Yes / LA Forum 1978 1st Night / 2CD

Yes / LA Forum 1978 1st Night / 2CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Forum, Inglewood, CA. USA 5th October 1978 .

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That Mike · Millard recording’s inscription appears in the upgrade. In this work is “Inglewood Performance on October 5, 1978”. It is a scene of the last tour of the ’70s “TORMATO TOUR 1978 – 1979”. First of all, let’s check the position from the tour outline.

· August 28, 1978 – October 8: North America # 1 (37 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
“About two weeks later”
· October 24 – 28, 1978: UK (6 shows)
“About 6 months later”
· April 9 – 1979 – May 8: North America # 2 (27 performances)
“About two weeks later”
· May 24 – 1979 – June 30: North America # 3 (32 performances)

Thus, the final tour of the 70 ‘s is a total of 102 performances. Inglewood ‘s performance is “October 5 and 6” for two consecutive days, the first day that is included in this work. It corresponds to 34 performances of “North America # 1” at the beginning.
Such maximum appeal of this work is magical sound of highest class Mirard recording. This recording itself was previously known, but this work was recently announced by “Krw_co” 1st Gen. The Hi-Fi VHS cassette which was dubbed directly from the Omoto master is excavated and it digitized it. The best sound of this work is exactly what proves its origin. Bone size / thick musical sound is suitable for calling “as if it is a sound board”, there is no sense of distance. It is terribly on and it is super clear and crisp up to detail …… It is a special class sound in a number of mirrored recordings, it is not a sound that can be imagined from the “70s recording”. As a matter of fact, Millard has also recorded “October 6th” on the next day (you can enjoy it at the same time “LA FORUM 1978 2ND NIGHT (Amity 389)”), and that is also a big staple of “TORMATO TOUR” It is reigning as a, but the direct feeling is completely different. Even choruses that descend, all of the tactile sensations of the base which made it a gorigol of Chris · squier, the seven colors of Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman all stand out and it sounds beautifully. The cheers that are boiled up by songs and highlights of songs make you feel the remnant of audience recording (?), But even as I’m immersed I feel even like listening to the official board.
What is drawn with such ultra superb sound is a show that summarized the wonderful “70’s YES”. Later reorganization is also comprehensive, but here we play a lot of new songs unique at the time such as “Future Times / Rejoice” “Circus Of Heaven”. Especially “Madrigal” and the last large tune of the 1970s “On The Silent Wings Of Freedom” are very valuable, as there are few performances on this tour. I can experience it with Mirard’s magic sound.
Furthermore, “THE BIG MEDLEY” which commemorated the 10th anniversary of the formation was also shown. In this work, although each track is divided according to each song, five songs of famous songs of the past “Time And A Word / Long Distance Runaround / The Fish / Perpetual Change / Soon” seamlessly talk about the past trip. Besides, since each is thoroughly played for 3 to 7 minutes, it is not enough for me to eat, so it is as long as 26 minutes total “YES History Suite”. Especially “THE BIG MEDLEY” of this day is such a masterpiece as to be adopted also in the official box “THE WORD IS LIVE”.

A famous recording that caught the “70’s last YES” in the legendary masterpiece Mike Millard’s collection. It is one of the highest peak sounds. While overflowing with the feeling “on the spot”, live album of glittering “beauty” like the official. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.
あのマイク・ミラード録音の銘品がアップグレードで登場です。本作に収められているのは「1978年10月5日イングルウッド公演」。70年代最後のツアー“TORMATO TOUR 1978-1979”の一幕です。まずは、ツアーの概要からポジションを確認してみましょう。


そんな本作最大の魅力は、最上級ミラード録音の魔法のようなサウンド。この録音自体は従来から知られていたものですが、本作は最近になって「Krw_co」が発表した1stジェネ。大元マスターから直接ダビングされたHi-Fi VHSカセットが発掘され、それをデジタル化したものなのです。本作の極上サウンドは、まさにその出自を証明するもの。骨太・肉厚な楽音は「まるでサウンドボード」と呼ぶに相応しく、まるっきり距離感がない。恐ろしくオンであり、ディテールまで超・鮮明……数あるミラード録音の中でも特級サウンドで、おおよそ“70年代録音”から想像できる音ではありません。実のところ、翌日の「10月6日」もミラードが録音しており(同時リリースの『L.A. FORUM 1978 2ND NIGHT(Amity 389)』でお楽しみいただけます)、そちらも“TORMATO TOUR”の大定番として君臨しているのですが、ダイレクト感がまるで違う。降り注ぐコーラスも、クリス・スクワイアのゴリゴリとしたベースの触感も、スティーヴ・ハウの七色のギターも、リック・ウェイクマンも、すべてが切り立ち、美しく鳴る。曲間や曲のハイライトで沸き上がる喝采こそオーディエンス録音の名残(?)を感じさせますが、没入しているうちにオフィシャル盤でも聴いているような気にさえなってしまいます。
そんな超・極上サウンドで描かれるのは、素晴らしき“70年代YES”を総括したショウ。後の再結成も総括的ではありますが、ここでは「Future Times/Rejoice」「Circus Of Heaven」など、当時ならではの新曲が大量に演奏。特に「Madrigal」や70年代最後の大曲「On The Silent Wings Of Freedom」は、このツアーでも演奏回数が少なく、非常に貴重。それをミラードのマジック・サウンドで体験できるのです。
さらに、結成10周年を記念した“THE BIG MEDLEY”も披露。本作では各曲でトラック分けしておりますが、往年の名曲群「Time And A Word / Long Distance Runaround / The Fish / Perpetual Change / Soon」の5曲がシームレスにこれまでの歩みを語る。しかも、それぞれが3分から7分ほどじっくり演奏されるので食い足りなさもなく、さながら合計26分に及ぶ「YES史組曲」。特にこの日の“THE BIG MEDLEY”は、オフィシャル・ボックス『THE WORD IS LIVE』にも採用されるほどの名演なのです。


Disc 1(62:04)
1. The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra 2. Opening 3. Siberian Khatru 4. Heart Of The Sunrise
5. Future Times 6. Rejoice 7. Circus Of Heaven 8. Time And A Word 9. Long Distance Runaround
10. The Fish 11. Perpetual Change 12. Soon

Disc 2 (71:54)
1. Don’t Kill The Whale 2. Madrigal 3. Clap 4. Starship Trooper
5. Madrigal 6. On The Silent Wings Of Freedom 7. Keyboard Solo 8. Awaken
9. I’ve Seen All Good People 10. Roundabout 11. Outro Music

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass Rick Wakeman – Keyboards

Virtuoso 348/349

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