YES / Definitive Nagoya 2014 / 2CD

YES / Definitive Nagoya 2014 / 2CD / Virtuoso

Translated Text:
Live at Zepp Nagoya, Nagoya, Japan 28th November 2014


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As soon be released last week 2014 Tokyo performances 3DAYS complete recording board of Jesus that has gotten an overwhelming high evaluation and acclaimed “TRILOGY (Virtuoso 212/213/214/215/216/217)” was Itadakemashita another charm you would either. Response of the recording of our original to the finest recordings fully use has been one after another asked after the release, I’m glad also Toshimashite our shop. Now such last week in Tokyo 3DAYS if this week is of course the Kansai district. Moreover, the Nagoya performance evaluation after live was very high on the net, in this Nagoya 16 years performance for the complete recording of the book title you are I appeared awaited !! Jesus in super excellent sound quality of exceptional Yes (※ disk 1- (5) Chris in is also contains special greeting to touch about it!), and can also became the performance in the first live house as the Japan tour of Jesus, ’16 pretend special excitement in the land that visited as was recorded excitement in perfect sound image is this title !!

Recording’s masterpiece title “LIVING A LEGACY (Virtuoso-143/144)” of that Asia in 2012 and, still was recorded Meihan 2 performances from GRAVITAS tour Japan performances of recent memory this year “LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 – VOLUME 1 (Virtuoso 179/180/181/182) familiar Mr. “West strongest taper” in “. Was also expedition to the Kanto region not only Kansai recently, the other day also in the Guinness Book of World Records “of most live in the world sound is noisy band” of the authenticated Metal Warrior “Manowar” as “KINGS OF METAL IN TOKYO (ZODIAC- 091) in “, if you normally record will first would surely collapse also roar live megaton, it is taper’s red circle in the surge of success to be the finest shooting in its outstanding recording technology.

Well this time of Jesus Nagoya performances, namely Zepp Nagoya is the same venue as the above Asia 2 title. With those just like a home ground for the West strongest, who based in the Kansai area, we also knows how the sound of it therefore venue. So he now also has them ASIA masterpiece 2 title as well “dare Choice the second floor seats, front row”, in the recording of almost the same position as Asia 2 title became a big masterpiece board, yet the latest recording equipment it seems to have been desired to recording using. This is to the other is the fly-its position things like are recording did on perfectly understand the results of the recording was sound, and the prediction was fittingly center. And unmatched by any other recording also this time, and I was fulfilled the recording exactly in exceptional sound of taper name itself of Mr. !! How can listening also 2 overwhelming transparency and close of the sound that I do not think floor seats feeling and density of sound as if was Roku~tsu in front of PA speakers have been born here Miracle recording of rich “West performances strongest”, this is our all of Jesus in 2014 Japan tour which was obtained this time, most sound definitely in the original recording I can assert that good. Tokyo performances 3DAYS “TRILOGY” but of course it to is the best of the title proud of our shop, to say that the “pride” was crystallized forever Memorial from this Nagoya recording sound performances this time of Jesus Japan tour of fan perspective would be good.

This Nagoya performances became such a ’16 pretend the first floor and the second floor of the specified seat prematurely sold out, was a sellout in the success of that came to standing. But will begin “crisis / full reproduction” in to watch a fan of such sushi justified state, while the bass and guitar is not listen even onset 10 seconds of vividly move around the song, it is amazing what is waiting after this will goose bumps in superb sound feel the thick the sign. By the way, but certainly playing force in any performances in this visit to Japan was noticeable, that when Nagoya performances in it’s stood out crowded spelling of unusually polite sound, what was a pretty even rest say or would not be. That is how to cut the sudden sound is also a feature of this song is strange of rest to the way. 70s sentence no longer the speedy representation as at the time of playing, but in this song recently I think how to take the rest is in a larger listening far from, exquisitely bleeding it in this Nagoya performance I have come up. Especially how to enter middle part Kyokuso Yuku changed (※ 9 minutes is not how the listen for a few seconds deployment from around 09 seconds and scattered how state of the sound) and deployment from the music slide into big flying 14 minutes 10 seconds deeply and overlaid the way of the inserted reservoir and sound witty to listen in, if deep breathing of music other words, I would say a large listening far from the of this Nagoya performance unique. Classic “And You And I” is such a big breath to “Close To The Edge” in the first to the what the rhythm of transition and sound because changes stand out. Rough taste without sound harshness and beauty to live at home than in the Tayutau such Kyokuso is moistening the ear with a high-resolution sound, polite playing force is the guarantee that tremble out in joy that will wrap yourself.

