YES / Handle With Care / 2CDR

YES / Handle With Care / 2CDR / Non Label
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Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA. USA 17th March 1972


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It was released in 2006, Ketteiban title from Bill Buraffodo, valuable Rick Wakeman was enrolled at the same time “FRAGILE” tour “HANDLE WITH CARE” (Sirene), in addition to valuable degree of height, and the is called the great response among fans from the goodness of content, and I have become sold out in an instant. And that the tour Ketteiban, is located in such a title that has received the resale of requests from people with our many Jesus fan. This time, to commemorate the title release of Jesus Japan title “DEFINITIVE NAGOYA”, “CLOSE TO THE END”, the history of Jesus, name board was recorded when the best at the best sound quality “HANDLE WITH CARE”, we have decided to gift-release at the newly renovated Jacquet. For not yet listened fans, exactly what No guaranteed to become “one of life”, a large masterpiece must listen sound source, Come and enjoy this opportunity.

The disk 1 March 17, 1972, California is about 48 minutes complete recording of the San Berunandino performance in ultra-high quality audience recording. Black Sabbath, but is short set because allotted time in the quotient of the wild turkey is limited, depth of content there is a tremendous thing. From Roundabout at the beginning, I will listened to drumming of the building to play in uplifting feeling full. Or different from the neat way in which albums, bohemian drumming in wild, this time in the midst of Jesus music that supremacy was balanced ensemble of control sense, be was a little presence of heterogeneity might. At the same time, Rick and Steve and Chris of play pounding the beat spree base note The most comprehensive, is fiercely, I can just enjoy a number of unprecedented play heyday unique. Of course, vocals are also very recorded in the clear, sound balance is also excellent. Hard part of the first half of the Heart Of The Sunrise will be overwhelmed by the sophisticated ensemble such as acrobatics. Nobody will that would listened to Bill creative drum in quiet eye of vocal part. Minute texture of the middle of Rick and Bill also not obligatory since ’73, you will be able to listen to the best moment. Steve of Misuton also charm of 9:16. Love unlimited play at the building of the last vocal finale is also the best. Clap also followed the power of Steve, also of strong maturity Perpetual Change is the best word. Here I would like official live sound is too good and come up. Bill also devoted to drum ensemble emphasis in this song. Where to repeat endlessly the familiar phrase from the tremendous 5 minutes stand over the 7-minute stand, you can enjoy the moment you are up to create what young genius musician is amazing. And the biggest climax of this board is the building of long drum solo visit to 10 minutes stand. Has been recorded in the beautiful line recording waves, It is one of worth to get even just listen to this part. From 12 minutes stand also added bass and guitar, part of improvisation style is followed. Last I’ve Seen All Good People also can enjoy a great sense of groove.

The place of disk 2 is November 24, 1971, New York about 63 minutes recorded Academy of Music performances. This also in the recording of the recently emerged surprise, as comparable to the San Banadino performance, it has been recorded in very good audience recording. Wonder if the first is slightly separated sweet? You think, but it will continue to transformed into sound level here is also not unusual as the song progresses. In any case, because from this tour was not level sound quality of about this, fans are definitely must listen. Sound balance alright, you’ll say this also with the advent of ultra sound source of all of Jesus fan must listen. Rick piano intro and Long Distance Runaround subsequent, The Fish that featuring the base of Chris (the second half of the building and hard play must listen part!), Drum solo also and Oomagari Perpetual Change the Installation Battle of masterpiece is wipe the fire, including the dynamic you can listen to the fierce Yours Is No Disgrace which is full of sense of groove. Yours Is No intently to take a solo Howe as possessed in something in Disgrace is is amazing. With a now, It is one of the ultimate that can assert that history strongest of Jesus live board.

★ beatleg magazine is a review of Yowake vol.77 (December 2006). In case you’re wondering.

