Yes / Katowice 1998 / 2CD

Yes / Katowice 1998 / 2CD / Virtuoso
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Live at Spodek Hall, Katowice, Poland 27th March 1998 STEREO SBD


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“90’s strongest YES” and Igor Koroshefu & Billy Sherwood era, also referred to. Its strong ensemble masterpiece of matches in the stereo sound board has been revived in the new excavation upgrade master.
And its powerful sound board, “March 27, 1998 Katowice performance (Poland)”. The recording itself is known for a long time, which has emerged as “THE REVEALING IN POLAND (Ayanami-202)” from Ayanami label. It was then from that time, “the official level of ultra superb stereo sound board recording” ultra-high-quality board, which attracted rave reviews as “the strongest line recording”. But is Pinkiri also said that “sound board” to bite, people of this recording is definitely “pin”. Transcendence clear ear de fastball feeling …… No rammed plug directly in to, my head is whether you should say immersive as in playback machine. I 1 sound one note of complex ensemble was a vivid finest quality goods, such as engraved on the wrinkles of the brain.
But was Homechigiri to suddenly furious, this is last of its outstanding story. This work is the new excavation master of such special grade sound board. “That sound is heck, if I’m going to be well?” Flew bushings was playing while I think. I noticed become too late, although its outstanding master was Chodokyu what the second half of the show, the first half was not until there (although was awesome). Clear is that shining is not change the whole volume, but somehow thin sound, I was also felt slightly IEMs ish nuances. However! This new master, de-grade sound that was felt in the second half is fully dominated the whole book! But I thought that it is faultless even already issued, the “more” is obtained there. Here in the “second half of the same? With its outstanding” Sorry If we wait too long and misled with. And it was only surprised to upgrade the first time in the first half of hackers the best sound of the second half new master is through consistently.
Live was revived in such quality is also, great. This work Igor & Billy reached the “OPEN YOUR EYES AND 30TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR” that’s it, but from the new “OPEN YOUR EYES” and the title track only “From The Balcony”. After the classic group overlooking the carrier appropriate to celebrate the 30 anniversary is fed out from the next to the next. Of course, there is also a familiar large representative song, but it just does not. It was listen in Japan performances “Wonderous Stories” including “Tempus Fugit”, “The Revealing Science Of God” and “America”, “Corkscrew” of Steve Howe, and even fly out to the “Polonaise” of JON & VANGELIS. The members in the official work “HOUSE OF YES: LIVE FROM HOUSE OF BLUES” also but you have any left, about five songs’re this work and mapped twice. The show, such as the supplement edition of the “HOUSE OF YES”, is why listen in perfect official grade sound board.
Sound, come with the set, also still playing great. In this work does Mase Rick Wakeman Kosoi, Igor & Billy The most dominating that does not stay in the fill that hole. In particular, Igor, but is playing that respect there is tradition of YES only say that originally Rick of mania, its prowess Guru. And not necessarily run to complete copy, roughly mixed with the key point of the neo-progressive rock common voice even while playing in the original phrase Street, are you decorate more colorful. Without disturbing the original image, yet classics revived with a fresh sound. Such great performance is I jammed with plenty.

“90s” in YES history, but lack what the sensational hit and conceptual live, perfection of the royal road of the show is terrific. In particular time, which celebrated its Igor & Billy, had been proud of the 1990s best-band potential. Gem that it was fully captured by the finest-grade stereo sound board. “Sounds good,” “good song”, “good performance”. Is not limited to the boot leg, live album essential elements to great music albums are aligned to best. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.

その強力サウンドボードとは「1998年3月27日カトヴィツェ公演(ポーランド)」。この録音自体は以前から知られ、Ayanamiレーベルから『THE REVEALING IN POLAND(Ayanami-202)』として登場したもの。当時からして「オフィシャル・レベルの超極上ステレオ・サウンドボード録音」「最強のライン録音」と大絶賛を集めた超ハイクオリティ盤でした。一口に「サウンドボード」と言ってもピンキリですが、この録音は間違いなく“ピン”の方。超絶にクリアで耳に直接プラグを突っ込んだド直球感……いや、頭が再生機になったような没入感というべきでしょうか。複雑なアンサンブルの1音1音が脳のシワに刻まれるような鮮やかな極上品だったのです。
いきなり猛烈に褒めちぎりましたが、これはあくまでも既発の話。本作は、そんな特級サウンドボードの新発掘マスターなのです。「あのサウンドが一体、どう良くなるんだよ?」と思いながら再生したところブッ飛びました。今さらになって気づいたのですが、既発マスターはショウ後半こそ超弩級でしたが、前半は(凄かったものの)そこまでではなかった。輝くクリアさは全編変わりないのですが、なんとなく音が薄く、ややIEMsっぽいニュアンスにも感じられたのです。ところが! 今回の新マスターは、後半で感じられたド級サウンドが全編を支配しきっている! 既発でさえ完全無欠だと思っていたのに、“それ以上”があり得たとは。ここで「後半は既発と同じ?」と誤解させてしまったら申し訳ありません。あくまで前半のアップグレードぶりに驚いただけでして、後半も新マスターの極上サウンドが一貫して貫いているのです。
そんなクオリティで蘇ったライヴがまた、凄い。本作はイゴール&ビリーを迎えた“OPEN YOUR EYES AND 30TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR”なのですが、新作『OPEN YOUR EYES』からはタイトル曲と「From The Balcony」だけ。あとは30周年を祝うに相応しいキャリアを一望する名曲群が次から次へと繰り出される。もちろん、お馴染みの大代表曲もありますが、それだけではない。日本公演でも聴けた「Wonderous Stories」「Tempus Fugit」をはじめ、「The Revealing Science Of God」や「America」、スティーヴ・ハウの「Corkscrew」、さらにはJON & VANGELISの「Polonaise」まで飛び出す。このメンバーではオフィシャル作品『HOUSE OF YES: LIVE FROM HOUSE OF BLUES』も残されてはいますが、本作とダブっているのは5曲程度。『HOUSE OF YES』の補完版のようなショウを、完璧なオフィシャル級サウンドボードで聴けるわけです。


Disc 1 (75:35)
1. Firebird Suite 2. Siberian Khatru 3. Rhythm Of Love 4. America 5. Open Your Eyes
6. And You And I 7. Heart Of The Sunrise 8. Mood For A Day 9. Corkscrew 10. Clap
11. From The Balcony 12. Wonderous Stories

Disc 2 (78:41)
1. Polonaise/Igor Khoroshev Solo 2. Long Distance Runaround
3. Whitefish/Tempus Fugit/Alan White Solo/Ritual 4. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
5. The Revealing Science Of God 6. I’ve Seen All Good People 7. Roundabout
8. Starship Trooper


Jon Anderson – Vocal Steve Howe – Guitar Billy Sherwood – Guitar, Keyboard
Chris Squire – Bass Alan White – Drum Igor Khoroshev- Keyboard

Virtuoso 307/308

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