“Siberian Khatru” also stoic strength with song originally in enough good tension has come out to more than Tokyo 3DAYS, recorded in the sound is not as never flashy, which is very dynamic musical leap full of clarity are we. 7 minutes noticeable coming guitar and bass dialogue from the vicinity of 55 seconds also surprisingly been well recorded, that it is good blood flow of melody and rhythm that you have heard stand out until the finale is felt strongly until the final sound it will also be noted. “Believe Again” from the latest album is enhanced more than the studio version, from the performance that has been honed, you will able to taste the feeling should be called just truly forthcoming bird’s eye. Here are I slowly start moving guitar distinctive scene in the middle section 4 minutes 06 seconds later and the end 7 minutes and 17 seconds later, but thus also how to something other part (in this case, guitar) move alone to spot is hit this recording is captured to ensure the instrument that stand out while not impair the clarity of feeling back sound, it looks like our customers realize the dynamic feeling of playing straight. “The Game” in is brilliant open dazzling possibilities of the current type Jesus sound. The sound of the guitar that intensive harmonics, ie ensemble Yuku running through comfortably inside there is a gap between the sound and the sound of melody instrument issues has fresh lightness and sense of scale, creativity range in the middle range of the music rich how Yuku spread to ear in sound image that has become a far from listening one of the best in this performance.

Disc 2 is, of course, “fragile / full reproduction”. The DRIVE sense of based motion is firmly Lok “Roundabout” is, of course, also I am picking up the Katsuaki a good sound image of the prospect that the entire sound. Also keyboard Yuku stand up to the wild from the vicinity of 5 minutes and 40 seconds because Yukeru and chasing the progress of the song at the same time in a state in which the strength of the sound output is stand out, its appearance also please please attention. Pieces “We Have Heaven” is also supposed to be me a comparison of the chorus and rhythm like a kaleidoscope this recording is captured perfectly, to reaffirm the fun of sound Yuku overlap sound heavily in a short time is. “South Side Of The Sky” in it has been recorded in the sound that sounds like a Nuresobo~tsu piano entering in the middle of a very charming moist. Centripetal force of sound that takes advantage of Kyokuso of slow tempo skillfully is felt from the performance, it will be exciting. Since tone of vivid keyboard from 9 minutes 12 seconds will Yuki diffused into the right channel upward comparison to become such a sound in the middle of moist piano scene, it can be found that the high quality of the recorded sound to spread a sense of these tone you think whether your feel able to of. The album as well short in fact that full reproduction “Five Per Cent For Nothing” is also, I do not miss that you are brilliantly captures the performance drifting that moment artistic tensions feeling. “Long Distance Runaround”, such that have been recorded in the expression of differences mellow sound from entering the motility of the high melody and song melody of the introduction, a state with a unique music structure while Pieces take in hand to me you can feel. On the other hand, classic “The Fish” is also in the same Pieces will remember the high excitement that that characteristic movement and Chris seems Massive sounding bass is heard in a very close sound. Because here is the sound image that exactly how while vibrating the field of air venue melody is spun comes through in the fastball, tasted thrilled to be touched on part of the core of the music by follow the sound at close range to fully I think that is able and Te.

“Mood For A Day” is not heard at all noise other than the guitar sound, it is whether very strongly transmitted come good scene whole venue leaving until this day standing is listened by drunk just how eagerly breath. In audience record up here or would not be surprised to see that does not contain noise of the audience perfectly. And Soredakeni, raw guitar sound that road to transparency, which has been propagated through the tense air, is impressive enough to beat strongly all the breast who heard. Masterpiece round out show main “Heart Of The Sunrise” even this last day boasts the overwhelming power of expression. The thick glossy singing part while determined to perfect the unison of sharp-based motion and guitar is also nice how Yuku been spun quietly, but the sensual dense of and power of dampers representation listen in playing this day When I surrender to the sound, from the modern band it should become strongly you feel that will not come anymore born music of life is in here accompanied by certain tactile sensation. Angkor one shot eyes “I’ve Seen All Good People” In addition to the fine work pretend the guitar can be found in various places, how the workings of the dense sound of each part of each other Semegi in dampers comes out with a high sound image of texture and I think that it is you surprised. “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” In quick Kyokuso tough that have been fixed in the current type has blossomed greatly in this Nagoya last. Growth of John of singing also increased to the highest this day, spinning how and ensemble of fusion of sonorous and the singing melody is recorded in Perfect to the show, and playing is tightened, such as an illusion and what was experienced in the previous like now eyes I think that it is reminded that wrapped themselves in pleasant feeling of fatigue. After the show has been recorded firmly until the venue announcement because, Memorial atmosphere is also perfect.

