maniac who created it with respect to the whole spirit?

To be honest, this work is exquisite but 8 mm film. Pinto can not be illuminated by modern standards, costumes change during playing, songs are hit by batting, and so on. But I do not care about such a thing. I am amazed at the excavated unvoiced 8 mm video, and I want you to feel the spirit and thought that I thought as “let’s enjoy it while watching it” with that much joy, and the accomplished (abnormal) guts. I would like to touch on “behind the psychology” “YES is the best” “TORMATO TOUR” is good.
Mania love is deep and can be extremely deep so far … this work is its physical evidence. Not only is it valuable recorded image but also the passion of the deep maniacs is pleased and moved by the wonderfulness of YES music which makes maniacs do so far. A masterpiece of an underground work that can be enjoyed with confidence because there is a complete official-class press 2CD. Please, please enjoy this opportunity.

本編プレス2CDは、公式/非公式の別を超えてYES史に輝く大名盤サウンドボード。そのボーナスは同じツアーのド定番『LIVE IN PHILADELPHIA 1979』を……と言いたいところですが、それ以上に凄まじい映像作品をご用意しました。
そんな本作は、コアマニアが創り上げた衝撃の映像作品。本作に収められているのは1回のショウではなく、“TORMATO TOUR 1978-1979”をテーマに無数の映像と録音を駆使してショウを再現構築。凄まじいまでの情熱が結晶となった1枚なのです。
まず、何と言っても素材の品質・物量からして凄い。一番の基本になっているのは、8ミリ撮影されたオーディエンス映像。“TORMATO TOUR”と言えば、細切れの8ミリ映像がいくつもあることでコア・コレクターにも知られていますが、それらをかき集めてショウの曲順通りに再構成。実に、65分以上もの映像に直しているのです。しかも、これが1公演ではない。ここで映像が使用されたコンサートを一覧してみましょう。


もちろん、元はサイレント・フィルムであっても、本作は違う。貴重な8ミリフィルム(しかも、極上クオリティ!)には、極上のサウンドが重ねられています。おおよそは本編プレス2CDにもなった「1978年10月28日ウェンブリー公演」サウンドボードが使用されているわけですが、それだけではない。音声も映像に最適なものを求めて無数の録音を駆使。その細かさと言ったら、もう人間業とは思えない。例えば「Starship Trooper」でのギター/キーボードの重奏シーンやドラムソロはオフィシャル『PHILADELPHIA ’79』を使い、「Arriving UFO」とキーボードのソロタイムは「1979年6月のボストン公演」で、「Roundabout(の3番)」は「1979年6月のシカゴ公演」。極めつけは「Future Times/Rejoice」でして、「1979年4月ケベック公演」のサウンドボードに「1978年10月ロンドン公演」のオーディエンス録音をマッシュアップして重ねているという…………もう、想像するだけで気が遠くなるような作業が画面から透けてくる。しかも、そのシンクロ度と来たら弦を弾く指先、ジョン・アンダーソンの口元までピッタリと揃えている。制作したマニアに対して、全霊の敬意を込めて「他にやること無かったのかよ?」と言ってやりたくなるマニアの業なのです。

正直なところ、本作は極上ではあっても8ミリ・フィルム。現代基準には照らせないピントだったり、演奏中に衣装がコロコロ変わったり、曲がぶつ切れで飛んだりします。しかし、そんなことはどうでもいい。発掘された無声の8ミリ映像に驚喜にして、そのあまりの嬉しさに「観ながら楽しめるカタチにしよう」と思い立ってしまった心意気、そして成し遂げた(異常な)根性を感じ取っていただきたい。その心理の裏にある「YESって最高だ」「“TORMATO TOUR”って良いんだぜ」に触れていただきたい。

Video sources are from the following shows

International Amphitheatre, Chicago, USA September 1978
Wembley Arena, London, UK October 1978
Spectrum Arena, Philadelphia, USA November 1979
Winnipeg Arena, Manitoba, Canada April 1979
Madison Square Garden, New York, USA June 1979

Audio is mostly from the 1978 BBC Wembley Broadcast, except for:
Future Times/Rejoice from an insane home-made mash-up of the Quebec ’79 soundboard and an earlier Wembley ’78 show audience recording (for ambience)
Arriving UFO and Wakeman’s Solo from Boston ’79
The guitar-keyboard duel in Starship Trooper and Drum Solo from Philadelphia ’79
3rd Verse in Roundabout from Chicago ’79

1. Close Encounters Intro 2. Siberian Khatru 3. Heart of the Sunrise 4. Future Times/Rejoice
5. Circus Of Heaven 6. The Big Medley: Time And A Word/Long Distance Runaround/The Fish (inc. Survival and The Ancient)/Perpetual Change/Soon
7. Don’t Kill The Whale 8. Clap 9. Arriving UFO 10. Drum Solo 11. Starship Trooper
12. On The Silent Wings Of Freedom 13. Wakeman Solo 14. Awaken 15. I’ve Seen All Good People
16. Roundabout

COLOUR NTSC Approx.66min.

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