YES / Live 1975 At QPR / 2DVD

YES / Live 1975 At QPR / 2DVD / Non Label

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Live at Queen’ Park Rangers’ Loftus Road Stadium, London, UK 10th May 1975


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Very popular in Japan board laser disk reprint series, latest is “LIVE 1975 AT QPR” of “layer YES”. This series was partnered with overseas manufacturers, the Japanese edition of laser disks that are even now referred to as the “world’s best”, the concept is to press on DVD in high-end equipment of professional use. Even until now from classic rock to heavy metal, release a number of decisive masterpiece video. In each case, “It’s best quality!” To the sound and image quality we have received the “I laser disc also has, so beautiful was the kana” etc. of reputation. Because unfortunately “more information trade secrets” from overseas manufacturers side had been said, it’s a mystery about using equipment and environment (seems to work brought in apparently dedicated studio), but copies to flood into the side DVD and, I think whether you know if people of entirely different dimension of quality had a look at one of the series so far.
And, became the appearance this time, conspicuous in YES history and “LIVE 1975 AT QPR”. And home to Patrick Moraz is valuable video that can be seen in the eyes “Relayer YES”. Speaking of YES of live video, John, Chris, almost Rick Wakeman & Alan five White to Steve, while raising create a masterpiece “RELAYER” of back to progressive golden age, “eight YES” opportunity to see the YES that Moratsu is defeat play that was not called in was not almost. “Young Music Show” how much to a Friend saw this live broadcast or thing has been proud, and, when the full version laser disc you put up un-minute broadcast came out, how it happy was that or ……… husband , I was rude.
In song, but I mean it was tenacity of the video for those who missed the certain public broadcasting, also thing of the past such laser disc era. There was also DVD release of that were divided into two DVD very early in the, I think now it is also difficult to obtain, it was using the artwork of solo album of Steve Howe as “Is this half-official?” even is a difficult situation that align two imported DVD like. It Even the video raised finally forcibly highlighted in clearly analog caused even got the result with the nose. Best After all, what original Japanese edition laser disk still is. And, I of this work was pulled out its potential to the fullest.
In fact, the natural image quality and sound quality, the fine of grain that was achieved because of equipment and know-how that has piled up experience in a number of laser disk rarity. Although it is not a digital image quality was glistening, texture of analog unique that warm there is me tell exactly nuances of 70s. And, twisted nor sway, there is no running noise extremely stable visual beauty is exactly laser disc unique. John Anderson one by one hair it was wings of, Moratsu costume to small containing lame shine, beautifully until like smoke Tayutau that rises at dusk, even where the sound rich. Moreover, had served as the engineer of this video, Kano 6th of YES man, than the change of Eddy Offord !!! Actually keyboard and drum, you’ll be even progressive rock fan to emphasize the presence of Eddie often.
Honest story, this because the video was a prerequisite television broadcasting, monaural recording. There is a further equipment trouble early on, “Sound Chaser” strange mix of, and become a normal middle and later “Close To The Edge” (then perfect!). Therefore, if “” Relayer YES “Which What large Ketteiban of?” And been asked, “Oh yeah,” THE YEARS OF DELIRIUM (Virtuoso 218-221) “is!” And the answer forced to No, and vision in the official image quality To enjoy the world of dazzling also “Relayer YES” from, it is also certainly impossible in addition to this work. Is the curtain from the time still bright dusk, fantasy world that unfolds at the venue which gradually becomes darker. And say YES, but there is also gently graceful image as a picture book, here is colored in colorful & percussive keyboard of past repertoire also Moratsu, and exhilarating to vivid the jet-black darkness. “RELAYER” has changed dyed the color of the “ritual” What a thrilling thing …… I thought “Relayer YES”, is exceptional!

Turn the common sense in the “eight YES” in the 1990s, YES, sometimes you have pulled up to “DRAMA” in the 21st century. But are do not know what will happen, but nevertheless revival of “Relayer YES” would be extremely difficult. When viewed from the 40 after years currently still a special, it was wonderfully rich “Relayer YES” era. It is a video that can be witnessed in the world’s highest quality. Precisely because laser disk disappearance verge of now, we have containment digital archive that was stuck to thoroughly press 2DVD. Not to change forever, this shine. This weekend, I will deliver to you.