A superb live recording, I think that it is not fair to say that you catch surely the essence of music and music that has been created in front of the eyes now. And the Iyamoni and sound board is not necessarily limited and convey the excitement of music accurately, it will because the distance that sound can reach is too close. Play-by-play and of that impressed the recording is propagated to the venue stood up after all sound, it has become whether the game is captured by how close sound the flow of sound that slide into diffusion, is too good resolution is too close alone live music original inspiring not been transmitted to enough. Taper of legend, Mike Millard and Steve Hopkins, was aimed Dan Ramp skiing and then you think exactly it was, also of the T & J to flutter now does not dare choose Iyamoni recorded in current, recorded the best at the venue Only close sound that was is probably because familiar that is transmitted to the people the true excitement. The West strongest, who recorded the work also I probably think that wants to record at the same stance. And this weekend, with the advent of this work that was caught in any more hope not as close sound while feel the sound of the tone to direct, will add a new one page in his recording arts. Proven Virtuoso label is decisive of Jesus latest Japan performances shoot conclusion of 2014 “strongest” panel, please please stay tuned !!

★ is a book board most sound quality is good in this Jesus “JAPAN TOUR 2014″.

先週リリースされるやいなや圧倒的な高評価と絶賛を戴いたイエスの2014年東京公演3DAYS完全収録盤『TRILOGY (Virtuoso 212/213/214/215/216/217)』はもうお愉しみ戴けましたでしょうか。当店オリジナルの録音を全面使用した極上録音への反響がリリース後続々と寄せられており、当店としましても嬉しい限りです。さてそんな先週が東京3DAYSならば今週はもちろん関西地区。しかもネット上でライブ後の評価が非常に高かった名古屋公演を、別格の超優良音質で完全収録した本タイトルが満を持して登場致します!! イエスにとってこの名古屋は16年振りの公演であり(※ディスク1-(5)でクリスがその事について触れる特別な挨拶も含まれています!)、しかもイエスの来日公演としては初のライブハウスでの演奏となりましたが、16年振りに訪れた地での特別な感動と興奮をパーフェクトな音像で収録したのがこのタイトルなのです!!

録音者はあのエイジア2012年の傑作タイトル『LIVING A LEGACY (Virtuoso-143/144)』や、まだ記憶に新しい今年のGRAVITASツアー日本公演から名阪2公演を収録した『LIVE IN JAPAN 2014 – VOLUME 1 (Virtuoso 179/180/181/182)』でお馴染みの”西日本最強のテーパー”氏。最近では関西だけでなく関東圏にも遠征し、先日もギネスブックに”世界で一番ライブの音がうるさいバンド”として認証されたメタル・ウォーリアー” マノウォー “の『KINGS OF METAL IN TOKYO (ZODIAC-091)』で、普通に録音したらまず確実に潰れてしまうであろうメガトン級の爆音ライブをも、その卓越した録音技術で極上シューティングすることに成功した赤丸急上昇中のテーパーさんです。

さて今回のイエス名古屋公演、即ちZepp Nagoyaは上記エイジア2タイトルと同一の会場です。関西方面を拠点に活動する西日本最強氏にとってはまさにホームグラウンドの様なもので、それゆえ会場の響きの様子も知り尽くしています。ですから彼は今回もそれらエイジア傑作2タイトル同様に” あえて2階指定席・最前列をチョイス “しており、大傑作盤となったエイジア2タイトルとほぼ同位置の収録で、しかも最新録音機材を使って収録に臨まれたそうです。これはもうその場・その位置で収録した音の結果を完璧に把握したうえで録音している様なものですし、そしてその予測はズバリ的中しました。今回も他の録音の追随を許さない、まさに氏のテーパー・ネームそのものの別格サウンドで録音を成就させたのです!! どう聴いても2階席とは思えない音の間近さと圧倒的な透明感、そしてPAスピーカーの目前で録ったかの様に音の密度が濃厚な” 西日本公演最強 “のミラクル録音がここに誕生しており、これは今回当店が入手したイエス2014年日本公演の全てのオリジナル録音中で間違いなく一番音が良いと断言出来ます。東京公演3DAYS『TRILOGY』は勿論極上のタイトルですし当店の自慢ですが、この名古屋公演の収録音は今回のイエス日本ツアーをファンの視点から永遠のメモリアルに結晶させた” 誇り “と言っても良いでしょう。

