YES / Eternal Delight / 2CDR

YES / Eternal Delight / 2CDR / Sirene

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Live At Boston Garden, Boston, USA 18th June 1976


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1976 “Solo Tour” from the complete recording of the June 18 Boston Garden performances in high-quality audience recording. Revived Siberian Khatru the opening, in the Sound Chaser is the second song was the opening in the 74-year tour, I’ve not been playing in the previous tour Seen All Good People followed by Omagari Gates Of Delirium, Patrick further in the middle Moratsu, Howe, a set of this tour unique that John of harp solo is played have been recorded in high-quality sound. Close To The Edge, it disappeared from a large standard set called And You And I, since the 73-year tour, is also a feature of this tour the Heart Of The Sunrise has been resurrected. Since Roosevelt performance of the previous day of June 17, is present in a superb line recording from the broadcast sound source, but is often overlooked performance, high-quality sound of the 70’s mid-term is where the still Mania want to get. The second half followed Ritual, to the Roundabout, you can listen to the encore I’m Down of this tour unique. Holding to the extent that does not affect the original sound of the hiss, carefully same day definitive edition was remastered.

★ is a review summary of beatleg magazine vol.82 (May 2007 issue). In case you’re wondering.

Valuable source of Jesus of Patrick Moraz enrolled era appeared. The performance in the Boston Garden for 76 years on June 18, has been full inclusion. Or was a high-quality sound source by the day before the Roosevelt performances line recording at this time of the performance, up to order from there “I’m Down” is or is officially recorded in the “Jesus Years”, a sound source of this day is now It seems to have not been noted. But also famous Detroit concert of August 17, which was recorded in the “Jesus may arise from” or “live Years” to the other from this tour, the Boston performance it can be said that pretty good state to sound quality in the performance manner also. Although Roosevelt performance CD in the recording track of has been changed, set list as in this work, it is happy and has a complete recording. The company is particularly high frequency is well recorded is, and has a pretty good sound quality together with low range that comes with the thud.
Performance is a great of the word, in particular stands out is Patrick techniques that do not remove the hand, this nascent Jesus together enough to remember the illusion that or not than continue this remains long. The highlight has reached from the intro in the “ritual” to the highest tension, as if playing a high density comparable to that of the video work “Queens Park 1975” can be fluent. Audience of enthusiasm is also really, no difference to be quite high scores work as well in the entire tour of Jesus.

1976年「Solo Tour」より6月18日ボストン・ガーデン公演を高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。オープニングにSiberian Khatruが復活し、74年ツアーではオープニングだったSound Chaserが2曲目に、前回のツアーでは演奏されなかったI’ve Seen All Good Peopleに続いて大曲Gates Of Delirium、更に中盤にパトリック・モラーツ、ハウ、ジョンのハープ・ソロが演奏されるというこのツアーならではのセットを高音質で収録しています。Close To The Edge, And You And Iという大定番がセットから消え、73年ツアー以来、Heart Of The Sunriseが復活したのもこのツアーの特徴です。前日の6月17日のルーズベルト公演が放送音源より極上ライン録音で存在しているので、見過ごされがちな公演ですが、70年代中期の高音質音源はやはりマニアは入手したいところです。後半はRitual、Roundaboutに続いて、このツアーならではのアンコールI’m Downを聴くことができます。ヒスノイズを原音に影響が出ない程度に押さえ、丁寧にリマスターした同日決定版。

★beatleg誌 vol.82(2007年5月号)のレビュー要約です。ご参考まで。

イエスのパトリック・モラーツ在籍時代の貴重な音源が登場した。76年6月18日のボストン・ガーデンでのパフォーマンスを完全収録している。この時期の公演では前日のルーズベルト公演がライン録音による高音質音源だったり、そこから「I’m Down」が「イエスイヤーズ」に公式収録されたりしているため、この日の音源は今まで注目されていなかったようだ。このツアーからは他に「イエス・ショウズ」や「ライヴイヤーズ」に収録された8月17日のデトロイト公演も有名だが、このボストン公演も音質的にも演奏的にもかなり良い状態と言える。またルーズベルト公演のCDでは収録曲目が変更されていたが、本作ではセットリスト通り、完全収録となっているのが嬉しい。特に高域が良く録れており、ドスンとくる低域と共にかなり良好な音質となっている。
Disc 1
1. Apocalypse 2. Siberian Khatru 3. Sound Chaser 4. I’ve Seen All Good People
5. Gates Of Delirium 6. Long Distance Runaround 7. Moraz Solo 8. Clap
9. Harp Solo(Jon) 10. Heart Of The Sunrise

Disc 2
1. Ritual Pt.1 2. Ritual Pt.2 3. Roundabout 4. I’m Down

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass
Patrick Moraz – Keyboards Alan White – Drums


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