YES / Fragile In New York / 2CDR

YES / Fragile In New York / 2CDR / Blue Cafe

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Live At The Egg-Hart Theater, Albany, NY July 6th 2014 . Audience


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2014 Jesus latest live recordings that have been announced by Japan tour has arrived!

The complete high-quality sound recording from audience master the performance of the New York Heart Egg Albany Theatre July 6, 2014.

The first live songs show off at last it appeared to album is a masterpiece reproduction tour of Jesus that have been made from last year and unrepeatable this time the “fragile”!
U.S. number one hit “Lonely Heart” was also played two new songs also showcase songs and also “crisis” further.

It is very recommended title growing expectations of Japan Tour! !





Live At The Egg-Hart Theater, Albany, NY July 6th 2014

01. Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra
02. Siberian Khatru
03. And You And I
04. Close To The Edge
05. To Ascend
06. The Game
07. Roundabout
08. Cans And Brahms
09. We Have Heaven
10. South Side Of The Sky

01. Five Percent For Nothing
02. Long Distance Runaround
03. The Fish (Schindeleria Praemataurus)
04. Mood For A Day
05. Heart Of The Sunrise
06. I’ve Seen All Good People
07. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
08. Starship Trooper

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