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“Best Of Going For The One Sessions” Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland Late 1976 & “Wonderous Stages” Live at Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK 8th November 1977.

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“GOING FOR THE ONE” press DVD of the association of the two major Ketteiban video! The disk 1, 1976 Switzerland recorded super-upgraded version of the “ultimate” session in Montreux. The disk 2, recently appeared in the 1977 UK tour from November 8, due to the “ultimate”, Scotland was recorded Glasgow Apollo performances in the past the best image quality and sound quality, is exactly the decision board of the street of that name.

The disk 1, 1976 Switzerland recorded super-upgraded version of the “ultimate” session in Montreux. Previously it has been released as a gift title, a gem that stunned all of the fan as “so beautiful did a video?”. The release of in response to many requests that “! Want to leave in great if press DVD up to here.” (With the exception of the part, screen shaking, tracking noise is not most) upgrade screen of mania startle “It’s what is in the place where there !!!” and really everyone is surprised ultra-high-quality line recording sound (seriously 3 rank up!). It if is content that can be used in official documents the video title. This board is, from the original 2 hours of video video, picked up the best part, in one hour title that only best track to enjoy, so far, in the contents of dubbing deterioration was also intense quality and 凡長 part, other than the mania to enjoy, but I always was something quite difficult, this board is, Jesus fan, of course, fully enjoy even in the general rock fans, and finished in one very good quality. To clear Rick of organ sounds in Parallels at the beginning fan is no mistake that I think “What?”. And later, the sound likewise jumped in one after another screen full of vivid images, for us to greatly attract fans. The next “tour discussion” is a scene that would have been disturbed from the original to the tracking noise, but the conversation that sounds more clear is very important for the fans. Band session impressiveness of 6 minutes near 3 track eyes Pararels, listen meet perfect score! ! This is like a dream Nante listen in clear sound so far. Image quality also impressed contour is in very clean. Sing put the scene of John and Chris also really the best, Nante parts of sound that make up the classic that is watching how the go coined realistic, is really impressive. Manner in which the young Steve and song put the cover of Bob Dylan Chris alongside get along also, Nante be seen in a so beautiful screen, and this also was impressed. Going For The put Steve sound of steel guitar of One, Going For The One and a must-see each part also put the chorus in Parallels that Chris is close to the nearly final while looking at the paper who wrote the lyrics. Scene members with a variety of percussion and ethnic instruments brought to the studio in Awaken is to put fun sound is the best. Following the approximately 1 minute Steve Telecaster guitar improvisation solo of, Parallels of basic track record Ride, Howe, Chris, Alan of powerful large-boned you can enjoy playing. Vevey is co-star of the harp and Rick of the keyboard to play the familiar John. You can listen to a very tasteful playing of full classical atmosphere. Keyboard check scene in the familiar studio of Rick also, will this also surprised by the height of the level of the screen and the sound. Yellow T-shirt wearing Rick is really surprised it so clearly seen. Then in the Parallels of playing in all 10 minutes close, it is a must take to be representative of the present board. (It is verbose but) really beautiful sound and video! ! Still super-early stage Parallels. Many times also, such as the like of studio officials eyes the hot performance the first time in the band to repeat the song many times, vividly’s also seen in the clear images can be said really miraculous thing. The second half, by changing the location, Rick is playing a pipe organ, it band to play together, it has been recorded in the famous Parellels session this also really surprise high image quality. Value to obtain this board just see this 6 minutes ant! Music is closer to fairly complete the pass, you can enjoy playing became a united members (vocals off). Unusual Alan play the piano, but is a silent film of black and white, how are enjoying Steve something suspicious tobacco (?), And even you, but will watch the performance of the studio incandescent Awaken short. The last is recorded in a very clear picture and sound how to put Steve sound acoustic guitar to Turn Of The Century. 1 hour, everyone is super must-see work of inevitable that eyes will be glued to the screen. From the video age to the recent years of the DVD, a well-know of fan quality, by all means, it is the one you want to watch.