大好評の日本盤レーザー・ディスク復刻シリーズ、最新作は“レイヤーYES”の「LIVE 1975 AT Q.P.R.」です。海外メーカーと提携したこのシリーズは、現在でも「世界最高峰」と称される日本盤のレーザーディスクを、プロユースのハイエンド機器でプレスDVD化するのがコンセプト。今までもクラシックロックからヘヴィメタルまで、決定的な名作映像の数々をリリース。その都度、そのサウンドや画質に「ベスト・クオリティだ!」「レーザーディスクも持ってるけど、こんなに綺麗だったかな」等々の評判を頂戴しております。残念ながら海外メーカー側から「詳細は企業秘密」と言われてしまったため、使用機材・環境については謎なのですが(どうやら専用スタジオに持ち込んで作業しているようです)、その辺に氾濫するコピーDVDとは、まったく別次元のクオリティなのは今までのシリーズを1本でもご覧になった方ならご存じかと思います。
そして、今回登場となったのは、YES史上でも異彩を放つ「LIVE 1975 AT Q.P.R.」。パトリック・モラーツを擁する“リレイヤーYES”を目で見られる貴重映像です。YESのライヴ映像と言えば、ジョン、クリス、スティーヴにリック・ウェイクマン&アラン・ホワイトの5人がほとんどで、プログレ黄金時代に裏の最高傑作「RELAYER」を創り上げながら、“8人YES”にも呼ばれなかったモラーツが弾き倒すYESを見る機会はほとんどありませんでした。「ヤング・ミュージック・ショー」放送でこのライヴを見た友人にどれだけ自慢されたことか、そして、未放送分まで入れた完全版レーザーディスクが出たとき、どれほど嬉しかったことか………おっと、失礼しました。
実際、そのナチュラルな画質・音質、数々のレーザーディスクで実績を重ねた機材・ノウハウだからこそ実現した木目の細やかさは絶品。ギラギラとしたデジタル画質ではないものの、暖かみのあるアナログならではの質感が70年代のニュアンスを正確に伝えてくれる。そして、ヨレも揺れも、走行ノイズもない極めて安定した映像美は、まさにレーザーディスクならでは。ジョン・アンダーソンのハネた髪の毛1本1本、モラーツの衣装に小さく入ったラメの輝き、夕暮れに立ち上るスモークがたゆたう様まで美しく、サウンドはどこまでも豊か。しかも、この映像のエンジニアを務めたのは、かの6人目のYESマン、エディ・オフォード!!! 実はキーボードやドラムの交代よりも、エディの存在を重視するプログレファンも多いことでしょう。
正直な話、この映像はテレビ放送が前提だったため、モノラル収録。さらに序盤に機材トラブルがあり、「Sound Chaser」のミックスがおかしく、正常になるのは「Close To The Edge」の中盤以降(その後は完璧!)。そのため、「“リレイヤーYES”の大決定盤ってどれ?」と訊かれたら「そりゃあ『THE YEARS OF DELIRIUM(Virtuoso 218-221)』さ!」と答えざるを得ませんが、オフィシャル画質で視覚からも“リレイヤーYES”のめくるめく世界を堪能するには、本作以外にあり得ないのも確かです。まだ明るい夕暮れ時から開演し、徐々に暗くなっていく会場で繰り広げられる幻想世界。YESというと、絵本のように優しくたおやかなイメージもありますが、ここでは過去のレパートリーもモラーツのキーボードでカラフル&パーカッシヴに彩られ、漆黒の闇をビビッドに浮き立つ。「RELAYER」カラーに染め変わった「儀式」のなんとスリリングなこと……やっぱり“リレイヤーYES”、格別です!


Disc 1 (81:25)
1. Firebird Suite 2. Sound Chaser 3. Close To The Edge 4. To Be Over 5. The Gates Of Delirium
6. I’ve Seen All Good People: Your Move 7. Mood for A Day 8. Long Distance Runaround
9. Cachaca 10. Clap

Disc 2 (66:07)
1. And You And I 2. Ritual (Nous Sommes du Soleil) 3. Roundabout 4. Sweet Dreams
5. Yours Is No Disgrace


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