YES / Definitive Boston 1974 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

YES / Definitive Boston 1974 / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Virtuoso

Translated text:
Live at Boston Garden, Boston, MA. USA 26th February 1974 plus Bonus DVDR “LIVE: TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS TOUR”*


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YES Even in the whole history “supermarket” which is marked as “symbol” “highest masterpiece” is reprinted by digital remaster. The identity of the “symbolic board” is an audience recording of “Boston Performance February 26, 1974”. Yes, it is a top live album of “complete story of oceanographic topography”.
A super masterpiece “The story of oceanographic topography” that left a huge footprint in the history of progressive rock. That perfect performance was exactly the crystal of the dream of YES fans. While it was a famous masterpiece of the top of the great workmanship beyond “crisis” “relayer”, all four movements were played in the long history only “TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS TOUR (part of)”. In recent years, a tour with this album as the theme was done, but still partial reproduction has stopped. Moreover, despite the great heyday, “TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS TOUR” was not blessed with sound board recording. There were only a few radio broadcasts, so there were few professional records left.

【The best masterpiece of oceanographic topography tour】
Because it is such a story of oceanographic topography, mania has been looking for the best audience recording in a long history. The conclusion that reached after the quest. That is the Boston performance of this work. Although it is a name recording that has represented the tour from the analog era, this work is not such an analog raising, but as a press CD “ALTERNATE VIEW”, it is a superb item that once blew the world. Sounds said to have been awakened from the original master were the highest peak ever, and the maniacs all over the world trembled for the first time in the ultimate superb ability to kick out Sogyosan’s line recordings. This work is a vertex board that remastered its Daimyo board.
Of course, because it is a traditional name recording, I paid close attention to that mastering. Detail comparable to line recording, realistic feel without touching the size, carefully adjusted the balance of “ringing”. To be honest, it is not transfigured as if it were “another recording” (because it is a grade), but it is even more compatible with magnificent spectacle and a strong direct feeling.

【Complete recording of super masterpiece uncut】
In such sounds, the pro-reactive YES Togenokyo. Of course, the biggest feature is a “complete story of oceanographic topography”, but that is not all. At the beginning of the show is reproducing all the songs of the great masterpiece “Crisis” (in reverse order), plus “whole ocean topography” on top of it, followed by an encore “Roundabout” is a super luxury concert is.
What is important here is that this work is a completely seamless recording. Apparently it seems to be a reel recording, there are no cuts such as tape change. No matter how much super-major work is going to be repeated, it also opens from the frame of analog LP which was pushing in the studio recording. Episode is still an epic masterpiece … No, I can take the whole body to breathe freely more than that.
If the set is vertex, the performance is also culminent. The dynamism of the epic masterpiece “crisis” “ritual” is overwhelming, and in particular the steady butterfly guitar which is freely fluffy is not completely skiing while youth is also spreading. Chris Squier who is a stamp of YES also raises groaning full of momentum of powerfulness, Alan White who also works as a partner also completely wipes out the shadow of Bill · Blueford with its full powerful possession. Of course, John Anderson’s Angelic Voice also “shines down from heaven” and divineness that “springs out of the spring”. Rick Wakeman sometimes makes tuning delicately crazy, but it also overflows with overwhelming performances that neither do it nor do it spills out.

A record of a miracle that contained a super masterpiece “The story of oceanographic topography” with superb ultimate sound comparable to a soundboard without a chipping piece. It is its highest peak. It is even comparable to the historical daimyo board “Jesus Songs” …… No, super-masterpiece that even transcends in a sense. One even a symbolic board of music genre “progressive rock” itself. Please, your hand.
プログレッシヴ・ロック史に巨大な足跡を遺した超大作『海洋地形学の物語』。その完全演奏は、まさにYESファンの夢の結晶でした。『危機』『リレイヤー』を超える大作主義の頂点を極めた名曲ながら、長い歴史でも4楽章すべてが演奏されたのは“TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS TOUR(の一部)”だけ。近年、このアルバムをテーマにしたツアーが行われましたが、それでも部分再現に止まっています。しかも、その“TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS TOUR”は、一大全盛期にも関わらず、サウンドボード録音にも恵まれなかった。ごく一部だけのラジオ放送があるくらいで、プロフェッショナルな記録がほとんど残されなかったのです。

そんな『海洋地形学の物語』だからこそ、長い歴史でマニアはベストなオーディエンス録音を探し求めてきました。その探求の末、たどり着いた結論。それが本作のボストン公演なのです。アナログ時代からツアーを代表してきた名録音ですが、本作はそんなアナログ起こしではなく、かつてプレスCD『ALTERNATE VIEW』として一世を風靡した極上品。オリジナル・マスターから起こされたと言われるサウンドは史上最高峰を極め、そんじょそこらのライン録音も蹴散らす超極上ぶりに世界中のマニアが震撼したもの。本作は、その大名盤をリマスターした頂点盤なのです。



Disc 1(66:22)
1. Firebird Suite 2. Siberian Khatru 3. And You And I 4. Close To The Edge
5. The Revealing Science Of God

Disc 2(79:09)
1. The Remembering 2. The Ancient 3. Ritual 4. Roundabout

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass
Rick Wakeman – Keyboards Alan White – Drums

Virtuoso 365/366

YES / Live Tales From Topographic Oceans Tour / 1Single DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
A composite of originally silent 8mm footage from Albuquerque 12th March 1974 and Montreal 25th February 1974, synched with audio from Boston, 26th February 1974.