In the disk 2 UK tour from November 8, associated with the 1977 “ultimate”, Scotland across the Glasgow Apollo performance in 1 hour and 30 minutes, is a DVD that was completely recorded in the past the best image quality and sound quality. In recent years, the highest quality version past announced by Jesus of global authority “Tour Man”. Appeared a few years ago, even in comparison with its outstanding best album, upgrade the first time of the image quality is evident, this version is is easy to see that different is generation at all. And from curtain to shiny colorful lighting at the beginning, the difference is to have all Rekizen. If the difference is comparison, it is about anyone can be seen in one shot. In addition sound even more before being recorded in clear powerful sound on, such as came out to ,, also here we are fully upgraded (sound remastered in this release, it has become even more clear .). In its outstanding has come out firmly part also edge had been blurred, it has become clear enough not compare also Diteiru of the screen. In particular, you will be impressed to the part that had been lit by the red lights were quite blurred in its outstanding has become very closed video. Already issued Similarly, Omoto is believed to be the master of the tripod to take video from the second floor, panoramic view of the stage, of course, also effectively appearance-up scene of each member. Because you are also firmly focus, on where you can enjoy without stress, close-up scene has also been recorded without the screen or blurring, very fresh, in Lively feel, to enjoy the “moving ultimate tour of the video.” I can. Appearance of overwhelm Steve the audience in the play energetic action and speed is compelling, including its outstanding play. Any song also full of attractions sites and listen, has become a piece that can be re-confirm the splendor of the performance of the late 1970s Jesus. (Wakey’s Magic is a named part and Feat show a sideshow to say that Rick is play the piano in the foot, also you can see humorous scene that bathe the acclaim of the fans.) In addition 77 years October 27, the bonus track in its outstanding but of the London Wembley Arena concert was added recorded black-and-white film footage, which also was qualitatively things pretty tough. This time, you can see the 1977 tour final performance in a December 6, valuable video was recorded while one camera live on the second day in Paris with a high-quality professional shot 7 minutes. This is also the image quality and audio are both very good, if this video is enough can also be used in television broadcasting as it is. Steve’s side, and force of the captured rare footage to go around from the back side is intense! And You And some in addition Going For The One full recording of the I, the last has taken a state in which the greeting is lined with all members from the side. Ketteiban of worth to get this board just see this rare bonus footage. Studio sessions, live and, “ultimate” over the age of Jesus in 2 hours 37 minutes, 2 Disc press DVD to enjoy plenty in the best ever quality. With the original menu in both board both.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.151 (February 2013). In case you’re wondering.

“Going For The Best” as titled, it is a two-disc DVD, which was coupled amazing video related to “Going For The One”. First shot that captures the pattern of the recording session of “Going For The One” in Montreux Mountain studio. Or recording the processes, such for leave as a document of, or the Beatles “Get Back” to or not trying to make a video works such as, but its purpose is not known, itself is a feat that such images had been left it is. (Snip) The image quality is also a stunning splendor as the effluent of sound quality, will be will look at a stretch until the end without getting tired at all.

The 2nd thing that has been video recorded Glasgow performances of November 8, 1977 from the second floor, but the sound and the video is not only linked to on the button, the best quality is among those that have been around for ever in has been recorded. It is a (snip) was very stable angle, because the image quality sound quality is also a stunning splendor as those in this era of, this will also be will look at a stretch until the end. Furthermore, as a bonus track, which is also recorded in Paris performances of the same year on December 6, it has been captured vividly at close range with a shot from the stage behind. Over the whole book, because the content is too rich, a release in a matter of course as press platen

「GOING FOR THE ONE」関連の2大決定盤映像をプレスDVD化!ディスク1には、1976年スイスはモントルーでの「究極」セッションの超アップグレード版を収録。ディスク2には、近年登場した1977年「究極」に伴うUKツアーより11月8日、スコットランドはグラスゴー・アポロ公演を過去最高の画質・音質で収録した、まさにその名の通りの決定盤です。

