YES / MSG 1980 Live / 2CDR

YES / MSG 1980 Live / 2CDR / Highland Project

Tramslated Text:
Live At Madison Square Garden, New York, NY September 6Th 1980. Soundboard



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UK NO.1 hit “Radio Star of tragedy” in known Buggles of Trevor Horn, appeared latest remastered sound source from the famous mast sound source from YES Jeff Downs join!

From Jesus a long history 80 years “DRAMA” tour, which is also noted in the most unique line-up in, performance of the only of the famous 80-year September 6, New York Madison Square Garden as a sound board sound source the latest Li master in emerging!

Been recorded from the opening “Yuazu Is No disk Grace” while cut-in compared to the sound source, which has been around in the past, the most recent definitive edition, which also improves sound quality!

It is a big recommendation title of the 80 years Jesus that it can be said that precious record sound! !




01. Yours Is No Disgrace
02. Into The Lens
03. Clap
04. And You And I
05. Go Through This
06. Man In A White Car
07. We Can Fly From Here
08. Tempus Fugit
09. The Fish (11 seconds)

01. Machine Messiah
02. Starship Trooper
03. Roundabout
Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY September 6th 1980

04. We Can Fly From Here (Studio Demo)
05. We Can Fly From Here (Later Mix 4.18.1980)
Highland Project. HLP-149A/B

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