YES / Progressive Pop Festival 1970 / 1CD

YES / Progressive Pop Festival 1970 / 1CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Sporthalle, Koln, Germany 3rd April 1970

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Deep Purple, Procol Harum, Soft Machine, than Tyrannosaurus Rex, et al. 錚 people serving band Germany in April 1970, which was participated in was held in Cologne “Progressive Pop Festival”, the stage of Jesus, listened everyone will not suspected of ultra-high quality sound board sound, recorded in superb sound of angry waves. In recent years, ultra-high-quality master Quality version of the live of suddenly appeared in 70 years April 3. But it had been released in the past from HL label under the title “Every Little Thing”, the sound quality barrel and 3 rank up that. There is a sound source explained that “was recorded by installing a microphone right in front of the PA,” but, to be certainly, even so, the sound of this miracle would be impossible recording. Jesus early live, you can assert that sound source is not having the appeal and content in excess of this. Honestly, this if it is exactly the level of no problem be released as official Bootleg board. Who is and no matter what you say, Jesus live board to represent the year. Young John of clarity full of straight vocal, Jersey and spacey performance is matched to successfully band Peter Banks of outstanding guitar playing, sharply Tony Kaye also to listen to the exact organ of judgment, the three performance also I have a very attractive, respectively, when all is said and done amazing the fires of Chris Squire and the 20-year-old Bill Buraffodo of 22-year-old, young two intense rhythm work. This sound source, fortunately, is this two drum & bass has been recorded oddly to clear. And commentaries on each song …

1. No Opportunity Necessary No Experience Needed

20-year-old Buraffodo! High tension drumming that lively is Saewata’ over the whole volume. Barrage of snare pack only cram is a masterpiece. 4 marks beating of a full stroke is looking too good. Also momentum left over hi-hat and snare of the combination in the tangled scene! Anyway youthful dash preeminent of drumming is goose bumps stuff! !

2. Then

No knock-out mistake to thrilling snare roll of thrusting feeling that make full use of Paradis Dollar intro! Midfield with Chris Squire, Tony Kaye, the inter-play of Buraffodo excellent. (50 th second beginning, also interesting !! This part become place only to drum in technical trouble Buraffodo fans must listen!)

3. Every Little Thing

Highest intense improvisation to enter the main part of Peter Banks and Buraffodo spree play! ! Anyway, one heartbeat and a half, 4 staff strike, arrangements that have been constructed by interweaving a variety of rhythm is brilliant word. The main places of break (texture) is also effective

4. Astral Traveller

Impressive is percussive rhythm structure that used many syncopation! Which brings out the music

5. Everydays

Great is thrilling expansion of the middle. Especially spirited and Chris Squire to attack in the obbligato, play of Buraffodo of rolled sharp must listen! !

No, but there is also a place that cut into, cut of music in between the songs. This board is, the “master tape edition” to the disk the first half, the second half has recorded its “remastered edition”. This is recorded version high degree of perfection that sense of scale can enjoy that is more deep. Excellent sound source 2 version up to this point, where you want to get both if collector. Must for fans of ultra-high quality 1970 Cologne “progressive rock festival” sound source is appeared in the long-awaited press CD. Mast & Surprise! ! !

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.149 (12 May issue 2012). In case you’re wondering.

John Anderson, Peter Banks, Tony Kay, Chris Squire, high-quality sound source of Jesus by the original members of Bill Buraffodo appeared. Although the pattern of when you appeared on “Progressive Pop Festival” was held in Cologne on April 3, 1970, in which the audience recording, the text information that is attached to a file that is in the original “with unknown microphones placed as can be seen from the fact that on stage, “said recording environment has been written, but surprise is one of such vividness band is playing in front of the eye. Although there is a performance had seen the light of day is also Highland was released than in 1999 in the “Every Little Thing (HL419)” in the boot leg, the sound quality difference between it would be too significant a matter of course. There may be affected by record balance but, in particular fiercely the groove of the rhythm by Chris Squire and Bill Buraffodo, is a feeling that would ears tilted toward the momentum than the denseness in this performance. Although already competence of Chris Squire and Bill Buraffodo it may be that was more than the much that of Peter Banks and Tony Kay, were without requiring the time so with Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman that welcome is, might be taken as how much necessarily, which was the live recordings that were plainly record or for the band. Or rather, what to feel it, would not there is significance to listen to this sound source. It has been recorded two versions of the “Master Tape Edition,” “Remastered Edition”, but the latter has finished in the feeling that strength has been clearly than in the remastering. A release by the press board to reflect the splendor of the content. The Limited Edition and comes with a CD-R that was recorded a different mix of the second album “Time And A Word”, thing to hear this even together.