Was produced in the name of Jesus board the “fragile” and “crisis”, precious sound source by members of the so-called golden age has been excavated. In particular sound source is Bill Buraffodo of enrollment age as of this work, something coveted even not fan. First first sheet, of March 17, 72 California, are probably complete recording of the San Bell Nan Dino performances. Not only five songs played in just about 48 minutes, but it is dark content than enough to know the raw figure of Birubura Jesus. This time is a three-time American tour, had been rushed through the National with J Gairuzu Band and Black Sabbath, bands like Wild Turkey. Because every night was not a head liner, if there even when set list is small, it seems there was also the day that you can play about 10 songs VOLUME. Play in the Jesus of Bill Buraffodo, but can be listen about two songs live album “Yessongs”, indeed There is only jazz man, even in many songs predetermined phrase, own and rhythm unabashedly it is great to have hit it with. Again Bill’s since its debut had to demonstrate the extraordinary talent. Also long drum solo in “Papechuaru change” that listen here, in the “Yessongs” and complicated the first time, not Nitsuka also similar, since hit love freely enough to think or not was finished moment song, song as soon as you dare everyone I wish tempo feeling back, and got impressed when you return. This would also be the results of day-to-day practice is not a easy task. In addition, synth of Rick Wakeman Newest also getting better. Tuning River also by temperature
Although it is synth that was hated as that instrument, this day is like tone was good, everyone in the tuning and breath is matching perfectly. While still not a big band enough to play the epic such as “crisis”, if witnessed this performance, it must still on everyone was surprised. This work but audience recording, even taking into account the age of ’72, this recording that stereo is out firmly comes down to great strawberry. 2nd, the recorded performance of New York November 24, 71 that are going back about four months. Who here is why high quality of sound, separate sense of stereo feeling and musical instruments is good, conversation of tourists also because not noisy than the first picture, it is possible to listen to concentrate on. Since such thing of ’71 then there is the thickness of the sound, such as seems to have been recorded in the open reel rather than a cassette, hiss almost no, it’s it is maintaining the quality that can bear to fully appreciate even ’35 passed was now astounding. Defintely of mania is it would be a sound source that has been collection. Well, it’s essential for playing, but here also bohemian drumming of Bill Buraffodo is heard here and there, already can be seen that the Jesus music has reached the region of maturation (That’s why Bill is to be done in Jesus though probably has withdrawn and lost). In particular it has not been recorded in the first sheet “The Fit
Sublime Installation battle of Zhu “in the performance of the must listen, recent Jesus of archive collection” Live Years is not in the “it can enjoy playing incandescent as unfortunate. Solo part of Rick Wakeman is not “Henry VIII”, in improvisation of very simple piano, I will immediately led to the intro of “Distant Memories” in medley. This work is playing and fulfilling as there is a new discovery was packed tightly packed even heard many times, even not Jesus fan, is it recommended can work must listen to all rock fans. To the present work of the title “HANDLE WITH CARE” By the way, by the provisional title of the song Rick Wakeman was newly written for Jesus, it is natural to have to know if Jesus fan.

2006年にリリースされ、ビル・ブラッフォード、リック・ウェイクマンが同時期に在籍した貴重な「FRAGILE」ツアーからの決定盤タイトル「HANDLE WITH CARE」(Sirene)は、貴重度の高さに加え、その内容の良さからファンの間で大反響を呼び、瞬く間にソールドアウトになってしまいました。ツアー決定盤ということで、多くのイエス・ファンの方達から再販のリクエストを受けているそんなタイトルであります。このたび、イエス来日タイトル「DEFINITIVE NAGOYA」「CLOSE TO THE END」のタイトルのリリースを記念して、イエスの歴史上、最良の時を最高の音質で収録した名盤「HANDLE WITH CARE」を、新装ジャケにてギフト・リリースすることに致しました。未聴のファンにとっては、まさに「一生の一枚」になること間違いなしの、大傑作必聴音源を、是非、この機会にお楽しみ下さい。