ディスク1には、1976年スイスはモントルーでの「究極」セッションの超アップグレード版を収録。先にギフトタイトルとしてリリースされ、「こんなにキレイな映像あったの?」と全てのファンを驚愕させた逸品。「ここまで凄いならプレスDVDで残したい!」という多くのリクエストに応えてのリリースです。「あるところにはあるものだ!!!」とマニア驚愕のアップグレード画面(一部を除いて、画面の揺れ、トラッキングノイズが殆どありません)と本当に誰もが驚く超高音質ライン録音サウンド(真面目に3ランクアップ!)。これなら公式ドキュメント映像タイトルにも使用できる内容です。本盤は、元の2時間の映像ビデオから、最良のパートをピックアップした、ベストトラックばかりが楽しめる1時間タイトルで、これまでの、ダビング劣化が激しい画質と凡長な部分もあった内容では、マニア以外が楽しむのはなかなか難しいものがあったわけですが、本盤は、イエス・ファンは勿論、一般のロックファンでも存分に楽しめる、非常に良質な1枚に仕上がっています。冒頭のParallelsでのクリアーなリックのオルガンサウンドにファンは「え?」と思う事間違いなし。以降は、音同様に鮮明な映像が次々と画面いっぱいに飛び出し、ファンを大いに魅了してくれます。次の「ツアー・ディスカッション」は元からトラッキングノイズに邪魔されてしまうシーンですが、よりクリアーに聴こえる会話はファンにとっては非常に重要です。6分近い3トラック目のPararelsのバンドセッションは見応え、聴き応え満点!!これをここまでクリアーな音で聴けるなんて夢のようです。画質も輪郭が凄くキレイで感動します。ジョンやクリスの歌い入れのシーンも本当に最高で、あの名曲を構成する音のパーツがリアルに造り出されていく様子が観れるなんて、実に感動的です。若きスティーブとクリスが仲良く並んでボブ・ディランのカバーの歌入れをする様子も、こんなにキレイな画面で観れるなんて、とこれまた感動します。Going For The Oneのスティーヴのスチールギターの音入れ、クリスが歌詞を書いた紙を見ながらほぼファイナルに近づいた Going For The OneとParallels にコーラスを入れる部分もそれぞれ必見。Awaken ではスタジオに持ち込んだ各種のパーカッションや民族楽器を持ったメンバーが楽しそうに音入れするシーンは最高です。約1分のスティーブのテレキャスター・ギターのアドリブソロに続いては、Parallelsのベーシック・トラック録りで、ハウ、クリス、アランの迫力ある骨太が演奏が楽しめます。Veveyはお馴染みのジョンの弾くハープとリックのキーボードの共演。クラシカルな雰囲気いっぱいの非常に味わい深い演奏が聴けます。リックのお馴染みのスタジオでのキーボードチェックシーンも、画面と音のレベルの高さにこれまた驚かされます。リックの着ている黄色いTシャツがこんなにハッキリ見えるのは本当にビックリです。続いては10分近い全員でのParallelsの演奏で、本盤を代表する必見テイクです。(くどいですが)本当に美しい音と映像!!まだまだ超初期段階のParallels。何度も何度も曲を繰り返すバンドの熱い演奏ぶりをまるでスタジオ関係者の目線のような、生々しくもクリアーな映像で観れるのは本当に奇跡的な事と言えます。後半、場所を変えて、リックがパイプオルガンで演奏し、それにバンドが一緒に演奏する、有名なParellelsセッションがこれまた本当に驚きの高画質で収録されています。この6分を見るだけでも本盤を入手する価値アリ!楽曲はかなり完成に域に近づいており、メンバーの一丸となった演奏が楽しめます(ボーカルはオフ)。珍しいアランのピアノ演奏、白黒のサイレントフィルムですが、スティーヴが何やら怪しいタバコ(?)を楽しんでいる様子、更には短いですがAwakenのスタジオ白熱の演奏が観れます。ラストはスティーヴがTurn Of The Centuryにアコギを音入れする様子を非常にクリアーな映像と音で収録。1時間、誰しもが、画面に目が釘付けになること必至の超必見作。ビデオ時代から近年のDVDまで、クオリティを良くご存知のファンに、ぜひ、観て欲しい1枚です。

