YES & Jon Anderson / Wonderous Different Stories II / 4CDR

YES & Jon Anderson / Wonderous Different Stories II / 4CDR /  Amity

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Live At NYCB Theater At Westbury, NY USA 14th July 2012 & Live At Canyon Club, Aqoura Hills, CA USA 7th July 2012.

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From the summer 2012 tour of Jesus and John Anderson during the same period, Jesus first toured the New York tour on the third day of the tour, July 14, with the highest level of audience recording, including 2 hours and 7 minutes Included. Here, it is necessary to check where America, Wonderous Stories, Into The Storm from “Fly From Here”, Omaki Awaken set in were not played in the same period during the Japanese performance.
Also from the solo tour of John Anderson on the final day, the show at Agoura Hills on July 7, recorded for 1 hour 47 minutes with good audience · recording here as well. Unlike Jesus, in a small-scale venue club room, full of immersive sounds, plenty of solo live with tasty vocals.

同時期に行われたイエスとジョン・アンダーソンの2012年夏の北米ツアーより、まずイエスはツアー3日目、7月14日のニューヨーク公演を2時間7分にわたり最高レベルのオーディエンス・レコーディングらてコンプリート収録。 ここでは同時期の日本公演では演奏されなかったAmerica、Wonderous Stories、「Fly From Here」からのInto The Storm、大曲Awakenがセットインしているところは要チェック。

Disc 1 : 1. The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra 2. Yours Is No Disgrace 3. Tempus Fugit 4. I’ve Seen All Good People 5. America 6. Sketches In The Sun 7. Clap 8. Fly From Here
Disc 2 : 1. Wonderous Stories 2. Into The Storm 3. Heart Of The Sunrise 4. Awaken 5. Roundabout
[Live at NYCB Theater at Westbury, Westbury, NY. USA 14th July 2012 : YES / Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocal / Chris Squire – Bass, Vocal / Alan White – Drums / Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards, Vocal /Jon Davison – Lead Vocal]

Disc 3 : 1. Open (excerpt) 2. Yours Is No Disgrace 3. Sweet Dreams 4. America 5. Time And A Word 6. One Love 7. Under Heaven’s Door 8. Flight Of The Moorglade 9. I’ll Find My Way Home 10. Open (excerpt) 11. Starship Trooper 12. Give Love Each Day 13. Unbroken Spirit 14. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Disc 4 : 1. Piano Medley (Set Sail/Close To The Edge/Heart Of The Sunrise/Marry Me Again /The Revealing Science Of God) 2. And You And I 3. The Light Of Love 4. Long Distance Runaround 5. Tony And Me 6. Turn Of The Century 7. I’ve Seen All Good People 8. Roundabout 9. Open (excerpt) 10. State Of Independence 11. Wonderous Stories 12. Soon
[Jon Anderson : Live at Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA. USA 7th July 2012]

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