ディスク1には1972年3月17日、カリフォルニアはサン・ベルナンディノ公演を超高音質オーディエンス録音で約48分完全収録。ブラック・サバス、ワイルド・ターキーとのショウで持ち時間が限られているのでショートセットですが、内容の濃さは凄まじいものがあります。冒頭のRoundaboutから、躍動感いっぱいにプレイするビルのドラミングに聴き入ってしまいます。アルバムの端正な叩き方とはまた違った、ワイルドで自由奔放なドラミングは、統制感の取れたアンサンブルを至上とするイエス・ミュージックの中にあってはこの時期、少々異質の存在だったのかもしれません。同時に、リックやスティーブ、そして唸りまくるベースノートを縦横無尽にたたきつけるクリスのプレイは凄まじく、まさに絶頂期ならではの空前のプレイの数々を堪能できます。勿論、ボーカルも非常にクリアーに収録されており、サウンドバランスも抜群です。Heart Of The Sunriseの前半部のハードなパートは曲芸のような高度なアンサンブルに圧倒されます。静か目のボーカル・パートでのビルのクリエイティブなドラムには誰もが聴き入ってしまうことでしょう。中間のリックとビルのキメも73年以降のお定まりでない分、最高の一瞬を聴くことができます。9:16のスティーブのミストーンもご愛嬌。最後のボーカル大団円のところのビルの好き放題プレイも最高です。スティーブのClapも続く力、強い円熟のPerpetual Changeも最高の一言です。ここまで来ると音が良すぎてオフィシャルライブみたいです。ビルもこの曲ではアンサンブル重視のドラムに徹しています。凄まじいの5分台から7分台にかけてのお馴染みのフレーズを延々と繰り返すところで、若き天才ミュージシャンが凄いものを創り上げている瞬間を堪能できます。そして本盤の最大のクライマックスは10分台に訪れるビルのロング・ドラムソロです。ライン録音なみにキレイに録音されており、このパートを聴くだけでも入手する価値ありの1枚です。12分台からはベースやギターも加わり、即興演奏風のパートが続きます。最後のI’ve Seen All Good Peopleも凄いグルーブ感を堪能できます。

代わってディスク2は1971年11月24日、ニューヨークはアカデミー・オブ・ミュージック公演を約63分収録。これまた最近出現した驚きの録音で、サン・バーナディノ公演に匹敵するほど、大変優れたオーディエンス録音で収録されています。最初は若干分離が甘いかな?と思いますが、曲が進むにつれてこちらも尋常ではないレベルのサウンドに変貌していきます。いずれにせよ、このツアーからはこれ程のレベルの音質はなかったので、ファンは間違いなく必聴です。サウンドバランスも申し分なく、これまた全てのイエス・ファン必聴のウルトラ音源の登場と言えるでしょう。リックのピアノイントロとそれに続くLong Distance Runaround、クリスのベースをフィーチャーしたThe Fish(後半のビルとハードプレイは必聴パート!)、ドラムソロも含め圧巻のインストバトルが火を噴く大曲Perpetual Changeと、ダイナミックなグルーブ感に満ちた壮絶なYours Is No Disgraceを聴くことができます。Yours Is No Disgraceでのなにかに憑かれたように一心不乱にソロをとるハウが凄いです。今を持って、史上最強のイエス・ライブ盤と断言できる究極の1枚です。

★beatleg誌 vol.77(2006年12月号)のレビュー要訳です。ご参考まで。

シュ」での壮絶インスト合戦は必聴のパフォーマンスで、最近のイエスのアーカイヴ集『ライヴ・イヤーズ』に入っていないことが残念なほど白熱の演奏が堪能出来る。リック・ウェイクマンのソロ・パートは「ヘンリー八世」ではなく、非常に簡素なピアノのアドリブで、メドレーですぐに「遥かなる想い出」のイントロへと繋がっていく。何度聴いても新たな発見があるほど充実した演奏がぎっしりと詰まった本作は、イエス・ファンならずとも、全ロック・ファンにお勧め出来る必聴作である。ちなみに本作のタイトル『HANDLE WITH CARE』とは、リック・ウェイクマンがイエスのために書き下ろした曲の仮タイトルのことで、イエス・ファンなら知っていて当たり前。

Disc 1
Live at Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA. USA 17th March 1972

1. Firebird Suite 2. Roundabout 3. Heart Of The Sunrise 4. Clap
5. Perpetual Change incl. Drums Solo 6. I’ve Seen All Good People

Disc 2
Live at Academy Of Music, New York, USA 24th November 1971

1. Firebird Suite 2. Roundabout 3. I’ve Seen All Good People 4. Clap
5. Wakeman Piano Solo 6. Long Distance Runaround 7. The Fish
8. Perpetual Change incl. Drums Solo 9. Yours Is No Disgrace

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocals Chris Squire – Bass, Vocals
Rick Wakeman – Keyboards Bill Bruford – Drums


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