YES / Close To The End / 2CD

YES / Close To The End / 2CD / Virtuoso

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Live at NHK Hall, Tokyo, Japan 29th November 2014


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Far beyond the largely expected, in 2014 Japan tour of YES that went further enhance the appeal of Daimyo board “crisis”, “fragile” in neat performance. The other day was also met with Tokyo three consecutive performances “TRILOGY” has been released, I look forward to very popular in overwhelming high-quality sound. Now, is the emergence of “November 29 NHK Hall performances” of additional performances that became Tokyo final (= Japan last)!
Initially How can was thinking to “‘m that there is also tremendous” TRILOGY “, good I from Tokyo all can collection” degree, been missed the de Tan to arrived this work of master late Wantenpo from “TRILOGY” year. Ultra-clear even applause like autumn rain to come hear from the moment you play. As it is followed by “The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra” and “Close To The Edge” birdsong also neat of, playing raw incoming where you believe “Koryaa, … Na’s quite terrible likely recording” , I lost words here completely. With a maximum grade of respect and I was allowed called up to the “art of the audience,” “TRILOGY”, that overwhelming sound the same level …, no, this is beyond!?
Whether, please do not misunderstand, such as “wonder was out the back and because most good recording?”. The first place anyways there is no supposed to be such as conveniently final performance is such that the best sound adjustment, it more than “TRILOGY” also three performances worth all the high-quality sound board of the no doubt tremendous noteworthy in digital recording of the modern. Of course, Kano 6 Disc can be recommended to proudly still. However, the present work is the “TRILOGY” 3 “personality” that were in each of the performances I sound like fused into a single whole. While how far have clear also in crystal-clear, wrapped reverberation gently core of sound, rich vibe sounds in five viscera. In particular, small there is no fullness of bass collapse is abnormal. Based texture is intact was Gorigori, becoming likely delicate vibration transmitted to the unevenness of the Makitsuru. Originally YES, clean but’s a difficult band to Locle the bass, such as audience recording that fully captures brilliantly so far, does not have to be listened.
Each live, so that there is goodness of different in each performance, sound of audience recording a strong one and one personality, there is a taste to each. If I were to summarize the kind of “delicious place” in one, … until now that would would surely become messy, it has been thought so. However, this one is embodies it brilliantly, “Womochimashite just now, so that other do not push today’s concert was finished all., Slowly please proceed towards the exit” last announcement followed all the way to. This is than called just “Best Sound”, it is better to say “the culmination sound”.
And, the contents of the show “culmination sound” worthy “culmination stage” of because I would wreck of. And sense of fulfillment that realize the success of the tour, spirit engages in good direction of the last day, I am showing off a great performance in the songs. Was daily encore “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” as well as both of the “Starship Trooper” was played, but until then at each performance there was a minor mistake and trouble somehow, this day just is not even it. Though, it is perfection, such as if the official Live you have collected the many days of the best takes. On the other hand, fully consistent sound nuances are eloquently said “It’s a one-time one-shot recording”. We also wrote repeatedly, but reach the audience “space sound” what for us is to tell the true value of YES. It is realized in the degree of completion of performance and official level tone. About become miss trouble of document feeling that would smiled involuntarily, it’s a concert there is no chance.

The nostalgia-oriented of planning or the thought was “name board reproduce”, is overturned in convincing sound show was this time YES. Japan tour that has to face is at once increase the degree of perfection from overseas performances, was any performance also great performances. In the subsequent next year “Heaven & Earth Tour 2014-2015”, or going further enhance the degree of perfection, or whether the tension is interrupted by off. It does not know yet. However, the highest in Japan is at the moment, there is no doubt that vertex is Tokyo final performance. Beginning the masterpiece “TRILOGY”, the recording of each performance is packed with each document and taste. If, if you are actually carried the foot to the venue, recording of live that have seen what would be best. However, If you’re missed if, this work all the sound / performance / music is balanced at the highest dimension precisely, it is one of the “first”. The “TRILOGY” and called it the feeling as “works of art audience”, there is no regret of somewhat. But, if so, even this film full of convincing to for everyone will inevitably referred to as a “masterpiece of audience.” What is lacking in this name live / name recording, only “forever faded not bowl”. If familiar with the course, it is the release decision in a press 2CD leave to YES Ever!

