YES / Inside Your Dreams / 2CDR

YES / Inside Your Dreams / 2CDR /Amity

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Live At Embarcadero Marina Park, San Deigo, CA. USA 26th July 1994.

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Than North American tour due to the 1994 “TALK”, complete recording across the San Diego performance of July 26, in 2 hours 23 minutes by high-quality audience recording of the finest level. Base has been recorded in great sound while loud, you can listen to the full sense of groove playing in interlude in the second song of The Calling. Installation part woven guitar-based drums, bottom-conditioned can be enjoyed in the presence full of sound, sense of separation, clearness of sound has been recorded also at the level of the undisputed. Beginning, but I feel so bad missing the vocals, the third song of I Am Waiting go in is improved, such as balance and sense of scale of the preeminent in the 5th track of Hearts, in the direct sense of the rich sound, high-quality of this time you can touch the Do not play. Beautifully controlled high-quality performances of Trevor is in any song, the director makes the best drama. Japan Hearts has not been played in the performances, “90125”, such as Cinema number, Where Will You Be? Also included in the “Talk”. This tour just do not listen only “Talk” Number The Calling, I Am Waiting, Real Love, Walls, Endless Dream has become the all listening stations. In addition to start from the piano of Trevor And You And I like also is a live arrangement of this period unique. Anyway, from song selection, performance that was extruded Trevor color the entire surface through the whole book, you can enjoy a very positive performance serving face vivid of “Jesus still move forward.” The same year to the extent not comparable to the fall of the Japan tour, is a piece of serious containing the fighting spirit in the charming performance can enjoy plenty.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.111 (10 May 2009 issue). In case you’re wondering.

2 Disc was recorded conducted performance at Marina Park in San Diego on July 26, 1994 of Jesus. In recent years are from exclusively release is low, “TALK” tour, a sound source of this day will be the first appearance. Member John Anderson, Chris Squire, Alan White, Trevor Rabin, Tony Kay and support members six organization plus Billy Sherwood in,. Jesus was added to the support member to the normal tour is the first time that, became the subsequent foundation went led to the “Open Your Eyes”. High quality of performance in the audience recording, to have emerged may be John’s voice, I feel like the best condition Trevor Rabin of the guitar, the keyboard both. He suddenly begins piano solo “comrade” has become a bit of a highlight. But a little more I feel like Tony Kaye and Billy Sherwood may be close-up, but already that 15 years ago, even in this time of the tour, but great also to have become a historical source.


1994年「TALK」に伴う北米ツアーより、7月26日のサン・ディエゴ公演を極上レベルの高音質オーディエンス録音で2時間23分に渡って完全収録。ベースがラウドながら素晴らしいサウンドで収録されており、2曲目のThe Callingの中間奏でもグルーブ感溢れる演奏を聴くことができます。ギター・ベース・ドラムが織り成すインストパートが、ボトムの効いた存在感溢れるサウンドで楽しむことができ、音の分離感・クリアネスも文句なしのレベルで収録されています。冒頭、ボーカルの抜けが悪いように感じますが、3曲目のI Am Waitingでは改善されていき、5曲目のHeartsなどではバランスおよびスケール感抜群の、ダイレクト感豊かなサウンドで、この時期の高品質な演奏に触れることができます。トレヴァーの見事にコントロールされた高品質な演奏はどの曲でも、最高のドラマを演出してくれます。日本公演では演奏されなかったHearts、Cinemaといった「90125」ナンバー、「Talk」のWhere Will You Be?も収録。このツアーだけしか聴けない「Talk」ナンバーThe Calling、I Am Waiting、Real Love、Walls、Endless Dreamはその全てが聴き所になっています。またトレヴァーのピアノからスタートするAnd You And Iなどもこの時期ならではのライブアレンジです。とにかく、全編を通じてトレヴァー色を全面に押し出した選曲・演奏から、「未だ前進するイエス」の面目躍如たる非常にポジティブなパフォーマンスを堪能することができます。同年秋の日本ツアーとは比較にならない程の、シリアスで気合の入った魅力的な演奏がたっぷりと楽しめる一枚です。

★beatleg誌 vol.111(2009年10月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。


Disc 1
1. Intro/Perpetual Change 2. The Calling 3. I Am Waiting 4. Rhythm Of Love 5. Hearts
6. Real Love 7. Changes 8. Heart Of The Sunrise

Disc 2
1. Make It Easy/Owner Of A Lonely Heart 2. Rabin Piano Solo/And You And I 3. Where Will You Be?
4. I’ve Seen All Good People 5. Walls 6. Endless Dream 7. Roundabout

Jon Anderson – Vocals Trevor Rabin – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass Tony Kaye – Keyboards
Alan White – Drums Billy Sherwood – Guitars

Amity 105

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