ディスク2では1977年「究極」に伴うUKツアーより11月8日、スコットランドはグラスゴー・アポロ公演を1時間30分に渡って、過去最高の画質・音質で完全収録したDVDです。近年、イエスの世界的オーソリティ「トゥールマン」が発表した過去最高画質ヴァージョン。数年前に登場した、既発ベスト盤と比較しても、その画質のアップグレードぶりは歴然としており、今回のヴァージョンはジェネレーションが全く違う事が容易に判ります。冒頭のカーテンに光るカラフルなライティングからして、その差は全くもって歴然。その差は比較すれば、誰でも一発で判るほどです。加えてサウンドもより前に出てきたようなオンでクリアーな力強い音で収録されており、、こちらも完全にアップグレードしています(音声は今回のリリースでリマスターし、更にクリアーになっています。)。既発ではエッジがぼけていた部分もしっかりと出ており、画面のディテイルも比較にならない程クリアーになっています。特に既発ではかなりぼけていた赤いライトに照らされていた部分が非常にしまった映像になっているのには感動させられます。既発同様に、大元は2階席からの三脚撮りビデオをマスターとしていると思われ、ステージの全景は勿論、各メンバーのアップ・シーンも効果的に登場します。フォーカスもしっかりしているため、ストレス無く楽しめる上、クローズアップシーンも画面がぼけたりすることなく収録されており、非常に生々しい、ライブリーな感触で、「動く究極ツアーの映像」を楽しむことができます。エネルギッシュなアクションと速弾きで聴衆を圧倒するスティーブの姿はその卓越したプレイも含め迫力満点です。どの曲も聴き所・見所でいっぱいで、70年代後期イエスのパフォーマンスの素晴らしさを再確認できる一枚になっています。(Wakey’s Magic Featと名付けられたパートではリックが足でピアノを弾くと言う余興を見せ、ファンの喝采を浴びるというユーモラスなシーンも見れます。)更に既発ではボーナストラックに77年10月27日のロンドン・ウェンブリー・アリーナ公演を白黒フィルム映像を追加収録していましたが、これも質的にはかなり厳しいものでした。今回は、1977年ツアー最終公演である12月6日、パリ2日目のライブをワンカメラながら高品質プロショットで7分間収録した貴重な映像を見ることができます。これまた画質・音声共に非常に良好で、この映像なら、そのままテレビ放送にも使用できる程です。スティーブのサイド、そして裏側から回り込むように撮影されたレア映像の迫力は強烈! And You And Iの一部に加えGoing For The Oneフル収録、ラストはメンバー全員が並んで挨拶する様子をサイドから撮影しています。 このレアなボーナス映像を見るだけでも本盤を入手する価値ありの決定盤。スタジオ・セッション、ライヴと、「究極」時代のイエスを2時間37分に渡って、史上最高の高画質でたっぷりと楽しめる2枚組プレスDVD。両盤ともにオリジナル・メニュー付。

★beatleg誌 vol.151(2013年2月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

『Going For The Best』というタイトルの如く、『Going For The One』に関連した凄い映像をカップリングした2枚組のDVDである。1枚目はモントルーのマウンテン・スタジオにおける『Going For The One』のレコーディング・セッションの模様を捕らえたもの。レコーディングの過程をドキュメントとして残すためなのか、あるいはビートルズの『Get Back』のような映像作品を作ろうとしていたのか、その目的は分からないが、このような映像が残されていたこと自体が快挙である。(中略)画質も音質も流出物としては驚くような素晴らしさなので、全く飽きることなく一気に最後まで見てしまうことだろう。


Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland Late 1976

1. Parallels session 1 2. Tour discussion excerpt 3. Parallels session 2
4. Jon overdubs Parallels vocals 1 5. Jon overdubs Parallels vocals 2
6. Chris overdubs Parallels vocal 7. Chris & Steve Sing Positively 4th Street (Bob Dylan)
8. Steve overdubs Going For The One 9. Chris overdubs Going For The One & Parallels vocals
10. Awaken percussion session 11. Steve jams (Telecaster) 12. Parallels session 3
13. Vevey (Jon & Rick) 14. Rick in the studio (new Mellotron sound) 15. Parallels session 4
16. Chris & Alan with Bryan Lane 17. More of Rick in the studio
18. Parallels session 5 with church organ 19. Alan plays piano
20. Steve relaxing at the studio (silent) 21. Awaken 22. Steve overdubs Turn Of The Century 1
23. Steve overdubs Turn Of The Century 2

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitar, Vocal Chris Squire – Bass, Vocal
Rick Wakeman – Keyboards Alan White – Drums


Live at Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, UK 8th November 1977

1. Firebird Suite 2. Parallels 3. I’ve Seen All Good People 4. Close To The Edge
5. Wonderous Stories 6. Colours Of The Rainbow 7. Turn Of The Century 8. Tour Song
9. And You And I 10. Wakey’s Magic Feat 11. Going For The One 12. Flight Jam
13. Awaken

Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France 6th December 1977

14. And You And I(partial) 15. Going For The One 16. Ending

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitar, Vocal Chris Squire – Bass, Vocal
Rick Wakeman – Keyboards Alan White – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.97min.

Virtuoso DVD 001/002

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