そんな16年振りとなった今回の名古屋公演は1階と2階の指定席が早々と完売し、立ち見まで出た盛況さで大入り満員でした。そんな寿司詰め状態のファンが見守る中で『危機 / 完全再現』が始まりますが、ベースとギターが生々しく動き回る曲の出だしを10秒も聴かないうちに、この後に何か凄い事が待っている気配を濃厚に感じさせる極上の音像に鳥肌が立つでしょう。ところで今回の来日ではどの公演でも確かな演奏力が目立ちましたが、名古屋公演で際立っていたのはいつになく丁寧な音の綴り込みと、何といっても休符が綺麗だったという点ではないでしょうか。つまりこの曲の特徴でもある突発的な音の切り方、休ませ方の妙です。70年代の演奏時の様にスピーディな表現はしなくなったぶん、昨今のこの曲では休符の取り方がより大きな聴きどころになっていると思うのですが、この名古屋公演ではそれが絶妙に滲み出ているのです。特に曲想が変わってゆく中間部の入り方(※9分09秒付近から数秒間聴ける展開のさせ方と音の散らし方の様子)や、音楽が大きく飛翔してゆく14分10秒からの展開で聴ける深々と挿入される溜めと機知に富んだ音の重ね方、言い換えれば音楽の深い呼吸は、この名古屋公演ならではの大きな聴きどころと言えるでしょう。名曲「And You And I」はそうした大きな呼吸を「Close To The Edge」で先ずしているからこそのリズムの移り変わりと響きの変化が際立っています。たゆたう様な曲想の中で厳しさと美しさが同居する雑味の無いサウンドが解像度の高い音で耳を潤し、丁寧な演奏力が自分を包んでくれる喜びに打ち震えること請け合いです。

「Siberian Khatru」も程好い緊張感の中に曲が本来持つストイックな力強さが東京3DAYS以上に出ており、決して派手ではありませんが大変ダイナミックな音楽的跳躍が透明感に溢れたサウンドで記録されています。7分55秒付近から目立ってくるギターとベースの対話も驚くほどよく録れており、それが終曲まで浮き出て聴こえている事で旋律とリズムの血流の良さが最終音まで強く感じられる事も特筆されるでしょう。最新アルバムからの「Believe Again」はスタジオ版以上に高められ、研ぎ澄まされた演奏から、まさに真に迫った鳥観とも言うべき感覚を味わって戴けるでしょう。ここでは中間部4分06秒以降や終盤7分17秒以降でおもむろに動き出すギターの特徴的なシーンがありますが、こうして何かのパート(この場合はギター)にスポットが当たって単体で動く様子もこの録音はバックサウンドの明瞭感を損なわないまま浮き出た楽器を確実に捉えており、演奏のダイナミック感をストレートに御実感戴けるようになっています。「The Game」では現行型イエス・サウンドの見事な可能性が華麗に開きます。ハーモニクスを多用したギターの響き、即ちメロディ楽器が出す音と音の間に隙間がある中を心地良く駆け抜けてゆくアンサンブルは瑞々しい軽やかさとスケール感があり、その音楽の創造性がミドルレンジに幅のある豊かな音像で耳元に広がってゆく様子は本公演で屈指の聴きどころとなっています。

ディスク2はもちろん『こわれもの / 完全再現』です。「Roundabout」のドライヴ感のあるベースの動きがしっかり録れているのは勿論、その全体音も見通しの良い音像で克明に拾っています。5分40秒付近からワイルドに立ち上がってゆくキーボードも出音の力強さが浮き出た状態で曲の進行を同時に追ってゆけるので、その様子にもどうぞ御注目下さい。小曲「We Have Heaven」もまた万華鏡の様なコーラスとリズムの対比をこの録音は完璧に捉えており、短い時間の中で濃密に音が重なってゆく響きの面白さを再確認させてくれる筈です。「South Side Of The Sky」では中盤で入るピアノの濡れそぼった様な音色が大変魅力的な湿り気のあるサウンドで録れています。スローテンポの曲想を巧みに生かした音の求心力が演奏から感じられ、ワクワクされるでしょう。9分12秒からは鮮烈なキーボードの音色が中盤の湿ったピアノシーンの対比となるような響きで右チャンネル上方に拡散してゆきますので、こうした音色の広がり感にも収録音の質の高さを御実感戴けるかと思います。また完全再現という事でアルバム同様に短い「Five Per Cent For Nothing」も、その瞬間芸的な緊張感漂う演奏を見事に捉えていることも見逃せません。「Long Distance Runaround」は、導入部の運動性の高い旋律と歌メロに入ってからの表情の違いがまろやかな音で録れていて、小曲ながらユニークな楽曲構造を持つ様子が手に取るように伝わってきます。一方、同じ小曲でも名曲「The Fish」はベースのあの特徴的な動きとクリスらしいマッシヴな響きが非常に近い音で聴こえることに高い興奮を覚えるでしょう。ここはまさに会場の場の空気を振動させながら旋律が紡がれる様子が直球で伝わってくる音像ですので、至近距離でその響きを追うことで楽曲の芯の部分に触れられる感激を存分に味わって戴けると思います。

