YES / Owner Of A Lonely Heart / Leave It US 12′ Singles / 1CDR

YES/ Owner Of A Lonely Heart / Leave It US 12′ Singles /1CDR /Non Label

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Taken From The Original US 12′ Inch Singles ATCO Records 0-96976 / 096964.


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1983 , than was disbanded split already ? It is the one that was informed with a surprise to Western fans of all the news YES , which has been speculation and is has won the Billboard singles chart number one suddenly . And has been greeted with surprise further on the sound , which has been transmitted to Japan . It’s was a state-of-the-art electric pop at that time no exaggeration to say that 180 ℃ also different from the sound of YES selfishness has created . Will it about that John Anderson had served as a vocal Speaking of points in common with the selfishness YES. . . The album , including the song ” 90125 ” is also a big hit . Now , to introduce as a gift item this time , but are not limited to, those was reproduced directly from the original US panel 12 inch single version is a single song that follows is one hit that number as ” Lonely Heart ” and ” Leave It” is .
The person who is felt that era still in the demolition work of music do you call nostalgia and 12 inch single that was all the rage at the time the first , with its bold arrangement is or will not be many . Also will you understand if accustomed to hear you are doing Katteingu himself Bob Radouigu himself , who was in charge of mastering even album ” Leave It” sounds a wide range and the sound pressure the pressure or the like manner . Is there evidence of large roar of dignity is “RL” engraved matrix part so !
12 inches version of “This Lonely Heart” is referred to as the Electro in the club scene by famous club DJ, it ‘s surprising more it is that it has been loved as a Dance Classic number also in now after 30 years of the time . Disco In the past , I feel a deep emotion club … now .
I am using the Original first-class condition of course this time . In addition, this disk because it is useful to club DJ As I explain earlier , and find the current Original mint condition as it is located in a difficult situation .
Please enjoy the YES by 12 inches version of nostalgia and ” Lonely Heart ” and ” Leave It” to this opportunity!


1. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Special “Red & Blue” Remix Dance Version) 
2. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Edited Version) 3. Our Song (LP Version) 
4. Leave It (Hello, Goodbye Mix) 5. Leave It (Remix) 6. Leave It (Acapella)


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