ディープ・パープル、プロコル・ハルム、ソフト・マシーン、ティラノザウルス・レックスら錚々たるバンドが参加した1970年4月ドイツはケルンで開催された「プログレッシヴ・ポップ・フェスティバル」より、イエスのステージを、聴いた誰もが超高音質サウンドボード音源と疑わないであろう、怒涛の極上サウンドで収録。近年、いきなり登場した70年4月3日のライブの超高音質マスター・クオリティ・ヴァージョン。過去にもHLレーベルから「Every Little Thing」というタイトルでリリースされていましたが、その音質たるや3ランクはアップ。「PAの真ん前にマイクを設置して録音した」という音源説明がありますが、たしかにそうでもしなければ、こんな奇跡のサウンドは収録不可能でしょう。イエス初期のライブで、これを上回る魅力・内容を持った音源はないと断言できます。正直、これならば、オフィシャル・ブートレッグ盤としてリリースしても全く問題ないレベルです。誰が何と言おうと、今年を代表するイエス・ライブ盤。若きジョンの透明感溢れるストレートなボーカル、ジャージーかつスペーシーな演奏が上手くバンドにマッチしているピーター・バンクスの卓越したギタープレイ、鋭くも的確なオルガンさばきを聴かせるトニー・ケイ、その3人のパフォーマンスもそれぞれが非常に魅力的なのですが、何と言っても凄いのは22歳のクリス・スクワイアと20歳のビル・ブラッフォードの放つ、若き2人の強烈なリズムワーク。この音源、幸いなことに、この2人のドラム&ベースが異様にクリアーに録音されているのです。曲ごとに解説すると・・・

1. No Opportunity Necessary No Experience Needed


2. Then


3. Every Little Thing


4. Astral Traveller


5. Everydays



★beatleg誌 vol.149(2012年12月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

ジョン・アンダーソン、ピーター・バンクス、トニー・ケイ、クリス・スクワイア、ビル・ブラッフォードのオリジナル・メンバーによるイエスの高音質音源が登場した。1970年4月3日にケルンで行われた“Progressive Pop Festival”に出演した時の模様をオーディエンス録音したものであるが、元になっているファイルに添付されているテキスト・インフォメーションには「with unknown microphones placed on stage」と録音環境が記されていることからも分かるように、バンドが目の前で演奏しているかのような生々しさは驚きものである。Highlandより1999年にリリースされた『Every Little Thing (HL419)』にてブートレッグでも日の目を見ていた公演ではあるが、それとの音質差はあまりにも著しいことは言うまでもないだろう。録音バランスによる影響もあるかもしれないが、特にクリス・スクワイアとビル・ブラッフォードによるリズム隊のグルーヴが凄まじく、この演奏には緻密さよりも勢いの方に耳が傾いてしまう感じである。既にクリス・スクワイアとビル・ブラッフォードの力量がピーター・バンクスとトニー・ケイのそれを遥かに上回っていたということかもしれないが、それほど時を要せずしてスティーヴ・ハウとリック・ウェイクマンを迎え入れるということが、バンドにとってどれだけ必然的であったのかを端的に記録したライヴ音源として捕らえても良いのかもしれない。というか、それを感じ取ることにこそ、この音源を聴く意義があるのではないだろうか。「Master Tape Edition」と「Remastered Edition」の2ヴァージョンが収録されているが、後者はリマスタリングにてより強弱がはっきりした感じに仕上がっている。内容の素晴らしさを反映してプレス盤によるリリースである。初回盤にはセカンド・アルバム『Time And A Word』の別ミックスを収録したCD-Rが付いていて、これも合わせて聴き物だ。

Master Tape Edition

1. No Opportunity Necessary No Experience Needed 2. Then 3. Every Little Thing
4. Astral Traveller 5. Everydays

Remastered Edition

6. No Opportunity Necessary No Experience Needed 8. Every Little Thing
9. Astral Traveller 10. Everydays

Jon Anderson – Vocals Peter Banks – Guitars, Vocals Chris Squire – Bass, Vocals
Tony Kaye – Organ Bill Bruford – Drums, Percussion

Virtuoso 141

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