YES / Definitive Maryland Heights 1994 / 2CD

YES / Definitive Maryland Heights 1994 / 2CD / Virtuoso

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Live at Riverport Amphitheater, Maryland Heights, MO. USA 29th June 1994 STEREO SBD



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Ultra-superb sound board that has been rave reviews as “YES in history, the best quality of the sound board” was revived in the latest and meticulous re-master. This work is a live album of one-act “June 29, Mary Land Heights performances in 1994” in the “TALK TOUR 1994”, but it is not in the “best quality of TALK TOUR”. It sounds board album of the “highest quality in YES all history”.
This work, once the world came out desk direct sound board sound source as “MARYLAND HEIGHTS” from Sirene label. Its sound, tremendous rave reviews were received along with the appearance. By the time of the magazine “comes to mind and feel like sitting in the best position of listening and concert venue in a large sound is uplifting,” “exquisite, including the balance perfect sound quality,” “(Official of) and discarded say “lIVE SOLOS”, such as the best live album also want to leave, “” definitely the pinnacle, “and so on, such as in the present work, has been filled by the tribute that did his words.
In fact, this recording is divided is different from the Sonjosokora of sound boat. The first place, “the official live album,” “broadcasting sound source” and “desk direct connection” is likely to be to enclose people in none “sound board”, but in fact there is a big difference. “Official board” “broadcast sound source” is to mix the sound board audio multi-track, established a balance of each instrument, in addition to natural “sound” to the bare of unprocessed, and even the cheers also piled …, processing Ikue also of the completed through. Of course, most of it too much processing from those that do not add the hand does not say categorically because there to also not stop the prototype,’s the approximate “sound was polished in order to publish” is in. On the other hand, “Zhuo direct connection” is the so-called record fine without. Minute we do not take the time for publication, sound to be inserted in the field PA as it is. Transcendence vivid the other hand, or the balance is unstable, we tend to be sound too sharp at home audio based on the assumption venue reverberation.
Although I have written gudaguda the story of too late, the main subject is the future. In this work is the taste of this both are packed with plenty. While a desk direct sound board seems brain miso hit vivid sound, balance and sound of each instrument, as beautiful as the official live album, which is almost precisely the mix. Has been surreptitiously also used tape effects, but much indistinguishable of tape and live music of the natural and the guitar and synth sounds even the balance. On top of what had been using also ambient microphone at the same time, musical instrument one one, even the sound of each note is a natural. A “perfect balance”, “as the best position of the venue” is of the magazine, is exactly the expression that spot-on.
Well, I have raving about profusely, talk of Sirene board is up to here. In this work, it is a thing that was further latest and meticulously remastered to such rave reviews of the master. Initially I thought that “Mai early change because it is perfect”, unexpected surprise and try to start the work. It will become even more vivid and continue to organize the sound! If you specifically say, first bass. Wonderfully rich bass from the original had been recorded, but the bass and bass guitar was a somewhat mixed feeling. Clean separation and go put a scalpel to its reverberation. It baseline has become clear and clearly. At the same time drum also highlights the sound of hi-hat, even the groove by having carved a snare-bass drum is stand out better, you sharp sense of the entire ensemble has risen briskly. In addition further be trimmed treble and the left and right stereo sense of vocal & Chorus ………. As you wrote, definite winner original is, but I seem to get seems like a bad sound, that’s why, I was let me speak the splendor of the original sound source to destination. In fact, work one one is merely fine-tuning wrote here. But by changing only a little, the results here were also stacked with little only …, became piled up the dust and the mountain. Eyes even audiophiles? Ku you ultra-high-quality sound board has been transformed into a further high quality album.
Great live ensemble to be drawn in such a super superb sound board is also to be said that “90125 YES culmination”. The other day also “TALK TOUR 1994” superb sound board album “CANANDAIGUA 1994 (Virtuoso 305/306)” and has been brought to you, do not listen even in that masterpiece “Perpetual Change” opening and “Hold On” is also been added, further it culmination feeling is increasing. Of course, wonderful performance. Of course, but who has been limited to think about five people at this time the best members, technical tight and ensemble with up to lock seems dynamism, is full of former number 1 of the degree of perfection (in the sense there). While even in the epic “Endless Dream” is an equally delicate and album, both more hard. Past repertoire also thrilling, “90125 YES” original friendly melody is packed. Exactly, I gem can taste the flavor of the YES flow progressive hard plenty.

Introduction of the magazine in the early comment “(official of) Dispose say” LIVE SOLOS “, the best live album also want to leave like this work.” This would be the words that were most clearly expressed this work. YES 1 This was on the finest sound board to a fine to enter the fine to grade up in all history. It is a live album that has reached the highest reaching point of the ultimate sound taste also the official “90125 YES”. If the original, official is a matter of course to leave, great board should leave. This weekend, is the emergence of imposing.



