YES / Dramatic Champaign / 2CDR

YES / Dramatic Champaign / 2CDR / Galaxy

Translated Text:
Live At The Assembly Hall, Champaign Illinois USA October 11th 1980.Audience

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2 October, 1980 Two pairs of performances recorded at the Champaign Assembly Hall in Illinois Province from a high-quality audience recording master.
It is a rare live attention as a valuable recording sound source of Jesus at the time when Trevor Horn, Jeff Downs, of Bagus, known for the NO.1 hit “Radio Star’s tragedy” symbolizing the New Wave of the 1980s participated. It is! !
1980年代のニューウェイヴを象徴するNO.1のヒット「ラジオスターの悲劇」で知られるバグスのトレバー・ホーン、ジェフ・ダウンズが参加した時の貴重な録音音源としての貴重なライブ・アクトです。 それは! !

01. Young Persons Guide To The Orchestra
02. Apocalypse
03. Does It Really Happen?
04. Yours Is No Disgrace
05. Into The Lens
06. Clap
07. And You And I
08 Go Through This
09. Man In The White Car Suite
01. We Can Fly From Here
02. Tempus Fugit
03. Amazing Grace / The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
04. Machine Messiah
05. Starship Trooper
06. Roundabout
Live At The Assembly Hall, Champaign Illinois USA October 11th 1980

Galaxy.GX 055A/B

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