Yes, Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman / Wonderous Different Stories / 4CDR

Yes, Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman / Wonderous Different Stories / 4CDR / Amity

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Live At Northern Lights Theatre, Potawatomi Casino, Milwaukee, MI, USA 19th October 2011

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From the North American tour by John Anderson and Rick Wakeman carried out in October 2011, from Milwaukee’s performance on October 19th and the UK tour of Jesus in November at the same time, November 17, Hammersmith in London Apollo performance, both recorded in high quality audience recording from DAT master.
First of all, Anderson & Wakeman ‘s live performance which released’ The Living Tree ‘in 2010 is 2 hours and 12 minutes which showed the same album and Jesus classic extensively. In addition, Jesuro also performed a great performance on the number from “Fly from Here” and the main song of the 1970s with complete recording for 2 hours and 26 minutes, and now it is now that Chris Squire has survived He is deeply impressed.

まず2010年に「The Living Tree」をリリースしたアンダーソン&ウェイクマンのライブは、同アルバムとイエス・クラシックまで幅広く披露した2時間12分。 またイエスロも2時間26分にわたりコンプリート収録で、『Fly from Here』からのナンバーや70年代の代表曲メインに素晴らしい演奏を披露しており、何よりクリス・スクワイアが存命だったことが今となっては感慨深いところ。

Disc 1 : 1. Out of tune Thus Spake Zarathustra 2. Introduction 3. Starship Trooper 4. Sweet Dreams 5. Forever 6. And You And I 7. Living Tree (Part 1) 8. Long Distance Runaround 9. America 10. Garden 11. Living Tree (Part 2) 12. Time And A Word
Disc 2 : 1. Out of tune Nutcracker Suite 2. South Side Of the Sky 3. Wonderous Stories 4. Just One Man 5. Nous Sommes du Soleil 6. Leaves Of Green 7. Roundabout 8. 23/24/11 9. I’ve Seen All Good People 10. House Of Freedom 11. Awaken 12. Soon 13. The Meeting
[Live at Northern Lights Theatre, Potawatomi Casino, Milwaukee, MI. USA 19th October 2011 / Jon Anderson: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar / Rick Wakeman: Keyboards]

Disc 3 : 1. Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra 2. Yours Is No Disgrace 3. Tempus Fugit 4. I’ve Seen All Good People 5. Life On A Film 6. And You And I 7. Solitaire 8. Trambone 9. Heart Of The Sunrise
Disc 4 : 1. Fly From Here 2. Wonderous Stories 3. Into The Storm 4. Machine Messiah 5. Starship Trooper 6. Roundabout 7. Outro
[Live at Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK 17th November 2011 / YES : Steve Howe – Guitars / Chris Squire – Bass / Alan White – Drums / Benoit David – Vocals / Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards]

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