Yes/ Symphonic Live Amsterdam First Night / 2CDR

Yes/ Symphonic Live Amsterdam First Night / 2CDR / Highland Project

Live At Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands October 21st 2001. Soundboard

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From the “Symphonic” tour where Jesus realized a large-scale orchestra in 2001, the first day of the performance in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on October 21st will be released as a sound board master of the highest quality!

The next day, the 22nd performance was later released as a video work “SYMPHONIC LIVE”, but this first night is an officially unreleased noteworthy sound source.

Although the set list is basically the same, Steve Howe’s guitar solos “Coke Cru” and “In the Course of the Day” are only on this day, unfortunately the next day even though Angkor is not recorded. Introducing a live sound source that is worth listening to and comparing with! !!


この翌日22日公演が後に映像作品『SYMPHONIC LIVE』としてリリースされましたが、このファースト・ナイトは公式未発表の注目音源です。

基本的にセットリストはほぼ同様ながら、スティーブ・ハウのギター・ソロ「コークスクリュウ」「イン・ザ・コース・オブ・ザ・デイ」の2曲はこの日のみで、残念ながらアンコール未収録ながら翌日との聴き比べの価値あるライブ音源の登場です! !

1. Give Love Each Day / Close To The Edge/2. Listen To Your Heart / Long Distance Runaround/3. Don’t Go/4. Tour Song/5. In The Presence Of/6. Gates Of Delirium

1. Corkscrew/2. In The Course Of The Day/3. Starship Trooper/4. Magnification/5. And You And I/6. Ritual

Live At Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Netherlands October 21st 2001

Highland Project. HLP-189A/B

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