YES / Tokyo 2016 3rd Night / 2CD

YES / Tokyo 2016 3rd Night / 2CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan 28th November 2016


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Yes, I came back to Japan in 2016. Continuing from last week, a superb live album that makes the Japanese performance collection perfect is coming.

Last week we delivered “NAGOYA 2016 (Virtuoso 322/323)” on the 4th day from TOKYO 2016 1ST NIGHT (Virtuoso 316/317) on the first day of Tokyo in the first half of the tour, this week it will be the second two days. This work is an audience album containing ‘5th day’ November 28, 2016 Orchard Hall Concert ‘. Let’s check on a schedule by example.

· November 21: Orchard Hall “TOKYO 2016 1ST NIGHT”
· November 22: Orchard Hall “TOKYO 2016 2ND NIGHT”
· November 24th: Osaka Orix Theater “OSAKA 2016”
· November 25th: Zepp Nagoya “NAGOYA 2016”
· November 28: Orchard Hall 【this work】
· November 29: Orchard Hall “TOKYO 2016 FINAL NIGHT”

In this way, the tour is a flow of Tokyo 2 show → Osaka → Nagoya → Tokyo 2 show. There were four performances only at “Orchard Hall”, but this work included in the concert on Monday, which came back to Tokyo. With this, all the performances’ vertex recordings were all presented on press CD.
Last week we had a great reputation for each show in the first half only with a wonderful recording, but this late work is not defeated. That was supposed to be, this work was recorded on the discs 3 · 4 of “TOKYO 2016 1ST NIGHT” and “TOKYO 2016 1ST & 2ND NIGHT (Amity 374)” that were regarded as “Tokyo Best” Masterpiece Sorry? Although the throne of “Tokyo Best” has been updated to a miracle work “TOKYO 2016 FINAL NIGHT (Virtuoso 334/335)”, if you have become listening to both of the above mentioned works already already high quality You will be convinced. This work is a wonderful audience sound that responds to its expectations admirably. Although it is not a type of “sound board”, but a detailed music tone to details is comparable to a line recording. Besides, while a little elegant sound of “Orchard Hall” is filled, the sound is transparent, it seems to shine sparkly. Symphonic rock that “dazzling feeling” has been doubled. It is exactly the true value of YES.
The show drawn with such a sound is really wonderful. This tour is composed of two parts, but you can subdivide it further into two before and after the tour. Once again, let’s summarize the composition of the show … …

· Part 1 a: “Drama” part 3 songs
· Part 1 b: “Yes songs” part 4 songs
· Part 2 a: “The story of oceanographic topography” part 2 songs + α
· Part 2 b: Angkor’s classic 2 songs

……, and it looks like this. On the last North American tour, “The Drama Complete Reproduction” and “The Omaki Geomorphology’s Two Great Songs” were the themes, but in Japan, “Drama” was suppressed to 3 songs and the “Yes songs” part was arranged . It is also rumored that it is a request of an invitation company that tried to make a popularity of “yes songs”, but to be honest it is undeniable to feel “the usual song” feeling. As with any overseas performance, perhaps there was a sense of special feeling for “Drama” complete reproduction.
On the other hand, the “Oceanographic Topography” part of “Part 2 a” is a special without a multiplication! This time it is the first time that “God’s revelation” and “ceremony” will be played full for the tenth visit to Japan. Besides, between the two great songs, we can sip a lot of delicious part “Leaves Of Green” of “ancient civilization” for about 1 hour. And the sound of this work well matches the world of “oceanographic topography”. A clear sound different from the audience recording of a large number tells the complicated ensemble to the clear, and the transparent sound which can not be tasted by the line recording further enhances the spectacular excitement.

Not only merely a great recording, but also a live album like a dedicated sound coloring the YES music. It is one of the best to perfection the best collection of the Japan tour, even if you enjoy the memory of the “Tokyo 3rd day” with the summit sound. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.

先週はツアー前半の東京初日『TOKYO 2016 1ST NIGHT(Virtuoso 316/317)』から4日目『NAGOYA 2016(Virtuoso 322/323)』をお届けいたしましたが、今週は後半2日間。本作は、5日目となる「2016年11月28日オーチャードホール公演」を収めたオーディエンス・アルバムです。例によって、日程で確認してみましょう。

・11月21日:オーチャードホール『TOKYO 2016 1ST NIGHT』
・11月22日:オーチャードホール『TOKYO 2016 2ND NIGHT』
・11月24日:大阪オリックス劇場『OSAKA 2016』
・11月25日:Zepp Nagoya  『NAGOYA 2016』
・11月28日:オーチャードホール 【本作】
・11月29日:オーチャードホール『TOKYO 2016 FINAL NIGHT』

先週は前半の各公演とも素晴らしい録音ばかりで大好評を賜りましたが、後半の本作も負けてはいない。それもそのはず、本作を録音したのは、“東京ベスト”と目されていた『TOKYO 2016 1ST NIGHT』や『TOKYO 2016 1ST & 2ND NIGHT(Amity 374)』のディスク3・4をモノにした名手。残念?ながら“東京ベスト”の王座は奇跡作『TOKYO 2016 FINAL NIGHT(Virtuoso 334/335)』に更新されてしまいましたが、前述の両作をお聴きになったなった方なら、すでにハイクオリティぶりを確信していることでしょう。本作は、その期待に見事に応える素晴らしいオーディエンス・サウンド。「まるでサウンドボード」というタイプではありませんが、極太ながらディテールまで細やかな楽音はライン録音にも匹敵。そのうえで、ほんのりと“オーチャードホール”の上品な音響を湛えつつ、その響きが透き通っており、キラキラと輝くようなのです。その“降り注ぎ感”が倍増されたシンフォニック・ロック。まさにYESの真骨頂です。


その一方で「第2部a」の『海洋地形学』パートは、掛け値なしのスペシャル! 何しろ10度目の来日にして「神の啓示」や「儀式」がフル演奏されるのは、今回が初。しかも、2大曲の合間に「古代文明」の美味しいパート「Leaves Of Green」を挟み、約1時間に渡ってたっぷりと浸りきれる。そして、本作のサウンドがまた『海洋地形学』の世界によく似合う。凡百のオーディエンス録音とは違うクリアっぷりが複雑なアンサンブルを克明に伝え、ライン録音では味わえない透明な音響が壮大な感動を一層高めてくれるのです。


Disc 1 (66:47)
1. Onward (Chris Squire tribute) 2. The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra
3. Machine Messiah 4. White Car 5. Tempus Fugit 6. Steve Howe Introduction
7. I’ve Seen All Good People 8. Perpetual Change 9. And You and I 10. Heart of the Sunrise

Disc 2 (77:13)
1. The Revealing Science of God 2. Leaves of Green 3. Ritual 4. Member Introduction
5. Roundabout 6. Starship Trooper

Virtuoso 332/333

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