YES Featuring ARW / Amagasaki 2017 / 2CD

YES Featuring ARW / Amagasaki 2017 / 2CD  / Virtuoso

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Live at Amashin Archaic Hall, Amagasaki, Japan 21st April 2017

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“The best masterpiece of” YES Featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman (“YES ft. ARW”) “appears in the press CD.The work included in this work is” Asami April 21, 2017 Arkaikku Hall “performance. It is that audience album. In our shop, we are introducing press 6CD “Tokyo 2017 (Amity 393)” of Tokyo performance the other day, and this week Nagoya performance decision board “NAGOYA 2017 (Amity 399)” is released at the same time. First of all, let’s organize that position on a schedule.

· April 17: Orchard Hall “TOKYO 2017”
· April 18: Orchard Hall “TOKYO 2017”
· April 19: Orchard Hall “TOKYO 2017”
· April 21: Amakashi Archaic Hall 【this work】
· April 22: Hiroshima Club Quattro
· April 24: Nagoya City Hall “NAGOYA 2017”

In this way, all the performances except Hiroshima appeared in the live album from the Japan tour this time. Although this work corresponds to the 4th performance, it is … … … It is not the story of the story. Speaking of what is “not so much”, it sounds strange. Although I wrote as “the best masterpiece” at the beginning, this work is not the best recording of the Amagasaki performance or the peak of the Japanese performance. Started in October 2016 Yes ft. ARW’s best masterpiece. We have already performed a world tour more than 50 performances, and we have received recordings from all over the world, but there is no more live album than this work. That is the only one that will reign at the top of this project unless it is released in the future as well.
In fact, the sound of this work is a strange high-quality recording that can be said to be “just as official”. Although evidence of audience recording appears to be cheerfully clapping and cheering between songs, playing and singing voice are super-first-class items that are extremely brilliant compared with line recording and fine detail. On top of that, the rich “ringing” lives up to the high grade. For example, although the official live album creates “beautiful sound” by adding processing such as effects and mix to an unpleasant sound board, this work has acquired “beauty” at the site sound of one real life . Its natural touch is even “over the official”.
The show drawn with its best masterpiece sound is also wonderful. First of all, the show is long. The final Hiroshima performance · Nagoya performance was shortened, but the Amagasaki performance was the same full set in Tokyo. Its content also shines more dazzling with the best masterpiece sound. Originator: John Anderson’s singing voice, Rick Wakeman who shines one sound one shimmer, Trevor Rabin cuts sharply everywhere. Rick and Rabin have repeatedly joined and withdrew from YES repeatedly, but these two people are in line with the “UNION” era. Moreover, unlike the large household of eight people this time, the personality of the two people is extruded all over and the solo / obligade of two people is brilliant. YES Even in the past members, the extent of the withdrawal, the high musical genius is a dangerous genius phrase that does not allow you to follow.
An ideal show full of arrangements / phrases full of never heard while being filled with nostalgic “YES likeness” no matter where you cut it. Although I was going to have known well in live albums so far, if I draw it with the ultra high quality sound of this work, the persuasive power is different. I will fall in love with you again whether it was beautiful so far. It is “Heart Of The Sunrise” that the iron wall ensemble is disturbed. The guitar misconfigured and the performance gets confused. Of course, I will rebuild it immediately, but that is why I can listen to scenes that can not be official work with official-class sounds.

Japan is known as a famous place of exceptional recordings from the world. It will be the world’s best live album that will further raise its fame. I do not know if future ft. ARW will leave official work, but even if it does not come true this work is. It is a big decision board of the vertex-like transcendental sound so much. Please, please the extreme North of the new YES music.
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“YES Featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman(以下「YES ft. ARW」)”の最高傑作がプレスCDで登場です。本作に収められているのは「2017年4月21日:あましんアルカイックホール」公演。そのオーディエンス・アルバムです。当店では、先日も東京公演のプレス6CD『TOKYO 2017(Amity 393)』をご紹介しておりますし、今週も名古屋公演の決定盤『NAGOYA 2017(Amity 399)』が同時リリースされる。まずは、そのポジションを日程で整理しておきましょう。

・4月17日:オーチャードホール『TOKYO 2017』
・4月18日:オーチャードホール『TOKYO 2017』
・4月19日:オーチャードホール『TOKYO 2017』
・4月21日:あましんアルカイックホール 【本作】
・4月24日:名古屋市民会館  『NAGOYA 2017』

このように、今回のジャパンツアーからは広島以外の全公演がライヴアルバムで登場しました。本作は、その4公演目にあたるわけですが………それどころの話じゃないのです。何が“それどころじゃない”のかと言えば、異様なほどのサウンド。冒頭で「最高傑作」と書きましたが、本作は尼崎公演の最高録音でもなければ、日本公演の頂点でもありません。2016年10月に始動したYES ft. ARWの最高傑作。すでにワールドツアーを50公演以上こなし、全世界から録音も届いておりますが、本作以上のライヴアルバムはない。それこそ、今後オフィシャル作品でもリリースされない限り、このプロジェクトの頂点に君臨するであろう凄絶な1本なのです。
どこを切り取っても懐かしい“YESらしさ”で満たされていながら、聴いたことのないアレンジ/フレーズだらけという理想のショウ。これまでのライヴアルバムでも十二分に分かっていたつもりでしたが、本作の超ハイクオリティ・サウンドで描かれると説得力が違う。ここまで美しかったのかと改めて惚れ惚れします。そんな鉄壁アンサンブルが乱れるのが「Heart Of The Sunrise」。ギターが構成を間違えて演奏が混乱してしまう。もちろん、すぐに立て直すわけですが、それこそ公式作品ではあり得ないシーンがオフィシャル級サウンドで聴けてしまうわけです。

世界からも極上録音の名産地として知られる日本。その名声を一層高めてしまうであろう、世界一のライヴアルバムです。今後YES ft. ARWが公式作品を残すかどうか分かりませんが、もし叶わなかったとしても本作がある。それほどまでに頂点的な超絶サウンドの大決定盤。新たなるYESミュージックの極北を、どうぞ。

Disc 1 (68:10)
1. Symphonic Music (Perpetual Change Theme) 2. Cinema 3. Perpetual Change 4. Hold On
5. I’ve Seen All Good People 6. Drum Solo 7. Lift Me Up 8. And You and I 9. Rhythm Of Love
10. Heart Of The Sunrise

Disc 2 (60:17)
1. Changes 2. The Meeting 3. Awaken 4. Make It Easy
5. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (incl. Sunshine Of Your Love, Crossroads) 6. Roundabout

Virtuoso 358/359

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