「YES史上、最高音質のサウンドボード」と大絶賛された超・極上サウンドボードが最新・細心リマスターで蘇りました。本作は“TALK TOUR 1994”の一幕「1994年6月29日メアリーランド・ハイツ公演」のライヴアルバムですが、「TALK TOURの最高音質」ではありません。「YES全史でも最高音質」のサウンドボード・アルバムなのです。
本作は、かつてSireneレーベルから『MARYLAND HEIGHTS』として世に出た卓直結サウンドボード音源。そのサウンドは、登場と共に凄まじい絶賛が寄せられました。当時の専門誌をして「絶妙なバランスを含めて完璧な音質」「大音響で聴くとコンサート会場のベスト・ポジションに座っているような気がして気持ちが高揚して来る」「(オフィシャルの)『LIVE SOLOS』なんて廃棄して、本作のような最高のライヴ盤も残して欲しい」「間違いなく最高峰」等々など、言葉を尽くした賛辞によって埋め尽くされました。
さて、やたらと褒めちぎってしまいましたが、ここまではSirene盤の話。本作では、そんな大絶賛のマスターをさらに最新・細心にリマスターしたものなのです。当初は「完璧だからそうそう変わるまい」と考えていたのですが、作業を始めてみると意外や意外。音を整理していくとさらに鮮やかになっていく! 具体的に言いますと、まず低音。元から素晴らしくリッチな重低音が録音されていましたが、ギターの低音域とベースがやや混ざり気味だった。その残響音にメスを入れていくと綺麗に分離。ベースラインがクッキリと鮮明になったのです。同時にドラムもハイハットの鳴りを際立たせ、スネア・バスドラと切り分けたことでグルーヴまでもが浮き立ち、アンサンブル全体のキレ感がグンと上がったのです。さらにさらにヴォーカル&コーラスの高音域や左右のステレオ感も整え………。こう書いていくと、さぞや元がダメ音のように思われてしまいそうですが、だからこそ、先に元音源の素晴らしさを語らせていただいたのです。実のところ、ここに書いた作業1つひとつはあくまで微調整。でもチョットだけ変えて、こっちもチョットだけ……と積み重ねた結果、塵が積もって山となった。オーディオマニアでさえ目を?く超・高音質サウンドボードが更なるハイクオリティ・アルバムに変貌したのです。
そんな超極上サウンドボードで描かれるアンサンブルがまた“90125 YESの集大成”とも言える素晴らしいライヴ。先日も“TALK TOUR 1994”の極上サウンドボード・アルバム『CANANDAIGUA 1994(Virtuoso 305/306)』をお届けしましたが、あの傑作でも聴けない「Perpetual Change」オープニングや「Hold On」も追加され、さらに集大成感が増しているのです。もちろん、演奏も素晴らしい。もちろん、この時の5人がベストメンバーと考える方は限られていますが、タイトでテクニカル、そしてロックらしいダイナミズムまで備えたアンサンブルは、(ある意味で)歴代ナンバー1の完成度を湛えている。大作「Endless Dream」にしてもアルバムと同等に繊細でありながら、それ以上のハードを両立。過去のレパートリーもスリリングで、“90125 YES”オリジナルの親しみやすいメロディが満載。まさに、YES流プログレハードの旨みをたっぷりと味わえる逸品なのです。

序盤でご紹介した専門誌のコメント「(オフィシャルの)『LIVE SOLOS』なんて廃棄して、本作のような最高のライヴ盤も残して欲しい」。これが本作をもっとも端的に表現した言葉でしょう。YES全史でも最高級のサウンドボードを微に入り細に入ってグレードアップさせた1本。その究極サウンドでオフィシャルでも味わえない“90125 YES”の最高到達点に達したライヴアルバムです。本来であれば、オフィシャルが残して当然の、残すべき大名盤。今週末、堂々の登場です。

Disc 1 (79:48)
1. Intro 2. Perpetual Change 3. The Calling 4. I Am Waiting 5. Rhythm Of Love 6. Hearts
7. Real Love 8. Changes 9. Heart Of The Sunrise 10. Cinema 11. City Of Love

Disc 2 (75:44)
1. Make It Easy 2. Owner Of A Lonely Heart 3. Rabin Piano Solo/And You And I 4. Where Will You Be?
5. I’ve Seen All Good People 6. Walls 7. Endless Dream 8. Hold On 9. Roundabout

Jon Anderson – Vocals Trevor Rabin – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass
Tony Kaye – Keyboards Alan White – Drums Billy Sherwood – Guitars


Virtuoso 309/310

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