「Mood For A Day」はギター音以外の雑音が全く聞こえず、この日立ち見まで出た会場全体がどれだけ熱心に息を呑んで聴き入っているのかが非常に強く伝わってくる好シーンです。オーディエンス録音でここまで完璧に観客の雑音が入っていないというのは驚きではないでしょうか。そしてそれだけに、その張り詰めた空気の中を伝播してきた透明感に充ちた生ギターの音像は、耳にした人全ての胸を強く打つほど感動的です。ショウ本編を締め括る傑作「Heart Of The Sunrise」はこの最終日も圧倒的な表現力を誇っています。太くて鋭いベースの動きとギターのユニゾンが完璧に決まりながら艶やかな歌唱パートが静かに紡がれてゆく様子も素晴らしいのですが、この日の演奏で聴ける弱音表現の濃密さや威力ある官能的な響きに身を委ねていると、現代のバンドからはもう生まれてこないであろう音楽の営みが確かな触感を伴いながらここにある事を強くお感じになる筈です。アンコール一発目「I’ve Seen All Good People」ではギターの細かい仕事振りが随所で確認出来るほか、弱音の中でせめぎ合う各パートの濃密な音の営みが質感の高い音像で飛び出してくる様子に驚かれると思います。ラストの「Owner Of A Lonely Heart」では現行型に修正されたタフでクイックな曲想がこの名古屋でも大いに開花しています。ジョンの歌唱の伸びもこの日最高に高まり、朗々と歌い上げるメロディの紡ぎ方とアンサンブルの融合が終演までパーフェクトに記録され、演奏が締められるとまるで今目の前で体験したのかと錯覚する様な心地良い疲労感に身を包まれる事に気付かされると思います。終演後は場内アナウンスまでしっかり収録されていますので、メモリアルな雰囲気もバッチリです。

秀逸なライブ録音とは、いま目の前で創造されている演奏と楽曲の本質を確実に捕まえることと言って差し支えないと思います。イヤモニやサウンドボードが必ずしも音楽の感動を正確に伝えると限らないのは、音が届く距離が近過ぎるためでしょう。実況録音に感動するというのは結局のところ音が立ち上がって会場に伝播し、拡散してゆく響きの流れをどれだけ近い音で捉えられるかが勝負となっており、近過ぎて解像度が良過ぎるだけでは生演奏本来の感激は充分に伝わってきません。伝説のテーパー、マイク・ミラードやスティーヴ・ホプキンス、ダン・ランピンスキーが目指したのはまさにそれだったと思いますし、現在では今をときめくT&Jがイヤモニ収録をあえて選ばないのも、会場でベストに録れた間近な音こそが真の感動を人に伝えられる事を熟知しているからでしょう。本作を録音した西日本最強氏も恐らく同じスタンスで録音に望んでいると思われるのです。そして今週末、音色の響きをダイレクトに感じさせながらこれ以上望めないほど間近な音でキャッチした本作の登場により、彼の録音芸術に新しい1ページが加わります。定評あるVirtuosoレーベルが2014年の締め括りに放つイエス最新日本公演の決定的” 最強 “盤、どうぞ御期待下さい!!

★今回のイエス「JAPAN TOUR 2014」で最も音質が良いのは本盤です。


Disc 1 (61:53)
1. The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra 2. Close To The Edge 3. And You And I
4. Siberian Khatru 5. Chris Squire Introduction 6. Believe Again 7. Jon Davison Introduction
8. The Game

Disc 2 (64:23)
1. Steve Howe Introduction 2. Roundabout 3. Cans And Brahms 4. We Have Heaven
5. South Side Of The Sky 6. Five Per Cent For Nothing 7. Long Distance Runaround
8. The Fish 9. Mood For A Day 10. Heart Of The Sunrise 11. I’ve Seen All Good People
12. Owner Of A Lonely Heart

Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocal Chris Squire – Bass, Vocal Alan White – Drums
Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards Jon Davison – Lead Vocal

Virtuoso 224/225

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