YES / Tokyo 2019 2nd Night / 2CD

YES / Tokyo 2019 2nd Night / 2CD / Virtuoso 394/395
Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan 23rd February 2019

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Japan tour of the 50th anniversary of YES formation finished in acclaim. Among them, the best live album of “Various 23 March 2019: Tokyo Dome City Hall” performance that appeared in the permanent preservation press 2CD appeared.
In our shop, we continue the report by masterpiece recording from “NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019 (Amity 523)” which we introduced the other day, but this week is finally Tokyo edition. First, let’s check the collection according to the schedule “TOKYO 2019 1ST NIGHT (Virtuoso 392/393)” released simultaneously.

・ February 19 “NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019” Disc 1-2
・ February 20 “NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019” Disc 3-4
・ February 22 “TOKYO 2019 1ST NIGHT”
・ February 23: Tokyo Dome City Hall [This work] ・ February 24: Tokyo Dome City Hall

Above, all 5 performances. This coming to Japan performances became a topic even with a different set for each performance, but this one is a special one among them. The reason is in the set. This coming performance in Japan has become a topic even with a different set for each performance, it was also different content from prior notice. Let’s confirm the classification of the set here.

・ February 19 (Nagoya): “Crisis” completely reproduced
・ February 20 (Amagasaki): “Crisis” completely reproduced
・ February 22 (Tokyo): “Crisis” completely reproduced
・ February 23 (Tokyo): Best song selection set ← ★ this work ★
・ February 24 (Tokyo): “Third album” perfect reproduction

Initially, it was announced that Nagoya and Osaka are also the best song selection set, but when the lid is released, the “crisis” perfect reproduction show. On the first day of Tokyo (February 22), the set was exactly the same, and it was only “February 23” of this work that became a normal style show.

● The first part (disk 1)
If you don’t have a flashy album reproduction as usual, it tends to be a plain image, but this time it’s a little different. The set is extremely rich because there are no albums / parts that eat a measure significantly, and the feeling of commemorating the 50th anniversary is even stronger. The show was “two part composition + encore” like other performances, but it is a change of image from the start. The first part kicks off with a big work “Close to the Edge” and “Heart of the Sunrise” which did not play on Nagoya, Osaka or Tokyo first day also appears.
The breadth is even bigger than that. It has long been performed from “Sweet Dreams” in “Time and Words” to “We Can Fly” in “Fly from Here”, but there are not two songs from the same album. In the first three performances, the first part was a regular style, but the variety “50th anniversary” is even better.

● second part + encore (disc 2)
In the other performances, the second part that was spent to reproduce the album is also a regular style. Here are plenty of songs that were not played in the previous three performances. “Perpetual Change” was also shown in the final performance, “Does It Really Happen?” In “Drama” and “Soon” in “Relayer” are the only repertoires for this day. The first part is not selected from “Drama” and “Relayer”, and it is more versatile.
As a matter of fact, it is a set close to overseas performances, but the main difference is that “No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed” played at Encore. This song was supposed to be played after 2019, but it was all set with the album reproduction. In other words, while showing “No Opportunity Necessary”, it was the best selection only once in the world. Even the “50th Anniversary” tour was the most varied show in the world.

It became late, but this work which recorded such a show is so excellent that rare degree is irrelevant. It is a work of “Western Japan strongest taper” like “NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019” introduced the other day, but the crown of “Western Japan” may no longer be necessary. Recently, there are many recordings of expeditions to Tokyo, and this work is a steel wall sound backed by that experience.
If you listen well and you can feel the audience like the sound of the snare, but if you look for it with headphones. Ultra-thick, well-rounded core, vivid details with no sense of distance, that’s exactly what the soundboard does. Although I said that I felt the customer record feeling in the snare sound, it is also the story of the tone to the end. It’s so realistic and close enough that you can see the skin’s vibration that bounces the stick vigorously in a crystal clear air. “NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019 (especially Nagoya recording)” was also a press grade, but it is the best for the first time ever. I can not say that I have not made recordings until the last day, but probably “Tour No. 1” will be decided by this work.