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This press 2CD is the top of the live album where the dream of YES fans became crystal. However, the wonderful the better the quality and the music, the more I feel the sight of the scene. So I witnessed the “TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS TOUR” in that bonus and prepared a video work that will greatly enhance the image of the super masterpiece live album.
Such a work is a video work reproducing the live of the time making full use of precious 8 mm fill and audience recording. It is a digest movie produced by overseas maniacs that joins 8 millimeters of ‘Montreal Show on February 25, 1974’ and ‘8 March on 1974 March 12 Albuquerque Show’. There, the superb audience recording of the same “2 February 1974 Boston Show” as the main press press 2 CD is synchronized. First of all, let’s grasp the position of each performance from the whole tour image.

“Early autumn:” Story of oceanographic topography “completed”
· November 1 – December 10: UK (26 performances)
“December:” The story of oceanographic topography “released”
· February 7 – 28: North America # 1 (21 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
= “Remembrance” set falls =
· March 1 – 25: North America # 2 (22 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· April 11 – 23: Europe (10 performances)
“May: Leaving Rick Wakeman”

This is the outline of “TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS TOUR”. Boston performance of 2CD main press and Montreal performance the day prior to that are “North America # 1”, Albuquerque Show “North America # 1”. By the way, although the schedule of “North America # 1” and “North America # 2” are continuous, the difference is “reminiscence”. Although it is a famous tour with “a story of oceanographic topography”, it is said that it was not only the entire movement played in all performances, but only “UK” at the beginning and “North America # 1” at the beginning.
※ Note: The above is rough. The schedule of the whole schedule is not known, and there are also days that are not all song performances even on schedule.

Anyway, this work which made use of the record of such 3 performances is really wonderful. Because the time for shooting 8 mm film at that time is short, this work is also a stack of short pictures. However, although it shrinks, it encompasses all songs of “crisis” and “oceanographic topography”, digest it in about 15 minutes. Moreover, the image quality is extremely beautiful. The preservation state of the film is terribly good, and coloring is also wonderful. It boasts beautiful picture quality even in the modern eyes of the digital age, and the sight as it is at that time revives in vivid color.
It is a stage of an illusion that attracts a dramatic expression in conjunction with a super masterpiece. There are also times directed productions such as mirror balls and lighting, but the appearance and set of “golden five people” emerging from it is beautiful.
This is the site of the legendary tour. That sight. It is a video work of a whole body that mania revived the appearance of the five people who inquired into the world the greatest episodes remaining in history and were going to deliver it to the whole world. Not conceived from sounds and photographs somehow, but persuasive power of witnessing with moving images. Even though it is a digest, it is one piece that changes the taste of the main press 2CD, even the image. It is one of “One hundred pictures are awesome”. Together with a miracle live album, please touch the world of “TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS TOUR”.
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本編プレス2CDは、YESファンの夢が結晶となったライヴアルバムの頂点です。しかし、そのクオリティや音楽が素晴らしければ素晴らしいほど、現場の“光景”にも想いが募る。そこで、そのボーナスには“TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS TOUR”を目撃できし、超傑作ライヴアルバムのイメージをグッと膨らませてくれる映像作品を用意しました。


これが“TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS TOUR”の概要。本編プレス2CDのボストン公演やその前日のモントリール公演は「北米#1」、アルバカーキ公演は「北米#1」にあたります。ちなみに「北米#1」「北米#2」の日程は連続していますが、違いは「追憶」。『海洋地形学の物語』完全演奏で有名なツアーではあるものの、実は全公演で全楽章を演奏していたわけではなく、冒頭の「UK」と「北米#1」だけだったと言われています。

これが伝説ツアーの現場。その光景。歴史に残る超大作を世に問い、それを全世界に届けようとしていた5人の姿をマニアが蘇らせた渾身の映像作品です。音や写真からなんとなく想像するのではなく、動く映像で目撃することの説得力。ダイジェストではあっても、本編プレス2CDの味わい、イメージまでも変えてしまう1枚。「百聞は一見にしかず」の1本です。奇跡のライヴアルバムと併せ、どうぞ“TALES FROM TOPOGRAPHIC OCEANS TOUR”の世界を触れてください。

1. Intro 2. Firebird Suite 3. Siberian Khatru 4. And You And I 5. Close To The Edge
6. The Revealing Science Of God 7. The Remembering 8. The Ancient 9. Ritual

Jon Anderson – Vocals Steve Howe – Guitars Chris Squire – Bass
Rick Wakeman – Keyboards Alan White – Drums

COLOUR NTSC Approx.15min.

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