当初は「凄まじい『TRILOGY』もあることだし、東京全部がコレクションできるから良いね」程度に考えていたのですが、「TRILOGY」からワンテンポ遅れて届いた本作のマスターにはド胆を抜かされました。再生した瞬間から聞こえてくる秋雨のような拍手でさえウルトラ・クリア。そのまま続く「The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra」や「Close To The Edge」の小鳥のさえずりも端正で、「こりゃあ、なかなか凄そうな録音だな……」と思っているところで入ってくる生演奏、ここで完全に言葉を失いました。最大級の敬意を持って「オーディエンスの芸術作品」とまで呼ばせていただいた「TRILOGY」、あの圧倒的なサウンドと同レベル……、いや、これは超えている!?
そして、ショウの内容も“集大成サウンド”に相応しい“集大成なステージ”なのですから参ってしまう。ツアーの成功を実感している充実感と、最終日の気迫が良い方向にかみ合い、全曲で素晴らしいパフォーマンスを披露しています。日替わりアンコールだった「Owner Of A Lonely Heart」「Starship Trooper」の両方が演奏されただけでなく、それまでの各公演では何かしら些細なミスやトラブルがありましたが、この日ばかりはそれすらない。まるで、何日分かのベストテイクを集めたオフィシャル・ライヴかのような完成度です。その一方で、完全に一貫したサウンド・ニュアンスは雄弁に「1回の一発録音だ」と語っている。何度も書いていますが、客席に届く“空間サウンド”こそがYESの真価を伝えてくれます。それがオフィシャル・レベルの音質と演奏の完成度で実現している。思わず微笑んでしまうようなトラブルのドキュメント感が恋しくなってしまうほど、隙のないコンサートなのです。

ノスタルジー本位な企画かと思われた“名盤再現”を、音の説得力で覆して見せた今回のYES。海外公演から一気に完成度を高めて臨んできた日本ツアーは、どの公演も素晴らしい演奏でした。来年も続く「Heaven & Earth Tour 2014-2015」では、さらに完成度を高めていくのか、それともオフで緊張感が途切れてしまうのか。それはまだ分かりません。しかし、現時点で日本が最高であり、その頂点が東京最終公演なのは間違いありません。傑作「TRILOGY」をはじめ、各公演の録音にはそれぞれのドキュメントと味わいが詰まっています。もし、あなたが実際に会場に足を運ばれているなら、ご覧になったライヴの記録こそベストでしょう。しかし、もし見逃してしまったのなら、サウンド/パフォーマンス/曲目のすべてが最高次元でバランスの取れている本作こそ、“まずは”の1本です。「TRILOGY」を「オーディエンスの芸術作品」と呼んだ気持ちに、些かの後悔もありません。しかし、そうであるなら、さらに万人向けへの説得力の溢れる本作は「オーディエンスの最高傑作」と呼ばざるを得ないでしょう。この名ライヴ/名録音に欠けているものは、“永遠に色あせない器”だけ。となれば当然、YES史上に残すプレス2CDでリリース決定です!

Disc 1 (62:09)
1. The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra 2. Close To The Edge 3. And You And I
4. Siberian Khatru 5. Chris Squire Introduction 6. Believe Again 7. Jon Davison Introduction
8. The Game

Disc 2 (78:25)
1. Steve Howe Introduction 2. Roundabout 3. Cans And Brahms 4. We Have Heaven
5. South Side Of The Sky 6. Five Per Cent For Nothing 7. Long Distance Runaround
8. The Fish 9. Mood For A Day 10. Heart Of The Sunrise 11. I’ve Seen All Good People
12. Steve Howe Introduction 13. Owner Of A Lonely Heart 14. Starship Trooper

Steve Howe – Guitars, Vocal Chris Squire – Bass, Vocal Alan White – Drums
Geoffrey Downes – Keyboards Jon Davison – Lead Vocal

Virtuoso 226/227

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