Special show spelled with special sounds. It is not unreasonable that popularity gathers in a flashy album reproduction show, but the special feeling of the “50th anniversary” is clearer because it is not reproduction. It is a great masterpiece of a live album that is full of variety to summarize the career. One that can experience only one set in the world with super-superior sound. Please enjoy it with perpetual preservation press 2CD by all means.
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当店では、先日ご紹介した『NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019(Amity 523)』から傑作録音でレポートを続けておりますが、今週はいよいよ東京編。まずは、同時リリースの『TOKYO 2019 1ST NIGHT(Virtuoso 392/393)」とも合わせ、コレクションを日程で確かめておきましょう。

・2月19日『NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019』Disc 1-2
・2月20日『NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019』Disc 3-4
・2月22日『TOKYO 2019 1ST NIGHT』
・2月23日:東京ドームシティホール 【本作】


・2月23日(東京):ベスト選曲セット ←★本作★


いつもなら派手なアルバム再現がないと地味なイメージになりがちですが、今回は少し違う。尺を大幅に食うアルバム・パートがないためにセットが非常にバラエティ豊かで、“50周年”の記念感が一層強いのです。ショウは他公演と同じく「2部構成+アンコール」だったわけですが、スタートからガラッとイメージ・チェンジ。第一部はいきなり大作「Close to the Edge」から幕を開け、名古屋・大阪・東京初日では演奏しなかった「Heart of the Sunrise」も登場する。
それ以上に幅広さが凄い。古くは『時間と言葉』の「Sweet Dreams」から『フライ・フロム・ヒア』の「We Can Fly」まで披露しつつ、同じアルバムから2曲はないと多彩さ。前半3公演でも第1部は通常スタイルでしたが、さらにバラエティ豊かな“50周年”感が素晴らしいのです。

他公演ではアルバム再現に費やされていた第二部も通常スタイル。ここでは前3公演では演奏されなかった曲がたっぷり。「Perpetual Change」こそ最終公演でも披露されましたが、『ドラマ』の「Does It Really Happen?」と『リレイヤー』の「Soon」はこの日だけのレパートリー。第一部では『ドラマ』『リレイヤー』からセレクトされておらず、さらに多彩なのです。
実のところ、海外公演に近いセットなのですが、大きく異なるのはアンコールで演奏された「No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed」。この曲は2019年に入ってから演奏されるようになっていたものの、ことごとくアルバム再現とセットだった。つまり「No Opportunity Necessary」まで披露しつつ、ベスト選曲だったのは全世界でもこの日1回限り。“50周年”ツアーでも、世界一バラエティ豊かなショウだったのです。

遅くなりましたが、そんなショウを記録した本作はレア度も無関係なほどに極上。先日ご紹介した『NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019』と同じく“西日本最強テーパー”氏の作品なのですが、もはや「西日本」の冠は不要かも知れません。最近では東京への遠征録音も多く、本作はその経験に裏打ちされた鉄壁サウンド。
よくよく聴けばスネアの鳴りにオーディエンスらしさも感じられるものの、それはヘッドフォンでわざわざ探した場合。極太で整った芯、距離感なしに細部まで鮮やかなディテールは、それこそサウンドボードなんら変わらない。スネア音に客録っぽさを感じるとは言ったものの、それもあくまで音色の話。クリスタル・クリアな空気感の中で勢いよくスティックを跳ね返す皮の振動まで目に浮かぶほどリアルで間近なのです。『NAGOYA & AMAGASAKI 2019(の特に名古屋録音)』もプレス級でしたが、さらに上を行く極上ぶり。まだ最終日まで録音が出揃っていないので断言しかねますが、恐らくは「ツアーNo.1」は本作で決まりでしょう。



Disc 1 (67:55)
1. The Firebird Suite 2. Close to the Edge 3. Nine Voices (Longwalker) 4. Parallels
5. Clap 6. Madrigal 7. Fly From Here, Part I: We Can Fly 8. Sweet Dreams 9. Heart of the Sunrise

Disc 2 (70:52)
1. Intro. 2. Perpetual Change 3. Does It Really Happen? 4. Soon 5. Yours Is No Disgrace
6. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed 7. Roundabout 8. Band Introductions
9. Starship Trooper

Steve Howe – guitar, vocals Alan White – drums Geoff Downes – keyboards, vocals
Jon Davison – vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion Billy Sherwood – bass, vocals
Jay Schellen – drums Tony Kaye – keyboards

Virtuoso 394/395

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