Yes / Play Full Albums In New York / 2CD

Yes / Play Full Albums In New York / 2CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Radio City Music Hall, New York City, NY. USA 9th July 2014


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Than 2014 latest tour, New York City, July 9 to become a four-day tour is fully recorded in ultra-high quality audience recording over a period of about 2 hours the Hall of Fame Radio City Music Hall performance. It has been recorded at the highest quality ultra clear Seems It was a great sound quality that the pinnacle of modern digital recording was recorded Albany performances on the second day tour also “PLAY FULL ALBUMS IN ALBANY,” but this New York performances also above or it . Goodness direct feeling of the sound, of missing the exquisite balance of overall best. All has been recorded to the extent there can be no more, in the truly magnificent sound. Yet is there no stink digital, such as audible is a great thing really. You can enjoy playing high degree of perfection at an altitude mistake that was slightly slapstick, such as listen in Albany and more, have decreased overall. Set those songs to play is selling this tour “crisis” and “fragile” Needless to say, going to show the number of new “Heaven & Earth” on its way. The Game To Ascend and had been playing in Albany, but play Believe Again that is played on the second day following the Boston the day before this day. It makes me much moved by the hand and hear a great performance. Tightening of the set in I’ve Seen All Good People, Angkor flows such as Starship Trooper and Owner Of A Lonely Heart. It is supposed to be an encore of one song either of these two songs from the tour in progress, but it is a place interesting tour of Japan in November or carried out in any content. The tour has been done in the schedule of almost every day to Los Angeles in August 24, but in that complete reproduction of the two works monument which can be called the bible of progressive world, attention the first time of fans around the world, while others uncanny enthusiasm Yes, this time, show almost all have been uploaded to the net with a high quality audience recording. High-quality board beyond this New York performance because they are not yet appeared among them, the fans can assert that a must-must listen definitely. It is scheduled to be toured on a schedule that says Japan Australia, the second half of the first half of November, but if this content, will no doubt to rise greatly. As preparation of the Japan tour coming, optimal ultra-high quality sound source title in every sense. It is determined by the limited release CD from the popular press Virtuoso label.

2014年最新ツアーより、ツアー4日目となる7月9日のニューヨーク・シティは殿堂ラジオ・シティ・ミュージック・ホール公演を約2時間に渡って超高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。ツアー2日目のアルバニー公演を収録した「PLAY FULL ALBUMS IN ALBANY」も現代デジタル録音の頂点を極める素晴らしい音質でしたが、このニューヨーク公演もそれを上回るかと思えるウルトラクリアーな最高音質で収録されています。音のダイレクト感、抜けの良さは絶品で、全体のバランスも最良。全てがこれ以上はあり得ない程の、実に見事なサウンドで収録されています。それでいて耳に突くようなデジタル臭さが全くないのは本当に素晴らしいことです。アルバニーで聴けたような若干ドタバタしたミスが全体的に減少しており、より高度で完成度の高い演奏を楽しむことができます。セットは言うまでもなく本ツアーの売りである「危機」「こわれもの」を全曲演奏し、その途中で新作「Heaven & Earth」のナンバーを披露するというもの。アルバニーではTo AscendとThe Gameが演奏されていましたが、この日は前日のボストンに続いて2日目の演奏となるBelieve Againをプレイ。素晴らしい演奏で聴き手を大いに感動させてくれます。セットの締めはI’ve Seen All Good Peopleで、アンコールがOwner Of A Lonely Heart と Starship Trooperといった流れ。現在進行中のツアーではアンコールがこの2曲のどちらか1曲ということになっていますが、11月の日本ツアーがどんな内容で行われるのか興味深いところです。ツアーは8月24日のロスアンゼルスまでほぼ連日のスケジュールで行われていますが、プログレ界のバイブルともいえる金字塔2作品の完全再現ということで、世界中のファンの注目ぶり、熱狂ぶりは凄いものがあり、現時点、ほぼ全てのショウが高音質オーディエンス録音でネットにアップロードされています。その中でもこのニューヨーク公演を超える高音質盤は未だ出現していないので、ファンは間違いなく必携・必聴と断言できます。11月は前半を豪州、後半を日本と言うスケジュールでツアーを行う予定ですが、この内容なら、大いに盛り上がること間違いないでしょう。来る日本公演の予習として、あらゆる意味で最適な超高品質音源タイトル。好評Virtuosoレーベルから限定プレスCDでリリース決定です。

Disc 1(74:31)
1. The Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra 2. Siberian Khatru 3. And You And I 
4. Close To The Edge 5. Introduction by Chris Squire 6. Believe Again 7. Introduction by Steve Howe
8. Roundabout 9. Cans And Brahms 10. We Have Heaven 11. South Side Of The Sky 

Disc 2(47:08)
1. Five Per Cent For Nothing 2. Long Distance Runaround 3. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus) 
4. Mood For A Day 5. Heart Of The Sunrise 6. I’ve Seen All Good People 7. Owner Of A Lonely Heart 
8. Starship Trooper 

Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocal Chris Squire – Bass, Vocal Alan White – Drums 
Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal Jon Davison – Lead Vocal


Virtuoso 181/182

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