YES & Jon Anderson,Trevor Rabin,Rick Wakeman / Phoenix 2018 / 1DVDR

YES & Jon Anderson,Trevor Rabin,Rick Wakeman / Phoenix 2018 / 1DVDR / Amity

Live AT Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, USA 31st August 2018.

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Translated Text:

YES Featuring ARW completed “50 TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR” commemorating the 50th anniversary of formation. A superb picture that will be its masterpiece is out.
The 50th anniversary tour ended last month, and now mania around the world is in the middle of recording summary. While masterpieces of each country and tour No.1 recording are being explored, this work suddenly appeared as a masterpiece of video editing. It is a superb audience shot of “Phoenix Show on August 31, 2018”.
Naturally, although the point of this work’s greatest point is in the quality which is too wonderful, firstly it is the position of the show. Let’s check with the overview of the activities in 2018 which became a milestone of 50 years.

· June 3 – 10: Europe (5 shows)
· June 12 – 17: UK (3 performances)
“August 24” LIVE AT THE APOLLO “Release”
· August 26 – September 9: North America (10 shows) ← ★ Coco ★

Over all, 18 performances. Honjou YES also carried out the 50th anniversary tour in parallel at the same time, but there are 46 shows there. It was a very small schedule when compared. Among them, the Phoenix performance of this work was a concert that was the fourth performance of “North America” ​​tour.
It was Mr. Tapehead 2 famous as a recording person who shot such a show, but the image is also wonderful as intense. What’s great is nothing more than a superb image quality and a dead-up that makes it impossible to figure out the shooting position. I can see from the angle that it was filmed from the first floor in front of the stage, but it is close enough to figure out what row it is. It seems that it is not at the forefront because we can not see the figures in a scrupulously attracted scene, but the customer’s figure completely disappears just by dropping from there. It’s like a sight as if you are climbing upstage and shooting from the front of the member. Camera work seems to be busy if it is close, but this work is different. Actually, I think it is wider than 16: 9, even without moving the screen mostly keeping John Anderson straight in front while Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman all frame in. It is not something that reflects a bit on the edge of the screen, it is like a three-person formation of formation formally “composition to become a picture”. Of course, there is also a synergistic effect of that short distance + the latest digital equipment, as if it is just one angle of pro shot … No, it is image beauty like a theatrical movie.
Even more surprising is the sound that is suitable for that exquisite sight. Actually, there is no image for the first 5 minutes (tour logo is shown) It is only sound, but still high enough quality sound to feel adequately. The on-core is not only extravagant but also neat, and the details are so detailed as to shine light. Sometimes it is a short distance and there is no cloudiness or turbidity with a violent direct feeling, but if it grows to Fortesimo it will not be fickle. I wrote as “Ideal for a spectacular sight” earlier, but rather it is a superb sound that I think is a sound board if there is no one-camera picture.
The show drawn with such beauty & beauty is exquisite. Just the other day, the official work “LIVE AT THE APOLLO” was released, but it seems that you are experiencing 100% of the show at the special seat. The Greatest Hits, including “90125 YES”, is more overwhelming than the 50th Anniversary Tour of Honkey YES, and vividly re-arranging by Rabin and Rick is the most magnificent. Besides, “LIVE AT THE APOLLO” which was filmed in 2017 is a set slightly different, you can also enjoy the masterpiece “I Am Waiting” of “TALK” which was not seen in the official work.
And the figure of three people spinning such a show is also enjoyable with three. Casual but charismatic appearance John, T-shirt & Denim casual wear Rabin as it is, Rick wrapped in crimson & gold lame cloak … …. As usual it is as usual, but thanks to the camera angle that overlooks the three, the sight which is unlikely to be a very single band is brilliant. Three such disjointed people draw a beautiful sound world … …. It is exactly the best masterpiece picture that you can taste plenty of the real pleasures unique to YES Featuring ARW.

The evening of YES songs painted with the image beauty like a theatrical movie, the best sound like a sound board. It’s a wonderful audience …… Not an audience shot so it’s a wonderful one-seat special experience. Even though I could have made a permanent preservation press, as long as I did not miss the video of the first 5 minutes mentioned above. A quality product that is transcending enough to spill such extravagant spirit. Please, please fully enjoy.

結成50周年を記念した“50TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR”を完遂したYES Featuring ARW。その代表作となるであろう極上映像が登場です。


そんな映像美&美音で描かれるショウは、まさに絶品。つい先日、公式作品『LIVE AT THE APOLLO』もリリースされましたが、あのショウを特等席で本生100%体験しているかのよう。“90125 YES”まで含めたグレイテスト・ヒッツは本家YESの50周年ツアーよりも総括感に溢れ、ラビンとリックによる鮮やかにリ・アレンジは華麗の極みです。しかも、2017年の撮影だった『LIVE AT THE APOLLO』とはセットも微妙に異なり、公式作品では観られなかった『TALK』の名曲「I Am Waiting」も楽しめるのです。
そして、そんなショウを紡ぐ3人の姿も三様で楽しい。カジュアルながらもカリスマティックな佇まいのジョン、Tシャツ&デニムで普段着そのままなラビン、そして真っ赤&金ラメのマントに身を包んだリック……。いつも通りと言えばいつも通りなのですが、その3人を一望するカメラ・アングルのおかげで、とても1つのバンドとは思えない光景が鮮烈なのです。そんなバラバラな3人が1つの美しい音世界を描いていく……。まさにYES Featuring ARWならではの醍醐味がたっぷりと味わえる最高傑作映像なのです。


1. Intro 2. Cinema 3. Hold On 4. I’ve Seen All Good People 5. Changes 6. And You and I
7. Rhythm of Love 8. Perpetual Change 9. Lift Me Up 10. I Am Waiting 11. Heart of the Sunrise
12. Awaken 13. Owner of a Lonely Heart 14. Roundabout

COLOUR NTSC Approx.131min.

Jon Anderson – lead vocals Trevor Rabin – guitars Rick Wakeman – keyboards
Lee Pomeroy – bass Lou Molino III – drums

Amity 483

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