YES / Room For The Imagination / 2CD

YES / Room For The Imagination / 2CD /Virtuoso

Live at International Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL USA , June 9th 1979.


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Than North American tour that took place over the April to June 1979, three days made the Chicago performances Chunichi in a continuous, exquisite level across the concert of June 9 to 2 hours 18 minutes ultra-high-quality stereo sound complete recording of the press CD2 sheets set on the board recording is appearance. As an excellent broadcast sound source, is a staple of the sound source than in the past, the name sound source of the extent to Tour Song from this has been recorded in the official live album, “The Word Is Live” is, perfection Ketteiban to scoff at all the past of its outstanding as, it is newly released. Chicago Of Heaven ’79 as the boot leg (Cat Food), but there is The Gates Of Heaven (HL), because before the title more than 10 years, probably because that was produced from the cassette tape between the traders, the former song order is Mecha has been replaced in the bitter tea, the latter had the contents of specific conceded that the position of the Starship Trooper is recorded after the Awaken. This board is, has been copied from the broadcast master to direct, song order also correctly, has improved enough to be seen immediately by the sound quality also listen to one. Wonderfully is clear sound, such as freshness was outstanding of crystal clear, such as not via the analog, beautiful sound is also the highest level of high frequency. And what more, extra random feeling, does not feel equalize sense, has been reproduced texture, the sound of the sound of the master itself and chitin, appropriate to the decision board of the 1979 Chicago show, has just finished a piece Perfect. As a band of this time of Jesus, as a performer, adequacy has unmatched, to listen to great performance in perfect stereo line record up here is really grateful for the fan. John before the “Big Medley” familiar to be played over a 30-minute “I is approaching 80s, will play a few years of music past. Sings together and happy,” said MC, Start the Time and a Word. After raised in the Tour Song, John, “You’re a little crazy, but … Saturday night in Chicago!” And shouting to start the I’ve Seen All Good People. Is a really great live, you can enjoy the concert of enhancement plenty best fun. Roundabout also vocal of course. Keyboard in a song (especially organ), is enough is never take is heard ever guitar has been recorded to clear up here. Just release levels large masterpiece board of as a half-official. Is the release of the limited press CD.

1979年4月~6月にかけて行われた北米ツアーより、3日連続で行われたシカゴ公演中日、6月9日のコンサートを2時間18分に渡って極上レベルの超高音質ステレオ・サウンドボード録音で完全収録したプレスCD2枚組が登場です。優良放送音源として、過去より定番の音源であり、この中からTour Song が公式ライヴ盤「The Word Is Live」に収録された程の名音源が、全ての過去の既発を一蹴する完璧決定盤として、新たにリリースされます。ブートレッグとしてはChicago Of Heaven ’79(Cat Food)、The Gates Of Heaven(HL)がありますが、10年以上前のタイトル故、トレーダー間のカセットテープから作製したせいか、前者は曲順が滅茶苦茶に入れ替わっており、後者はStarship Trooperの位置がAwakenの後に収録さているという内容的な失点がありました。本盤は、放送マスターからダイレクトにコピーされており、曲順も正しく、音質も一聴して直ぐに判るほどに向上しています。鮮度抜群の澄み切ったようなクリアーなサウンドは素晴らしく、アナログを経由していないような、高域の美しい響きも最高レベル。そして何より、余計な作為感、イコライズ感を感じさせない、マスターそのものの音の質感・響きがキチンと再現されており、1979年シカゴ公演の決定盤に相応しい、まさにパーフェクトな一枚に仕上がっています。この時期のイエスのバンドとしての、パフォーマーとしての、充実度は比類なきものがあり、ここまで凄い演奏を完璧なステレオ・ライン録音で聴けることは、ファンにとっては本当にありがたいことです。30分に渡って演奏されるお馴染みの「Big Medley」を前にジョンが「80年代が近づいてるけど、過去何年かの曲を演奏します。一緒に歌ってくれると嬉しい」とMC、Time And A Wordをスタートします。Tour Songで盛り上がった後、ジョンは「ちょっとクレイジーだね、でも…Saturday night in Chicago!」と叫んでI’ve Seen All Good Peopleをスタートします。本当に素晴らしいライヴであり、最高の楽しくも充実のコンサートをたっぷりと楽しめます。Roundaboutも、ボーカルは勿論。曲中のキーボード(特にオルガン)、ギターがここまでクリアーに録音されているテイクはこれまで聴いたことが無い程です。まさにハーフ・オフィシャルとしてリリース可能なレベルの大傑作盤。限定プレスCDでのリリースです。

Disc 1(71:11)
1. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Intro. 2. Siberian Khatru 3. Heart Of The Sunrise
4. Future Times 5. Rejoice 6. Circus Of Heaven 7. Time And A Word 8. Long Distance Runaround
9. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)/Survival 10. Perpetual Change 11. The Gates Of Delirium
12. Soon 13. The Clap

Disc 2(66:38)
1. MC 2. And You And I 3. Starship Trooper 4. Wakeman Solo 5. Awaken 6. Tour Song
7. I’ve Seen All Good People 8. Roundabout


Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass Rick Wakeman – Keyboards
Alan White – Drums

Virtuoso 153/154

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